Are you really that “stoopid”? Sure you are. When no less than an esteemed Ph.D. from MIT tells you that you are, then by golly, you are. Although, one might assume that Dr. Gruber’s display of hubris tells you more about his intellect than his Doctorate does. But hey, he’s from MIT and certainly one of our betters, so there you have it. We’re all idiots, every one of us; easily duped and eagerly waiting for our lives to be fundamentally transformed by those who peddle destructive distributionist policies whether we like it or not. Because it’s good for us. So we are told.

Doesn't have a PhD. in ethics no doubt...

Doesn’t have a Ph.D. in ethics no doubt…

On December 24th, 2009, all sixty Democrat senators voted for Obamacare. Thirty-nine republicans voted nay. So, sixty senators were clearly more intelligent than the other thirty nine. So much so that they then proceeded to vote to exempt themselves from it. Pretty much tells you all you need to know right there. Either they were pretty damned stupid to vote for it in the first place or they were screaming loony-tunes for exempting themselves from such a wonderful penalty applied to the rest of us plebes. You make the call. Well, that is, if you’re smart enough to.

Gruber, unfortunately, may have a point. If exempting themselves from this debacle wasn’t an obvious enough sign for the general public, surely delaying the employer mandate and the individual mandates would give the public reason to at least be suspicious. Apparently, not so. Even though this was a clear indication of the failure of the policy, the blatant attempt to shield the Democrats from the mid-term elections couldn’t be denied, could it? Would the idiots catch on?

But delaying mandates was only part of the story; waivers granted to special interest groups should have angered the uneducated masses if they had possessed the intelligence to pick up on them. Even the state of Nevada got a partial waiver, courtesy of Harry “have a Koch and a smile” Reid, because as The Las Vegas Sun had reported, some of the law’s implementation requirements “may lead to the destabilization of the individual market.” I’m confused now. Is The Sun or half of Nevada filled with morons? Should they continue on with Obamacare, as Dr. Gruber insists? After all, he knows better than we what we need and what we want, what’s good for us. He’s a freakin’ genius.

Begs the question, doesn’t it, that if the administration willfully lied to pass this, continues to willfully lie to sustain it, is the good doctor actually right? Are the citizens of this great country the mouth-breathing, mentally-deficient populace they believe we are? Where do we go now? We just had the mid-terms where the Democrats paid a price for who knows what. Did the IQ of the nation suddenly go up last week? Was it that the country had finally had enough of the lies and obfuscation, or is this business as usual? What does this mean for Hillary as a nominee in 2016? Does she continue the great lie, fixing the leaks of Obamacare, hoping for the statist’s goal of income and wealth distribution through control of the country’s health care?

And what does this say about those Democrats in both the house and the senate, who voted for this fiasco late on the evening of December 24th, hoping we were to busy doing the things stupid people do? Were they “stoopid” too? Or are they also invested in deceiving the public at large, knowing full well that we weren’t going to buy the snake oil unless they lied about it, re-branded it, eventually shoving it down our throats. Maybe they really didn’t read the bill; maybe they did. One way or another, they’re complicit with this administration, one of the most opaque in history. They all truly believe that we sent them there because they’re more intelligent than we; that we cannot govern ourselves as the founders would have it. Only they know what’s good for us and they’ll force it upon us, dammit, even if they have to lie to achieve it. Or of course, insult us if we dare question them about it.

That they keep getting elected shows that Dr. Gruber, in all his hideous arrogance, may in fact be right.