Let’s see; a broken nose (twice).  A broken leg (skiing).   Broken ankle (backflip off my roof).   Two skull fractures (one a swan dive from a tree).  A broken foot (not sure how?)   A fractured knee cap and three broken wrist bones (hit and run).   A bicep torn from my right arm (freak accident?)   Not to mention a collection of cuts, broken fingers, stitches, you name it.  I’m a klutz plain and simple.  Or an idiot.  Your call.  In any event, it took me the better part of forty years to amass my impressive collection of bumps, bruises and scars.  Probably due mostly to stupidity or inattentiveness.  Maybe Karma?

Another waste of good oxygen

Another waste of good oxygen

Does little baby boy “X” share my Karma?  It certainly can’t be stupidity or not paying attention when you’re only 10 weeks old.  How does an infant manage to end up with multiple leg fractures, arm fractures, broken ribs, bleeding in his eyes, bleeding on his brain, bruising on his ear, face and buttocks?   Nope, not karma either.  No, the unnamed baby boy spent at least 8 of the 10 weeks of his life being battered by the live-in lover of his mother.

News reports don’t release the name of the mother or the child who is now in intensive care in a Boston hospital.  Although the baby is expected to survive, it’s very likely that he will suffer lifelong disabilities from his 8 weeks of hell on earth.  We do know the name of mom’s love interest however; Enrique Santiago.  Last Thursday, the day after Christmas, Santiago applied an ipad-like device in a pillowcase to the side of the baby’s face.  Repeatedly.  To a 10-week old infant.  The day after Christmas.  Let that sink in for a minute.

So mom was working the day after Christmas and left her infant in the care of a 20 year old man who does not appear to be the father of the child.  And as much as I don’t want to piss anyone off, I guess I must because the questions scream out at me, so I’ll ask the obvious.  Even though I’ve seen plenty of comments on blogs talking about “how dare someone implicate a working mother who placed her child in the care of someone she thought she could trust.”

Mom finally gets around to bringing her son to the hospital, which reports the abuse.  Why now?  Given the nature of the injuries, where the hell was mom for the other 8 weeks?  Oh my, I’m insinuating something here.  Yup, dammed right.  Don’t tell me that you’re a mother who can hold your 4, 6 or 8 week-old child and not notice that he has broken limbs and bruises.  Are you that dense?   If it’s as reported, the abuse of shaking, squeezing, striking and slamming the child occurred over a two-month span and you never saw any signs, any bruises, noticed any painful cries when you held him?  You never once, over the first 8 weeks of your child’s life, saw this man, your main squeeze, your Romeo,  hit, strangle, slap, squeeze or otherwise abuse your newborn son?   Sorry, ain’t buying it.  And to all of those who are going to pig-pile on me for attacking mom without “knowing the facts”, I call bullshit on you too.

This is certainly another one of those horrifying stories of some monster pretending to be a man, a real tough guy taking out his frustration of being a decrepit loser out on an innocent child.  Sickening.  But I’m sorry, it’s getting a little too commonplace for the story to unfold and find that the abuse has been on-going, not a one-time event, with mom, if not raising her hand in the abuse,  not raising her hand in defense of her child either.  I know very few mothers who don’t know their child in great physical detail, mapping out every odd pimple or freckle, watching every scrape as it heals, the phone at the ready to call her pediatrician at the first unusual bowel movement.

10 weeks in hell and without the cognitive ability to understand the depths of the depravity that’s inflicting the pain that can be felt at any stage of development.  Who was she comforting during those 10 weeks?  Whose pain was she relieving?  Her pain? Her lover’s pain? Her infant’s pain?

I could be totally wrong on this of course.  She could very well have been working 16 hour shifts for those 8 weeks, dragging herself home from her menial job just to pay her bills to feed her child and got to spend very little time with him.  That’ll probably be the narrative.  She’s a loving mother who knew nothing about the abuse.  Nothing at all.  In the 8 weeks that his legs, ribs and arms got broken, she saw nothing, she knew nothing.  He never cried out in pain when she picked him up, nothing out of the ordinary.

When this all plays out, this cretin needs to go away for a long time into the general population of the worst penal colony we can find.  I don’t want to hear about his difficult childhood or past abuse.  This has to have consequences as horrible as the act itself.  We cannot defend baby X, for the damage has been done.  Yes, I’m quite retributive.  So be it.

10 weeks.  A lifetime of abuse at 10 weeks.  Maybe you can say it without anger.  I cannot.