A little time, some distance, since Eric Cantor was shown the door in Virginia. Apparently, Dave Brat was a hero of the dreaded tea party, that amorphous group of conservatives that cause moderate republicans to swear and liberals to wretch. Brat acknowledges the tea party support, but sees himself more as a candidate “focused on republican principles including free markets and adherence to the constitution.” Downright radical, he is. Maybe it was the tea party push that helped Brat topple Cantor this time, even though Cantor easily defeated the tea party challenger in the 2012 primary. What changed this year? I can’t say. Cantor certainly had the advantage in cash and connections, but apparently his brand of republicanism didn’t sell well with his constituents. Buh-Bye Eric. It remains to be seen if Brat can defeat the democrat challenger in the fall, even in this relatively conservative district. We shall see. Once the media gets mobilized, Brat will be the next coming of “Jenjis” Khan, as Mr. Kerry would say. Brat is a man who believes in individual rights and responsibilities in an era of entitlement-minded voters. Good luck with that.


Harry, how much compassion do you have for the tax-payer?

Fast forward to June and over to Mississippi. Thad Cochran knocks off tea partier Chris McDaniel in a runoff after McDaniel narrowly defeats Cochran in the primary. The Republican Party threw everything they had at McDaniel to return Cochran to Washington. And though most of you will deny it, it wasn’t pretty and may have even had some illegalities surrounding it, but whatever it was, the strategy worked. Apparently, the Cantor loss informed the GOP leadership of a couple of things: They need to portray the tea party in the same way the liberal media and liberal establishment do in order to keep their jobs; principles be dammed. And, it’s best to dump the conservative base and employ some democratic voters to make it through the primaries. Will this strategy work outside of Mississippi? Or to put it another way, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

Very little difference actually. The republicans are running scared and have been since “the great one” was elected, lest their opposition to his policies get them labeled as racists, or bigots, haters, or some type of “phobe.” Sticks and stones may break my bones but words make republicans shit their pants. Kind of hard to be an opposing party when the only thing you oppose is losing your job. And for those who don’t quite know how this works, yes, they are supposed to be an opposing party. And yes, there are three branches of government for checks and balances. I don’t care of you have a pen and a phone.

But Karl Rove and Haley Barbour probably think they’ve got the keys to taking back the senate, now that they know how to smear any tea partier that happens to get in their way. Good old fashioned democrat politikin’ gets it done fer sure. Does anyone really think that turning a republican into a democrat-lite for a primary run-off translates into having democrat voters pulling the “R” lever in the general? Sorry guys, but the democrats in Mississippi were all too happy to walk across the aisle and vote in the republican primary to help the GOP establishment defeat a challenger that the democrats didn’t want to face either.

I’m not usually one who likes to prognosticate, but here goes anyway. The republicans aren’t going to take the senate back. Sorry. The lessons of the 2012 presidential election and the shenanigans in Mississippi should have been a wakeup call to the GOP, but it wasn’t. It was however, very instructive to the democrats and their sycophants in the press. Cries of racism, the war on women, charges of extremism, all played well for the democrats during the reign of the magnificent one, and the GOP establishment is all too happy to apply these tactics to the base of their own party. And yes, like it or not, the conservatives are the base of the GOP. Apparently, divide and conquer is now the way the GOP establishment has decided to keep both the tea party and the oval office at bay. Conservatives were ridiculed, excoriated and demonized by the left and as a result, many stayed home, never bothering to go to the polls for good ol’ Mitt. “It was those darn evangelicals, dammit,” exclaim the GOP establishment, “they stayed home and gave the presidency to Mr. Obama.”   Their extreme views and fear of the man with the magic underwear cost us the election. Sweet. A little myopic one would think. The best way to pander to a voting block is to publicly shame and vilify them. Got it. It doesn’t quite dawn on them that the conservatives may have stayed home, no matter what derogatory bucket you wish to dump them in, because your candidates weren’t very appealing to them in the first place. But heaven forbid, it’s not you, it’s them. If you ask a democrat to vote for a dyed-in-the-wool democrat, you’re all set. If you ask a dyed-in-the-wool conservative to pull the lever for a democrat wearing a republican necktie, you ain’t gonna see many at the polls. Oh, and if you think you can pander to enough democratic voters to get them to cross the aisle for a republican versus a democrat, you’re just plain fruit-loops, no insult to fruit-loops. Conservative voters have been holding their noses at the polls for so long, they need “rino-plasty.” Spelled just the way I meant it.

One can only hope that I’m wrong. There aren’t too many places for an unaffiliated conservative to go these days. Gone are the days when my parents would pull the lever for a conservative democrat. Long gone mind you. And the conservatives in the Republican Party are an endangered species, hunted to near extinction by CNN, NBC, MSNBC and the New York Times. Now the conservatives are being poached by the GOP establishment. We aren’t really that far away from one party rule; And as soon as we get overwhelmed with foreign invaders who are explicitly enticed to cross our borders illegally, once our infrastructure can no longer cover the cost of all the freebie entitlement burdens, the venerable “Chinese Bank and Trust” will call our loans and we’ll be asking George Soros to fund planned parenthood. You know, of all the rights, nothing is more sacred than your free morning after pill.

So we end up with Hillary in the next election unless she continues to cry poverty and can’t afford to fund a campaign, then we get Obama’s preference, Elizabeth Warren, who will get at least 1/32 of the Native American vote. The conservatives will be blamed for not voting for the Manchurian Republican candidate, which is almost as laughable as blaming people for not buying defective Chevy Volts. And of course, we get to hang out with the Koch-addicted Harry Reid for a few more years. Or we could always head down to the barnyard with good old Thad