Haven’t taken a week off in years. I’m  a “long weekend” kind of guy. But this last week was planned in advance to visit colleges in the area as I prepare to send my eldest off to her future. They call it the “Goldilocks” tour. Visit some too big, some too small hopefully to find some that are just right. Oddly enough, even though it’s relatively close, Brandeis University wasn’t on our list. Serendipity I guess. It’s a friggin’ shithole anyway.


What can we learn from this woman if we demand she be silenced?

Not to sound too harsh, but what the hell is going on at Brandeis? I’m sure there are probably a lot of good decent people there, but their silence and acquiescence tells a whole ‘nother story. Example; a supporter of Israel came under verbal fire recently by a member of the University’s “J-Street”, an organization that claims to be pro-Israel and pro-peace. Of course, like any good liberal, radical campus group, J- Street insists that it is committed to “improving the campus dialogue around the Israeli-Palestinian issue.” As you would expect from any liberal organization, that means that they’re right and you’re wrong. Dialogue over. J-Street campus leader Talia Lepson demonstrated the proper liberal technique on dialogue by verbally accosting pro-Israel activist Daniel Mael, calling him a “shit bag” and letting him know that “Jews hate you.” Well, that’s settles it then; we now know who speaks for all Jews. Ah, the tolerance of the left on full display. Apparently, Mael is supporting a film that openly describes J-Street’s disinformation about Israel. Even Alan Dershowitz believes that J-Street is being dishonest about its positions on Israel. He had offered to attend J-Street events and have an open debate but he was denied the opportunity. Dialogue-shmialogue. Concerning the confrontation between Mael and Lepson, Brandeis informed inquiring press that the department does not speak to the press on weekends and recommended the reporter “call back later.” What the hell does that mean? It means we’re right; you’re wrong, na-na-na-na-na-na. Just the kind of response you were expecting from an institution of higher learning?

Maybe it’s an Islam thingy. Don’t know for sure, but as much as they hyperventilate about Israel, they’re pretty dammed silent on the plight of the two hundred school-aged girls in Nigeria who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist organization. Why so quiet? Of course, the same question applies to the left-leaning media as well. It’s that tricky little adjective, terrorist organization. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter you see. Odd, if you look at Brandeis’ courses under Women’s studies, you’ll find a course offered on “Diversity of Muslim Women’s Experience.” One wonders, does a young school girl being kidnapped as a cook and sex slave qualify for this type of diversity?

Interestingly enough, as we got home late Friday I sat down to read the news and lo and behold, Brandeis offered another look at its diversity, tolerance and support of women in general. It has decided to withdraw an honorary degree from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a vocal critic of Islam and its treatment of women. Their reasoning? Apparently she has said some not-so-nice things about Islam, like, “Once it’s defeated, it can mutate into something peaceful. It’s very difficult to even talk about peace now. They’re not interested in peace. I think that we are at war with Islam. And there’s no middle ground in wars.” Oh the horror. She pissed off CAIR who made the call to Brandeis and Brandeis folded, principles of women’s equality, diversity and tolerance be damned.

Sweet. Was Ali’s biggest crime talking about Islam in a negative way, or was it the compelling story of her life, surviving beatings, genital mutilation and an arranged marriage? Or maybe it was because she renounced her religion? What was the last straw for this bastion of higher learning, free speech and thought? Anyone’s guess.

I’m not sure what I find the most disturbing about this. I’m equally torn by the fact that university President Frederick Lawrence has been cowed by CAIR, and that 85 professors supported his move as did thousands of students. Thousands of students who have decided that her story must be silenced. They have been educated well indeed. Or indoctrinated, take your pick.

What kind of education do I want for my daughter? Not this kind. Let’s see, she can go to her “sexuality and queer studies” class and afterwards, stop by the student health center for her monthly contraceptive stipend. Then she can walk across campus and protest for on demand, tax-payer funded abortions on her way to signing the petition to withdraw the degree from Ms. Ali. Heaven forbid she learns about the kidnapping of hundreds of young girls or hears the story of a woman who had her clitoris scraped from her body, all in the name of the religion of peace. Good god no, that would make them as bad as the “Little Sisters of the Poor” or Hobby Lobby for crying out loud.

I thought that president Lawrence was an idiot, but that didn’t quite cover it. Maybe a hypocrite? Too friggin’ obvious. No, he’s something much more dreadful, more dangerous. He has the minds of young impressionable students in his hands. Coward? Again, obvious.

No, he’s an enabler. As are the eighty-five professors who gleefully followed his lead diminishing the voice of a woman who has gone through more trials in her lifetime then they ever will collectively. And in their wake, they have left over a thousand young minds numb to the reality that there are women suffering horrifically at the hands of an ideology that they embrace and protect from scrutiny. To them, battling for justice and diversity for women means struggling to stay awake in their warm, comfortable desks, listening as their learned professors of enablement drone on about “Feminist theories in Historical and Cross Cultural Perspective.”