Poor Hillary. Maybe it was just the close proximity to Elizabeth Warren that got her tongue tied. I mean, really, she’s possibly looking at another far-left challenger who may impede her coronation in 2016 so she probably thought she’d have to “out-Warren” the Indian princess from Harvard as the two stood side by side at the Boston rally for Martha Coakley. And amid all the excitement and competitive pressure, she tells us a great deal about who she really is and the role big government has in creating jobs when she blurts out “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs.” Telling slip of the tongue no doubt. Not that anyone remotely to the right of Ms. Clinton was surprised however. To the liberals, government is all things, and the engine of economic prosperity and generation resides squarely in the sixty-eight square miles of the cesspool known as Washington DC.

Not sure what I meant, but at this point, what difference does it make?

Not sure what I meant, but at this point, what difference does it make?

Of course today, she amended her remarks, saying she absolutely meant to say that tax breaks for corporations were a part of a failed “trickle down” policy. Neat trick that. Defend trickle up poverty by attacking trickle down policy. Not that she has anything against business, no not the former board member of Walmart. Maybe she forgot she was part of the hated Walmart Corp, although Mr. Obama gently reminded her in a 2008 debate, saying “While I was working on those streets watching those folks see their jobs shift overseas, you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Walmart”. Maybe someone should remind her that Alice Walton donated twenty-five thousand dollars to “Ready for Hillary” last November. Maybe she confused that with the nearly five million the Walmart Foundation contributed to the Clinton Foundation in 2013; all those evil corporate profits, generated at the hands of sweat shop labor from third world countries where Walmart had been shipping jobs.

Seems odd though, that those companies don’t create jobs but she’s more than willing to blame them for shipping these fictional non-jobs overseas. In fact, it’s a democrat mantra; companies bad, shipping jobs overseas (even though they don’t create them and they didn’t build that.) Must be hard to keep those one-liners straight anyway.

Jobs and job creation are the purview of big government according to the tax policies of big government liberals. If they could just tax the crap out of these horrible, profit making enterprises, well then they’d have all the money they’d need to … to do what? Create jobs? What jobs does the government create, other than civil service sector jobs that do very little to prop up the faltering economy? The only thing shovel ready about government jobs is the crap they spread around to their connected friends at places like Solyndra or SEIU. Seems odd doesn’t it, that Hillary was in Rhode Island stumping for Gina Raimondo saying essentially the same thing that she said in Boston, deploring the tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. And while Ms. Raimondo speaks about the Bulova watch factory that went overseas, costing her father his job, she is pushing for a raise in the minimum wage and opposing Rhode Island’s right to work status. Great way to keep those jobs in Rhode Island for sure. Let’s make the input costs of labor more expensive, so business can either pass the higher costs on to consumers or leave the country. After all, Bulova didn’t create those jobs anyway; they didn’t build that. Well, they’re not building Bulova’s in Rhode Island anymore, so they’re both partially right.

Maybe Hillary needs to talk to Bill, if they ever spend more than five minutes in each other’s company anymore. When he granted permanent normal trade relations with China, he opened the floodgates for manufacturing firms to head east, costing the U.S. over five million manufacturing jobs. Jobs being created at a snail’s pace in the U.S. since then are service sector, low paying jobs. Bill, you got’s some ‘splainin’ to do. Or maybe she could look into the rampant taxing of both corporations and the middle class, making it harder for working people to find jobs or purchase goods that would generate profits so companies could employ more people. Lost on liberals is the concept that consumers, be they companies purchasing labor or Fred and Ethel looking to buy a new Nintendo for junior, would be more apt to spend money, driving the economy, if they weren’t giving an ever-increasing share of their earnings away to the folks on capitol hill who know better how to spend our money than we do.

But democrats aren’t all that concerned about sending jobs overseas. Chris Coons, Delaware’s Democrat senator is running on a pledge to bring jobs to Delaware. Maybe Hillary should go down and campaign for him and while she’s there, she can ask him if he plans to bring back the two-thousand jobs his family outsourced to China, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Come on Hillary, it’s for the peeps, ya know? Get down there and tell Chris that he can’t run on “Do as I say, not as I do.” Of course, that would pretty much apply to the whole liberal agenda, wouldn’t it?

We’re far away from pure free-market capitalism today. Truth be, both sides of the aisle pretty much suck when it comes to crony capitalism. There is very little place for the heavy hand of government in free markets. When we finally get tired of hearing our elected tyrants chanting that “we didn’t build that,” maybe, just maybe we’ll realize that what we’ve actually built over the last three or more decades is a leviathan that we can no longer afford to feed.

At the end of the day, you need to decide if you’re tired of busting your ass to support the ruling class that continues to insist that you didn’t build anything while they play upon your envy through class warfare. Continue to vote manufacturing off shore and enjoy the third-world economy that awaits. Who knows? Maybe Hillary can come to your town and disparage your employer. Chances are, they’re paying for her campaign anyway. See? Everyone is happy!