I’m not sure what representative Fred Upton was trying to accomplish with his “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” bill.  It passed the house with the help of 39 desperate house Democrats who sense the changing tide against their party over a bill that fundamentally destroys the right of Americans to ultimately decide what they believe is best for them in terms of their health care.  And remember, every one of these yahoos voted to pass this bill in the first place, knowing full well what they were doing to this country.  Why Upton, a Republican, would sponsor a bill that essentially gives the Democratic Party cover through the next election cycle is unfathomable.  Did he stop and ask what happens after that year is up?  Would Americans suddenly find gobs and gobs of money in their pockets, allowing them to pay their government tithe next year?  Is he really concerned about his constituents who will ultimately suffer the same pain a year from now, or his colleagues on the other side of the aisle who’ll struggle until the website is up and running, then spend the next several months successfully campaigning on the positive effects of Obamacrap, enabling them to obfuscate and lie about the true intentions and impact this punitive law will have on most Americans? Just so they can be re-elected and get subsidies and waivers from the very law they helped craft in the first place?  Woo-Hoo, that’s one hell of a GOP strategy right there I tell ya.  Wonder why these friggin’ idiots lose?

What? I have to pay for everyone else too?

What? I have to pay for everyone else too?

The President has threatened to veto the bill in any case, further allowing these self-absorbed Democrats complete camouflage; they can keep their beloved, economy cratering, freedom diminishing law while campaigning that they voted to bring relief to the millions, yes, millions who are going to lose the coverage they sought out on their own.  Neat.  And the President, feeling the heat from leaders of his own party and ideologically like-minded deep pocket supporters, is offering to delay cancellation for a year as well. His reasoning?  With the website not working properly, these folks will have a hard time finding the government replacement for their existing policies.  Except it doesn’t really matter.  Those polices have never and will never exist in Obamacare.  Your choices are gone, your preferences and desires unimportant.  You get what you’re told you want, what someone else thinks you really need.  Pure Socialism, naked and on display. Enjoy. Or get your asses educated and motivated, then vote these socialists weasels out of office.

Maybe I’m being a little hard on the Democrats though. I’m quite sure none of them read the bill anyway, or one of them might have noticed odd things like a new Obamacare tax on real estate.  For a man who promised to reduce the cost of health care, he was pretty good at spreading the pain to other areas of the economy that don’t have a dammed thing to do with health care.  Gee, is this real estate tax a tax, or a penalty, or a fine…what the hell, bring on the Supremes so we know what the hell to call it. Who cares as long it redistributes the wealth, all part of the transformation Obama was elected to do in the first place.  It’s hard to argue with someone campaigning on health care for all.  Tugs at the heart strings you know.  Who wants to be that cold, uncaring?  Sell it that way, and then totally destroy the free market. You’ll only get whimpers from the masses. Well, at least that’s how it worked in Russia, China, Cuba; you name it, wherever it was tried.

So now the new cry is “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, until we get re-elected and screw you for good.”  I wonder if America is stupid enough to fall for this again.  People don’t seem to have very good memories, especially with a willing press bombarding them with falsehoods and propaganda on every broadcast.  Really think over 100 thousand signed up for Obamacare? Guess again.  Only 26 thousand did. The rest perused the website and put plans in their basket, much the same way you shop on Amazon.  If they would have liked the product, one would assume they’d pull the trigger.  Wonder what their hesitation is?  Don’t think too long and hard on that one please, really.

The republicans need to step away from this in its entirety.  Don’t try to fix it, don’t try to defund it, don’t try to amend it.  Kill it.  Kill it or get the hell out of the way of those who will.  Pass repeal after repeal after repeal or have your fingerprints all over the resuscitation that eventually funnels millions and millions of dollars from hard working Americans to others deemed “more needy” or “more deserving.”  The GOP is no more immune from getting tossed on their asses for this law than the Democrats.  You can claim that not one Republican supported this bill until the next election cycle and hope for the best but an awful lot of Americans saw you walk away from defunding this monstrosity, fearing for your own jobs, all while demeaning and smearing those who went to Washington and, “Surprise!”, did exactly what they told their supporters they would do if elected.  Yeah I know; what a quaint, queer concept. Representative government.  What the hell were they thinking?  Didn’t they know that’d piss off NBC?  Mitch and John wouldn’t get invited to any more parties if that crap continued.

I guess in a sick way, maybe it’s schadenfreude, I don’t know, but I can’t fight the grin and slight chuckle when I hear the horror stories that are affecting those who voted for this man, this policy, this future for the country.  I must have read at least ten articles last week from around the country about Obama voters who’ve had their coverage dropped, expecting to get better coverage while saving the $2,500 he promised them.  Some of them I felt genuinely sorry for, well, at least after I stopped peeing myself.  I mean, really, years and years of warnings, examples of single payer and government run health care around the globe and you thought what?  Unicorn farts and pixie dust, I voted for the first black president and he’s going to take care of my health care woes?  The funniest by far had to be Kirsten Powers, that die-hard supporter of the President’s legacy program.  She noted that her policy too was cancelled.  And her new policy was going to double in price:

“I can get roughly the same insurance — it’s not completely clear,” she said. “But it’ll go up from about $160 a month in a $2,500 deductible. If I want to keep a $2,500 deductible it’ll go up to about $300 a month.”

“I have talked about how I am losing my health insurance,” she said. “If I want to keep the same health insurance, it’s going to cost twice as much. There’s nothing substandard about my plan… All of the things they say that are not in my plan are in my plan, all of the things they have listed. There’s no explanation for the doubling of my premiums other than the fact that it’s subsidizing other people”

Gee Kirsten, you push socialism, you get socialism.  Ouch. Maybe, like the rest of those elite socialists, you thought this was meant for the little people, you know, the serfs.  My goodness, I thought they were going to subsidize everyone else, I didn’t think it would apply to me.  Yup, it’s always about other people’s money my dear.  You’re a pundit, I assumed you were pretty intelligent; you’re either being totally disingenuous or you’re an ass-hat, I’ll let you pick.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who voted the same way you did, probably thinking they too were immune.  Not unless you’re in congress; or maybe you should check with your union. Waivers all around!

Don’t worry Kirtsen, you’ll probably be saved by the President after he veto’s the Upton bill.  He’ll allow you to keep your plan for one more year; unless someone with big man-parts challenges him on his authority to ignore a duly enacted law passed by the congress.  One more year to carry water for this lying administration.  Start saving your money now sweetheart, because a year is a very short time.

And it only gets worse.