Last week, a video surfaced showing a two year-old diaper-clad toddler being subjected to a barrage of insults and profanity from some off camera thugs.  I might need to be a little cautious here, as the word “thug” might be the tipping point for those with weak constitutions or racial sensitivities.  The Omaha Police Officers Association came under fire for posting the video on their website to highlight what it called “the cycle of violence and thuggery” the community faces.  The ACLU and at least one local community leader believe the association’s use of the video “needlessly antagonizes the city’s minority communities.”  That stance leads me to question their concern; is it because it showed people of color in a poor light, or are they in the least bit concerned about the welfare of a toddler exposed to this type of behavior and his environment?

Suffer the little children.  In this case, both of them.

Suffer the little children. In this case, both of them.

The video was originally taken from the Facebook page of one of those coaching the toddler, all too proud to be teaching the youngster the proper language and gang identification they were shooting for.  Sorry, not a pun.   The ACLU charges that the OPOA’s use of “racially charged language” was “very disconcerting.”  More so than the language used by the toddler and those prompting him off camera one would guess.  Is it the association’s  use of the word “thuggery”, the phrase “criminal culture” or the fact that they pointed out that it was originally posted on “a local thug’s Facebook page”  that has the ACLU and Black Men United president Willie Hamilton so upset?  Or maybe, as Hamilton suggests, it’s because the video is “taken out of context”?  Pray tell, just what the hell is the “proper context” here?

There are race baiters on all points along the spectrum of skin color.  Just as certainly as there are toothless-knuckle dragging whites pointing to this video as proof of their superiority due to their lack of melanin, there are those on the other end of the spectrum screaming that any talk of poor behavior displayed by anyone of their skin-tone is off limits and cannot be part of any rational talk of issues affecting society at large.  Nope, aside from the fact that this video was already in the ether, if it contains a person of color, showing it proves just how racist you are.

Odd, but being whiter than Casper, I found the video disturbing too; not as someone who is “pigmentally” challenged, but as a father.  My first thought was “this poor kid doesn’t stand a chance in hell.”  Color be dammed.  Another throw-away child, part of a lost generation subjected to a society that continues to pump out unwanted children at an alarming rate, many to young, unwed mothers, with no fathers in sight.

Reading further, I had to go outside the country to get information that the US media was too lazy or too complicit to report.  The mother of said two year-old is only sixteen.   His seventeen year-old father was killed in a gang shooting.  His grandmother was arrested in on weapons charges in December; his grandfather is serving time for drugs and felony charges.  The baby himself was wounded in a gang shooting in October.  The only adults that seemed to be left in the house were gang members.

It’s not clear from any news reports how old the boy’s father was when he died.  Did he die at seventeen, or was he seventeen when he got his young lover pregnant?  Do the math; she’s sixteen, has a two year-old toddler.  She gave birth at fourteen, was having sex and pregnant at thirteen.  By a boy who may very well have been seventeen at the time.  Oh and horror of horrors; someone posted this video and used the inflammatory, racially-charged word “thuggery.”  Well, at least the boy’s caring uncle who originally posted the video on Facebook never used the word thug.

Get off the racist crap, will you? We have a generation of children of all colors in harm’s way, stuck in poverty and the lack of education, morals, decency and basic common sense.  It’s the “feel-good” mentality, no responsibilities, no drive or desire to achieve, no role models to guide or help lift them out of this cycle.  If we see something like this, do we really need to determine first if the color of those involved requires us to act or prohibits us from noticing?  Kiss my ass; it’s a call to action, pure and simple.  If you look at this video and the first thought you have is that someone is insulting people of color, your priorities are a large part of the problem.

My heart aches for children, any child, any color, subjected to a home life as dangerous, as hopeless and debilitating as this.  But unfortunately, our “community leaders” are more concerned with the color of those involved, seeking nothing more than advancing their own platforms and self-importance.  When you change the subject and deflect from the real issues, you ensure that this behavior continues unabated; that those who are appalled by the utter despair of our fellow citizens look the other way and become uncaring and distant, no longer willing to risk being pilloried over false charges of racism.  All while our hearts break for the truly innocent who you trade for fame and notoriety.

You look at the video and see a black child being embarrassed and humiliated by whites.  I see a baby, pure and innocent, being abused by those who are supposed to care deeply for him.  Using him for a prop in their dysfunctional lifestyle.  And you have the gall to call others racist.