Who is Rachel Canning’s real father?  Not in the biblical sense mind you.  That’s not in dispute.  From a purely financial aspect, parental obligation, who now is responsible for her well-being?  For her bills?  For her food, clothing, wants and desires?  At what age does a child legally become fully emancipated?  Is it situational?  Is there a law regarding interference with the rights and responsibilities of a parent by another parent?

Tell us Princess, who's your daddy?

Tell us Princess, who’s your daddy?

New Jersey has no set age that legally qualifies automatic emancipation.  Reaching the age of eighteen only provides the court with prima facie proof of emancipation.  However, this presumption can be defeated if evidence suggests that the child has not reached fully independent status.  Rather vague, wouldn’t you think? Normally, the court does not assume a child is emancipated at eighteen if the child is still in college or relies upon parental support.  The court will need to consider all the facts surrounding each individual case to determine if the child is truly independent and has moved beyond the influence and responsibility of the parent.  Maybe something like the note Ms. Canning left for her mother for example;

“I (expletive) hate you and, um, I’ve written you off, so don’t talk to me,” she said, according to the documents. “Don’t do anything. I’m blocking you from just about everything. Have a nice life. Bye, mom.”

Pretty much says it all.  Or does it?  Seems pretty cut and dried to me.  This young lady makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t want nor need any influence from her parents whatsoever.  Well, at least outside of their money that is.  Sweet.  I pity the boyfriend in all of this.  Apparently, his presence played a role in her decision to walk away from her family. Young love no doubt.  Run like hell buddy.  Trust me; this isn’t the kind of girl you’re looking for.

John Inglesino has some dough though.  Enough apparently that he can front the legal bills to sue her parents for tuition and support.  Interesting.  Why doesn’t he just front her tuition?  One wonders.  Is he now assuming responsibility for this child?  Just who is she calling “Daddy” these days?  Sugar daddy John the lawyer allowed her to move in and fronted her the twelve thousand dollars she needed to bring her real parents to court.  Yup, who’s your daddy?

Rachel’s complaints are numerous, some quite odious.  If she truly has an eating disorder, she blames it on her mother’s abusive parenting style.  Apparently, her mother chided her as being “fat” and ‘porky”.  Oh the horror.  And of course, there’s the old standby, hints of sexual abuse.  You know, the kind of claim that you don’t really need to prove to totally destroy someone in the public eye.  If her father was abusing her, why doesn’t John, the super concerned “lawyer daddy”, help her to get him arrested for being “inappropriately affectionate?”  Might it have something to do with the fact that the Department of Youth and Family Service found no evidence of wrongdoing, on the part of either parent?

Ms. Canning is taking a real drubbing in the press, being dubbed a spoiled brat et al.  Not sure if I concur, she may have some real psychological issues at play.  Which makes Lawyer Daddy a little complicit in her self-destruction, one would think.  And even if she is a spoiled child, the Cannings were the Dr. Frankenstein’s who created this little monster.  We weren’t there however; we can’t truly say what type of parenting they gave her other than when they decided to put their foot down, all hell broke loose.  Maybe they didn’t like her boyfriend.  Maybe they didn’t like the fact that she was suspended twice from her beloved high school, once for skipping classes and once for the suspicion that she was drunk at the homecoming dance.  Who knows, maybe the Cannings weren’t enforcing enough discipline. It’s hard to tell.  They are, however, part of a culture of greed, entitlement and excess; This we know because the ever humble, non-entitled Rachel tells us so;

“Suburban baby boomer types are the spoiled lot, they make massive amount of money a year, they are used to flying to luxury destinations when they want, and buy things that they don’t need, people should be inclined to see things my way,” someone claiming to be Canning wrote in an early morning outburst on Friday.

Who’s words are these?  Are they her own? One wonders.  Maybe her new daddy helped her with her writing assignment.

It will be interesting to see how this family implodes before our eyes.  What type of life will this young lady have after this? Mr. Inglesino, if this was truly your daughter, would this be the path you would direct her onto?  Encouraging her to defame and destroy her parents, not encouraging her to reach out to them to salvage their family?  How is this not abusive?  What type of father tells his daughter that yes, a whole generation of people are greedy, self-centered narcissists; you be one too?

When her life falls apart and she finds herself utterly alone and ostracized, will you be there to foot the bill, financially and emotionally?  Tell us, daddy, what is the future for your new daughter now?