Pity Alec Baldwin.  He stubbed his big toe on the third rail of liberal orthodoxy.  The insufferable bastard looked in his wallet and found he was a homophobe.  Hurling an unacceptable slur at one of the bottom dwelling paparazzi’s cost him his gig; well at least for two more painful episodes. Seems he can rant and rave all he wants as long as his retch colors the right type of person.   Alas, his latest slur upset the normally placid LGBT community and presto, he had to go. For a while anyway.

Full of crap..Looking to share...

Full of crap..Looking to share…

One wonders what MSNBC’s next move will be.  Yet another of their approved venom producers seems to have crossed a different distasteful line, though judging from the silence of the geniuses at Comcast, Martin Bashir will be no worse for the episode.  He’s already come out and apologized, so all is peachy in the land of liberaldom’s premier hate filed diatribe network whose motto is “Lean Forward.”  Forward indeed.  From the gutter to the sewer.

So Mr. Bashir would like someone to shit and piss in the mouth of Sarah Palin.  Some bizarre unfulfilled sexual fantasy keeping you awake at night, Martin?  At least with Bashir having some of the worst ratings on an already dismal network, maybe 10 or 15 people actually heard it live.  Apparently, NOW wasn’t among the viewers.  Or maybe they were.  One wonders, given their odd stance on “the war against women” and the battles and targets they pick to fight.  I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to call for his head; they are every bit the useful idiots Bashir is.  Of course, he never threatened their birth control or abortions, which to them, is technically the same thing.

See, I’m a conservative who doesn’t feel I have the right to tell a woman she can or cannot have an abortion.  But sadly, I’m still a misogynist looking to enslave all women, even the ones who inhabit my home because I don’t feel it should be my responsibility to pay for her peccadilloes.  Therefore, I hate women. Forcing one to assume one’s responsibility is a terrible thing, akin to tossing kittens into the wood chipper.

Martin on the other hand, has an impeccable reputation for parroting any extreme polemic that advances the cause of radical liberalism, exhibited quite nicely on the majority of MSNBC’s line-up.  Who the hell is paying the bills over there?  Will we soon be hearing calls for boycotts?  I doubt it. Maybe NOW and women around the country don’t have the clout of GLADD.  Or maybe deep down, they really don’t care what Martin or the brass at MSNBC really thinks about women, as long as it’s the right woman.

Bashir’s vomitus sends me two distinct messages; first, women aren’t allowed to have an opinion contrary to liberal doctrine, period. Regardless of the war on women, nothing trumps unity of message and belief. Secondly, all women are the same; the same value to the party, the same needs, the same wants, everything the same. Womanhood only has value as defined by the liberal point of view. Women are monolithic to liberals and only derive their value as a quiet, dependable voting bloc.  They claim that conservatives want to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. On the other hand, liberals want them to shut up and vote in exchange for free birth control pills and government funded abortions. If that’s not hateful to women, what the hell is?

It’s probably superfluous to ask where the women’s groups are expressing outrage.  After all, liberal women are good at spewing hate just as easily as liberal men.  And then of course, complaining about the war on women.  Not sure what got Cher’s panties in a bunch (but chances are if she turns around in public, we’d probably be able to figure it out on our own.) She took the opportunity to display her extensive vocabulary by calling Palin a “cunt.”  Not satisfied, she made sure to add the correct adjective in her tweet specifying that Palin is a “dumb cunt.” And of course, her loving twitter followers tweeted their rabid approval.  Speaks volumes for female solidarity doesn’t it, not to mention the demise of any sort of class among the liberal segment of the population.

Startling to see that word in print isn’t it?  Hey, asterisks and ampersands are protecting you from what?  Reality?  This is how the left chooses to express themselves to the approval of their followers.  Are you one of them?  Is it okay if they add special characters to imply the denigration that you know dammed well you’d be frothing over if someone had said it about Hillary or Oprah or Nancy Pelosi?

Yeah, I’m conservative.  I was brought up by a firm mother and two even more firm sisters.  It’s our conservative upbringing that gave us respect for women, a decency that appears to be lacking from liberals. Liberals get to claim code words and dog-whistles as proof that our beliefs are based on hatred of those we were taught to respect; respect even when our opinions and beliefs diverged.

Lean forward ladies. And  #*&(%  you Bashir.