So Ferguson burns again. It matters not what the verdict was or how it was reached. Facts never come into play when we’re dealing with emotions and a false narrative that’s been promulgated and supported through destructive liberal policies that serve only to divide this country and keep poor those who need to hear and face harsh realities of the truth. No, it’s better to let Al Sharpton declare that the search for justice is not over. Justice you see, is an outcome desired, not a conclusion reached. And unless the desired outcome is provided, lawlessness must continue at the expense of those who can afford it least; those who are used as human fodder for the great leaders of the people of color, people like Sharpton and Eric “everyone’s a coward but me” Holder. People like Michael Brown who grew up under the crushing weight of the chip on their shoulders, placed there by those who only wish to profit off old wounds, ever safe in their gated communities while the Michael Brown’s of the world stew in their learned hatred for the police and their white neighbors; people who, they are repeatedly taught, hate them for their color. Better to hate the evil whites first, with great intensity and fervor. Never, ever, let anyone accuse you of being too “white.” Especially if that means taking responsibilities for your own failures, your own lot in life. And always make sure your children never rise above your own hatred.

Martyr; suffered the consequences of the chain of events he set in motion.

Martyr; suffered the consequences of the chain of events he set in motion.

I grew up in the era of the civil rights movement. I too cried with shame when Martin Luther King was gunned down. I grew up in the poor neighborhoods, the minority on our streets, observing racism only reversed. The great first lie taught to my young black friends was that it was okay for them to hate me because I was white, as they couldn’t be racists. Far away, in another distant land that none of us had ever been to in a time long before we were born, a great injustice was done to people of color and that act alone now defines every black in this country. Not according to me mind you, but to those like revered Al and Eric “the not-so-great.” For it is the leaders of the black communities, those community organizers who wish to maintain that status of slave that entitles them to hold on to the great claim of victim, always just in their terror, always above reproach and law. They have knowingly and willingly morphed into the great bogeyman they spent the last fifty years condemning. New heroes and martyrs have replaced Martin Luther King, Mumia Abul-Jumal the new standard-bearer. It is this sense of justified entitlement that allows them to grasp the throats of shopkeepers a hundred pounds smaller than they to pilfer a box of contraband cigarillos, then reach into the window of a police cruiser in order to disarm a policeman. In each case, the mere mention of these facts gets one labeled and pilloried, for it does not support the narrative of the victim who was simply minding his business when he crossed the path of a crazed, power-hungry white overlord with a badge. We must believe at all costs, or mayhem will ensue. Justified, angry mayhem. And so it goes. Ferguson burns again at the behest of Brown’s stepfather who implores the victimized class of looters to “Burn this bitch down!”

When the smoke clears on Ferguson, shopkeepers will wonder if it’s worth ever bringing commerce back to their town. Many will never be able to re-open, costing the community the jobs and revenue it needs to keep another generation from the debilitating grips of poverty. And again, it will be someone else’s fault, maybe the evil shopkeepers; some who must surely be people of color unless they’re simply “white Interlopers.” But more likely, it will be the fault of the evil white man and the police; maybe even an officer who is responding to an emergency call for an infant not breathing. Will he respond to the next call in downtown Ferguson, or will he look at the color of his lily-white hands and realize that he doesn’t belong there? For he is surely not welcome. And he may just end up the target of a civil rights investigation by Eric “These are my people” Holder, the attorney general of people of color only. And what if he chooses not to respond; will the city burn again because he doesn’t?

I had to turn away from the television after President Obama said we are a nation of laws. This from a man who rules as if he were a king, enforcing only laws that drive this country farther apart and ignoring the very oath he swore to uphold them all. Sadly, he is not a leader; he is and always will be, a community organizer. For if he truly were a leader he would have realized that he and Holder had a duty to uphold the findings of the grand jury and instruct those who wish to protest that they do so at the risk of legal consequences; that the time for violence was well over and would no longer be tolerated. Sadly, neither he nor Holder is up to the task.

As I watched the looters go from shop to shop, tearing their own town apart, stealing in the name of Michael Brown, I wondered how many of these cretins would have dared to cross the bridge in Selma. The struggle then was for equality and dignity. Now, they look for flat screens and cellphones, PlayStations and Nikes, free for the taking, requiring only a little anger, a mask for your face and a well-placed brick. Things they are entitled to. The struggle for equality must well be over.

What they’re struggling for in Ferguson now remains to be seen. But as Al, Eric and President “stay the course” Obama have implied it’s not over yet. Maybe it will be when the rest of Ferguson smolders; or perhaps, the rest of the country. It all depends on how you define justice. And when that definition is a race-tainted emotion, poisoned by those who might well have led, justice is a dream that will never be achieved.