Our hearts go out to the good folks of Canada. Unfortunately, Canada too is not immune from the effects of the laissez-faire attitude the world takes when dealing with the “religion of peace.” We’d rather cut our own throats than admit to ourselves that Islam unchecked is a violent political ideology, no less dangerous than other fascist ideologies that we’ve seen in the less than recent past. We twist ourselves into all sorts of contortions to avoid insulting, embarrassing or bruising the tender sensitivities of those we label as “moderates;” those billion plus Muslims we are told, who have nothing to do with the radical off-shoots in their midst, wishing nothing more than to live their lives peacefully among us, victims too of their own ideology.

Vickers Looking like a very unlikely hero...

Vickers Looking like a very unlikely hero…

The common threads among the liberal press and those on the left are that all religions are good, or all religions are bad; take your pick. That’s a neat trick that they won’t apply to Islam. All Muslims are good or all Muslims are bad? Nope, doesn’t work that way. Only some Muslims are bad; those that sit next to flaming jihadists in their local neighborhood mosques listening to the heated rhetoric of the warriors for Allah or the Imams who entice them, are simply victims in their own right, at the mercy of those with deeper, more violent passions of their shared beliefs. Of course, if you are a practicing Muslim, leaving the faith is a death sentence; not sure why anyone would decide that, hey, that’s the religion for me. Nor can I understand why any rational woman would decide that she’d love to be owned by her father or her husband, just itching to get into that black head-to-toe sleeping bag designed purely to obliterate her identity as an individual. Or a person for that matter.

Of course, I’m no scholar on Islam, or any other religion for that matter. I just find it quite confusing that there seems to be no scholar among them either. There would appear to be a great number of Muslims who find peace and inspiration from Islam; and there are also many who feel that Islam instructs them to throw acid in the faces of their own women. Of course, authorities were quick to condemn the attacks but not the motive behind them, as one of the police chiefs in Tehran stated; “All the victims were sitting in their car waiting at a red light, the attackers approached on motorbikes and threw acid on them through the car window,” he said on national television. “Most of the women were not dressed appropriately,” the statement added, in reference to the country’s strict morality laws that require Iranian woman to wear all-enveloping veils covering their hair and body.”

Yes, she shouldn’t have had acid thrown in her face, but she had it coming. One would think that with billions of peaceful Muslims around the world, this type of thinking would be eradicated. One would be wrong. The forces of radicalism far outweigh any thoughts of reformation or enlightenment. So the west had better get used to this type of acquiescence as we import more Muslims into our small towns in rural Canada and the US, into the crowded tough streets of our cities. This is the fruit of the diversity we so cherish, the multiculturalism that we worship in hopes that we too can be enlightened by cultures we deem to be far superior to ours.

All religions have their fringes, as do those groups who have no faith at all. Why then, do we excuse this one religion from its violent tendencies while at the same time deriding others, faulting them for their beliefs in the deceitful dance of moral equivalency? Not sure how many Buddhist monks flew planes into the twin towers; remember those nuns who slit the throat of the “Piss Christ” artist? Me neither. And who can forget those radical Mormons placing their death-filled pressure cookers at the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Of course, the argument is always “well, such and such a religion did such and such a thing hundreds and hundreds of years ago.” Even-Stevens I guess. Yet we continue to allow thousands and thousands of Muslims into our culture without question, with no expectation of assimilation and when something like this happens, we grasp at any excuse we can imagine to avoid stating simply that Islam was at the heart of the matter. At least prime Minster Harper doesn’t suffer from the Madrasa-induced paralysis of our President as he clearly stated this was an act of terrorism, not “work-place violence” or the administration’s famous “man caused disaster.” Bravo Mr. Harper. The question remains however, what are you going to do about it? I don’t think you’ll keep your fellow Canadians safe by watching the comings and goings at the local Tim Horton’s. I think you may have to take the drastic step of peeking into some of these Mosques. Of course, we can’t have that, that’s discrimination. We’d have to peek into every house of worship, run our hands through the magic undies of the Mormons, peek under the Turbans of every Sikh, all because we wish to believe that every religion is just like every other religion.

I guess that now as I reread this, I’ll be accused of being an Islamophobe, a hater, painting with a broad brush, etc, etc. I just accused every Muslim of being a terrorist, guilt by association if you will. So be it. I can’t get over the concept of Taqiyya, can’t get past the thought that there are billions more moderates than radicals, yet they still allow their religion to be defined by be-headings, stoning of women, strapping bombs to their own children and yelling Alluha Akbar as they gun down soldiers standing guard at a war memorial in Ottawa. My distrust, my doubts, will be seen as hateful and repudiated, not even a blip on the grand scale to be sure, but I am not alone. Muslims everywhere need to ask themselves; In this century, in this point in history, do I truly believe I am a citizen of a greater world where all citizens worship as they please, governed by laws that protect their individual rights, or should those citizens of the greater world conform to my beliefs, and only my beliefs, under laws that are imposed by the few, not agreed to by the many? And is it far nobler to die for my beliefs, or kill for them? Will I allow any atrocity in the name of my religion, whether I was actively involved, or will I bear any guilt for being silent while women and children are being slaughtered for not wearing the correct color headscarf?

The death of western culture will be laid squarely at the feet of progressive thought and unbridled liberalism where everyone is equal, there is no good or bad and individualism really means taking your proper place in line for your government rations. They can parse it anyway they want, but tearing down the culture that was built in the western world of free thought and opportunity has been forever diminished by efforts to make us all look the same, speak the same, believe the same and live the same. No dissent will be tolerated, people are not allowed to succeed or fail on their own merits; outcomes will be decided by those in charge. Once this type of mentality is accepted, institutionalized in our entitlement-minded society, how can anyone expect an all-encompassing political ideology masking as a religion not to flourish? Or how can we expect those who are totally incapacitated by their own self-imposed shackles of “political correctness” to stand up to such an ideology, one that will surely target them first?

Harper went on to address his country later in the evening, saying “We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated.” One can only hope he’s true to his word. The west continues to be cowed, not by sociopaths in black masks, but by our own elitists who assure us that it’s all our fault anyway and we should be ashamed of ourselves for what would normally be considered rational suspicions; the shame that forces us all to be groped at the airport while these miscreants develop their hatred for us in our own backyards. Maybe Canada will lead the way; or will she wait for yet another episode of workplace violence at the hands of a truly peaceful religion?