Oh the irony.  What does one have to do to get excommunicated from his own hate-filled, inbred cult?  One wonders.  Well, one really doesn’t wonder that long, if one does at all.  The less time one spends trying to understand the hate filled rants of a hundred or so of the worst examples of human effluent to inhabit the planet, the better off one is.

The Phelps Family Plot...

The Phelps Family Plot…

Seems as if Mr. Fred Phelps Sr. will soon be coming to his rewards.  Sorry, but he can’t get there quick enough for me.  The head of the Westboro Baptist Church appears to be on his death bed, hopefully each painful breath filled with the death rattles of someone consumed by their own utter hate and depravity.

Rumours abound.  Will his funeral be picketed?  Probably not.  While we all would have loved an opportunity to wiz on his gravesite, we’re better than that.  His hate emanated from a deep blackness in his heart that no other human should try to emulate.  We gain nothing displaying the same behavior.  We should wipe our hands of the dirt from his grave, shake the dust of his existence from our shoes and walk away, towards the love and understanding of one another.  Let his family/followers/cult members/children mourn at the passing of such a hideous creature.  For they too, are just as depraved as he.  Why oh why couldn’t he have convinced them that they all needed to exit this world together; I would have gladly purchased all the kool-aid.

Will this cesspool of degenerate thought survive?  Most likely, yes.  Alone, one at a time, none of these damaged individuals would survive on their own.  They are bound together by their destructive, cancerous dementia, hiding and excluding themselves from a world they would never belong in.  Their pathology is the only thing they share; well maybe other than a blood-line.  Forced to face their ugliness alone, it wouldn’t be long before each one drew a slow, dull blade across their own wrists, trying to escape the self-hate that consumes them, keeps them from ever entering society at large.

Speculations abound as to why he was ex-communicated from his own church.  Laughable really.  “You’re not hateful enough, you need to leave.”   That must have been one hell of a funny conversation.  We’ll never know what transgression is bad enough to be thrown out of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Maybe I’m a little warped, but there’s gotta be a world record in that statement somewhere.  Maybe he lost the will to hate.  Maybe when he found out how ill he was, he started to ask for forgiveness.  Maybe, just maybe, he thought about the type of human he really was and decided that if he was to be judged, it might not go well for him.  Maybe impending death brings an acute clarity of one’s life.

Poor Fred, seems his dogma got run over by his karma.