Interesting how small things can loosen the cobwebs and reveal intricate connections. Interesting in deed. Every once in a while you step back and pull your nose off the screen only to find obscure relationships between events that have no apparent connections to one another and suddenly, your head hurts and your eyes begin to water with the “WTF” moment of how things really work in the world and who’s really at fault. Some will continue to shake their heads in disbelief, secure in the knowledge that it’s not their problem, let alone their fault.

Maybe Justina will get to see his selfie..

Maybe Justina will get to see his selfie..

Was watching the Boston Marathon the other day, something I don’t usually follow too closely other than to admire those who can muster the courage and conviction to endure the 26 plus miles of pain for a personal goal, a life long dream and commitment. Disclaimer; the refrigerator is usually too far for me to walk for a snack. The epitome of laziness, sorry to admit. But with the bombing still fresh in the collective minds of most of New England, I just had to tune in to see how these brave souls would fare, the fear of failure probably as palpable as the fear of impending mayhem.

But with teen idol Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cooling his Chechen heels in the caring hands of the Massachusetts authorities, everything went off without a hitch, a day of celebration and remembrance, a victory over hate and fear.

Interesting how our adorable mad bomber is being treated; his welfare behind bars of the utmost concern for some people, including those bay state politicians who feel the death penalty is just too severe under any circumstances. Well, except if he was still in the womb, then, hey all bets are off.

Of course, their concern for ill treatment of the poor unfortunates doesn’t apply equally across the state. Just ask Justina Pelletier. How many have come out in favor of ending her illegal and immoral treatment at the hands of the state; a citizen who does not stand accused, nor has admitted to anything like the carnage Dzhokhar Tsarnaev brought to the great state of Massachusetts. Her nightmare is far from over and will likely result in her death. Crickets.

Maybe she needs to get a photo shoot by Rolling Stone to be able to spend time with her family. Easter rolled around and the young lady, held against her will, was unable to celebrate the holiday with her family until a last minute reprieve. How wonderful. The DCF allowed her to have Easter Sunday with her parents after all. Read that again. The state “allowed” her to celebrate a religious holiday with her parents. How friggin’ benevolent.

Why the change of heart? Who knows. Maybe it was just the timing, everything fell into place. Apparently it lined up with her weekly visits where she is transported under guard to meet for one hour with her parents, accompanied by two or three DCF officials and armed security guard. How touching. Of course, her parents are not allowed to leave her with anything of value, emotional, sentimental or otherwise, including the hundreds of Easter and get well cards they had brought. Touching scene that must have been.

Of course, Good Friday just happened to be the same day authorities finally found the body of Jeremiah Oliver, another of those poor unfortunates being cared for by the all caring, omnipotent and benevolent tyranny that is DCF.

Let me get this straight; the DCF couldn’t be bothered to check on Jeremiah and his siblings who the DCF left in the hands of their miscreant parents but are pulling out all the legal stops to keep Justina away from hers. All while she withers away before their eyes. And of course, the ACLU fought to make sure Tsarnaev has all his needs met; access to his Quran and “catered” Islamic meals. Quite possible that the Easter Bunny would have met his demise at the hands of DCF sharpshooters had he made an appearance at Justina’s beside. She’s not the right type of victim, not the right type at all. Oh and just in case you were worried, a Boston Federal judge has ruled that Tsarnaev has the right to see his sisters in totally unsupervised visits. Justina may just have to strangle someone before the ACLU gets her face time with her older sister. Although, her sister would be nuts to step into the same room with anyone from the DCF if she values her own personal safety.

Why are the authorities in Massachusetts so willing to put their own citizens at grave risk while doing the utmost to ease the pain and suffering of an individual who admitted to blowing to hell other citizens of the state in the name of his religion of peace? Who should we be angry at? Better question; are we angry at all? It appears not.

I can skewer any number of the myriad alphabet agencies overseeing the health, safety and welfare of the good citizens of Massachusetts, but to no avail. I don’t vote in Massachusetts. I’m not sure who does, other than the supporters of the state house democrats who recently passed a set of special instructions forbidding debate on welfare reform when the house takes up debate on the over $30 billion budget at the end of the month. It’s almost as if they don’t want to go on record for their support of Obamacare before the next election cycle. Oops, my mistake. The Mass democrats don’t want to have to go on record with any messy debate or votes on welfare fraud and abuse before their local elections. Sorry for the confusion, but you get my point. Let’s not discuss the gravy train, lest we piss off those who are making it run; those in the dining cars will appreciate it greatly. Let’s fund all those wasteful, addictive vote-getting programs the masses have come to know and love; those people actually vote. Often. Besides, how would we ever positively affect those like Dzhokhar, who come here to do the bombings that Americans won’t do. Or as Jeb Bush puts it, an act of love.

In the long and the short of it, the citizens of Massachusetts have no one to blame but themselves. Their votes put Mr. Patrick in the corner office, allowing him to get his photo-shots at the finish line of the great race; how many times has he had a photo-op with Justina or her family? Don’t strain yourself there; his support for Olga Roche is rock solid. Makes one wonder what color ladies undergarments he’s wearing in the Polaroids she must have of him in her desk drawer.

Sad part is, you have a state judge who places a gag order on the Pelletier’s, another who allows unsupervised visits for our young terrorist, the ACLU looking out for his dietary and religious rights and the DCF who is not only killing Justina slowly, but will never be held accountable for her death, let alone the death of little Jeremiah. All because the people of Massachusetts continue to allow this to happen, secure in the knowledge that it’s not their fault, they have no responsibility here at all. Not one iota.

I hope they demand accountability; I don’t hold out much hope. I see them wiping the dirt from their hands, the same dirt of complicity that will cover the coffin of a small five-year-old child from Fitchburg, all while they whistle past the graveyard with the gaping fresh hole awaiting young Ms. Pelletier.

Make the connection Massachusetts…