That’s it, the race issue is settled. Thank you Chris Rock for showing white people the error of their ways. We just have to own it. At least, according to Chris, I’m not as crazy as whites used to be. Not a bit. Not sure what the hell he’s talking about, but hey, since he’s black and it’s all about that anyway, he must be right. And of course if we don’t agree that he’s right we’re all racist so let’s just roll with the “lose-lose” scenario and call it a day.

dumb-ass is still funny tho...

dumb-ass is still funny tho…

Did you not know, according to Chris, that it’s unfair to inherit money you didn’t work for? Hey Chris, calling out the Kennedy clan are ya? Sweet. Not sure what that has to do with race, but he needs to make sure that little Lola and Zahra understand that they’re not entitled to any of daddy’s money ‘cause it’s unfair.

So what exactly does Chris want me as a white man to own? Why, the actions of our dad as he puts it. Interesting that Chris paints a picture of every white person walking the planet as having ancestors who owned slaves, a neat little trick. Try saying that all blacks do “X” or are likely to do “Y” and see how well that gets received. And maybe he didn’t quite pay attention to history in school; many of the people he hates, yes hates for their color, came here well after slavery was abolished. You’ll have to find something else to hate us for Chris, or at least be honest and admit you’re a racist.

In any event, slavery existed long before this country was founded and was practiced with perfection on the continent of Africa. Actually, it still is. Gee Chris, maybe you need to own what your “dad” did? Slavery was common in Africa well before the Europeans arrived on the continent. And yes, many of those sold into bondage to the Europeans were sold by other blacks. Wonder if their children inherited any of that unfair wealth? Jus’ sayin’.

What else should whites own? How about the death rate of young black men in Detroit? Somehow, the number of blacks killing each other on a daily basis is an issue no one claims any responsibility for. Of course, blacks are far more fearful of the police than they are of other blacks, at least as far as I gather from all those shrill pronouncements on CNN. How about the looting of businesses, including minority owned, in Ferguson? Who owns that Chris? In another generation, after you and Sharpton and Farrakhan have succeeded in destroying any harmony between the races, another city will lay decimated; business and prosperity chased out of the area because the “white man” didn’t want to own up to the fact that police shot a black teen who didn’t have his “hands up” while he was strangling a local merchant or assaulting a cop in an attempt to take his weapon. Yeah, that makes sense. It’s someone else’s fault. Unless blacks are allowed to rage without consequences, it will always be the white man’s fault? Question; what if Darren Wilson had been black? And what if the gentle giant with the rap sheet had killed Wilson with his own gun? Would that be the fault of my father too, something I and every other white man need to own up to?

The shame here is that all the progress that has been made, progress that Chris pooh-poohs with his race tainted view of the world has been lost due to idiots like him. And he’s too blind to see it. Those who will suffer aren’t people like Chris, or Crazy Louis or Al “I can make a buck off your dead kid” Sharpton. It’s the next generation of both black and white youth who are going to be indoctrinated, marinated in the hate and victim-hood of race baiters such as Mr. Rock, led to believe that any black kid who commits a crime is entitled to be a martyr only if they’re shot by a white cop; other than that, they’re allowed to die unnoticed on the streets of Chicago or Detroit or Atlanta, mourned only by their baby-mama’s and mothers who are too afraid to speak to the police. Chris mentions Charles Barkley; maybe he should sit down with Charles and ask him how he feels about all those entitled black youth looting and burning Ferguson to the ground. No hands up there; too hard to carry a flat screen that way. Charles just might tell you Chris, that those poor youth need to “own it.” Unless of course, they get arrested for those crimes and then surely we’ll see how imbalanced the justice system is. Somehow, Chris will find a way to make excuses for those seen on video; who knows, maybe the grand jury now owns it.

And if you think for one minute that people like me, people who grew up determined to judge people by their character, are going to sit by and take the blame for a class of people who cannot rise above their own pathologies, well, let’s just say you’ve given me reason to wonder if Dr. King was wrong all along. I see no character in people like Chris Rock. No, none at all. The same law applies to white people as it does for black people; or at least that’s what we were all led to believe the goal was. Assaulting and attacking a white cop is apparently a freedom, a prerequisite for equality that Mr. Rock is demanding.

Shame on my forefathers for not allowing that to happen.