Gee, ol’ Marty just did every one at MSNBC a big fat favor; he spared them from having to discipline a soldier in their own war on women.  Yup, the network with the president who once described it as “The place to go for progressives” found yet another knuckle dragging closet tea-partier in it’s midst just weeks after having Alec Baldwin reveal his secret identity as a card-carrying homophobe.  Such a shame.  Shortly after Martin Bashir announced he was “resigning” from MSNBC, his heartbroken mentor President Phil Griffin lamented that Bashir “is a good man and respected colleague- we wish him only the best.”  Translation; boy, the company New Years party is really going to suck this year.

tarnishing the MSNBC brand?  shit no...

tarnishing the MSNBC brand? shit no…

Alec can’t be totally pleased about this though; he and MSNBC “mutually parted ways” almost immediately after his Freudian slip while Bashir was allowed to linger much longer.  Being the media shy person he truly is, Alec whined over the injustice just days after Bashir revealed his own twisted fetish, pointing out that Bashir made his comments live; on air and totally scripted.  Given the number of people it takes to produce, edit and air any type of talk show, certainly Dung-boy isn’t the only person who probably needed to have his mouth washed out with…soap.  Don’t expect old Phil to step into it any deeper though; Alec insulted GLAAD.  Martin insulted no one who was watching.  Certainly not NOW.  Or Ms. Maddow for that matter.   Hey, it was just that “other” type of woman. No need to be that tolerant.

Nope, the suits at MSNBC and the COMCAST boys are all just ducky with their own brand of hate and wouldn’t want it too obvious by having to step up to the plate and do the right, decent thing.  That would require principles.  Principles don’t quite cut it when you’re carrying water for the extreme liberal left.   They would have held on to dung-boy for as long as they could, seeing as how he hates the same people the same way they do. He picked the right target; he just didn’t have his shit together, as it were.

We wish you only the best Martin.  We’ll put in a good word for you at CNN.