I could have sworn that health care was settled law.  “Shut up”, “get over it”, “you lost..” Heard it all.  Odd how something that was so settled in the fall of 2013 has changed so often since the GOP was excoriated in the press for trying to delay it.  Odd that something so fantastic has had to change so many times to get it right.  And we’re still not there yet.  After which election cycle will we finally get right?  I guess that depends on how Washington views the intelligence of their constituents and their constituents’ memories.  As long as your current policy doesn’t get cancelled this year and memories of all those lies Harry Reid discovered fade away, the democrat party will feel just peachy about facing the voters.  You can’t keep your doctor?  Your premiums went through the roof?  Lost your job due to increasing health care costs for your employer?  Oh… never mind.

"I can't keep my doctor? Oh..never mind. Bitch."

“I can’t keep my doctor? Oh..never mind. Bitch.”

The White House announced the latest delay to the settled law on March 5th.  Seems like there have been quite a few changes to the law of the land, a few of them quite possibly unconstitutional.  The list here is incomplete, but you get the picture.  If you think for one moment that these changes and delays are anything other than sparing the democrats a spanking at the polls, you’re as much of an idiot as they believe you are.  Sorry, that’s really how it is.

Vulnerable democrats are working furiously with the administration to cobble something together that gets them out of the shit pile they waded into when they went to their constituents and made promises about a law many never even bothered to read.  They’ll do anything short of delaying the election itself, although given this administration’s penchant for skirting the constitution I’m surprised that hasn’t been floated as a trial balloon.

It all falls to the voters.  They’re hoping to avoid causing you pain until after you vote to keep them in power; that way they can screw you with impunity later.  Sweet.  Remember you get what you vote for; and you get what you don’t vote against.  Come election time, you can almost imagine Jay Carney and Ms. Litella discussing the settled law of the land.

Oh…never mind.