Josh Earnest had a hard time being eloquent last week. He tried his best to make sure that he closely followed the administration’s six year old script, avoiding the word Islam except where he could refer to it as a religion of peace. In fact, he had a hard time at first describing it as an act of terrorism, exclaiming that we should certainly wait for all the facts before labeling it as such. Maybe facts such as the nut-jobs screaming Allahu Akbar as they sprayed the innocents with bullets didn’t quite make it to his desk. Who knows. But he assured us that Islam is a religion of peace. At least three times. Remember, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  It just may however, belong to those who slaughter in the name of the prophet of Islam. Just don’t mention the “I” word.

Not wielding a 5 iron...

Charles: Not wielding a 5 iron…

The press did their best to seem outraged as well by the attack on freedom of expression. In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, they made it a point to print grammatically correct descriptions of cartoons that Charlie had published in the past. How courageous. You need to understand, one would guess, that the liberal editors in the mainstream press determined that there was certainly no need to inflame Muslim passions around the globe while defending one of the cornerstones of western civilization. Hell, it’s not like Abhu Graib, where they were falling all over themselves to publish horrific images that would support their agenda of informing the world of just how evil the west and the United States really are. Ah, those were the days. Quite sure that they were hoping that French authorities would capture one of the oppressed freedom fighters. They would have done their level best to make sure that no one got water boarded, that’s for sure.

Over a million people marched in Paris on Sunday; possibly double that number marched around France to show solidarity for Charlie, the French people and freedom of expression. It’s probably fitting that president Obama was a no-show. After all, the United States used to be thought of as the leader of the free world, warts and all. The current administration of course has always focused on the warts, unabashedly ashamed of the US and her legacy. But this is on the surface, quite telling; an insult to the French people and an embarrassment to the United States. Remember, the first world leader to visit the United States after 911 was French President Jacques Chirac. The boy king could find no solidarity with the French people, or any of the other fifty-plus world leaders who marched in Paris? I’m sure he could have found at least one person to bow to, at least one aggrieved group he could have apologized to for the evils the US had visited upon them. Maybe he had a great tee-time. Or maybe as he has said in the past, “if the political winds turn ugly I will stand with the Muslims.” Go ahead, claim that I’ve taken this out of context if you’d like. I know when he said it and why. But no one has even suggested that we inter American Muslims; and yet the political winds are blowing ugly and they’re blowing from mecca. They blew straight into the office of Charlie Hebdo and a Parisian Jewish Deli.

If our Muslim educated president is concerned that Muslim Americans might suffer the same fate that Japanese Americans had, he need look no farther than the suburbs of Paris. Or Dearborn Michigan. Or Minnesota. Or Lewiston Maine for goodness sakes. When the Muslim populations reach density, they start isolating themselves, declaring their neighborhoods “Muslim” and off limits to others. Self-interment one could call it. A silent invasion to be accurate. If there were over seven hundred white enclaves in Paris where people of color were not welcome, Eric “the not-so-great” Holder would have found time while in Paris to visit with any aggrieved person denied access to the restricted blocks, likely inviting Al Sharpton in to perform his ritual cleansing through extortion.

Maybe our next president will take this threat more seriously. Maybe not. We seem to ordain men of little courage let alone character. The main stream press does it’s best to ensure that those principles that don’t support a march toward socialism are the only things labeled “terroristic.” Everything else is “workplace violence.” And what of the financially strapped Hillary? If she was president, she’d make sure that anyone who produces a video that inflames passions around the world would be the guilty party of the violence that ensues. The pen is mightier than the sword; but it must be a politically correct ink. Of course, the press doesn’t feel the need to explain to her that she too seeks to crush freedom of the press, a freedom that they should be the most sensitive to. But here we find a press possibly complicit with, but most certainly sympathetic to an ideology that seeks to destroy the very institutions and over-all fabric of the United States. An ideology that is deeply rooted in most of the socialist governments of Western Europe. That any government should allow “no-go” zones with separate laws within their sovereign borders is only less frightening than a press that would willingly ignore it to help these governments remain in power, with no questions or concerns about the freedoms they are slowly allowing to die in the name of what they all believe to be the “greater good.” Jake Tapper’s feigned embarrassment is the best they could muster.

Had I the financial means, I too would have walked with the free Frenchmen in Paris. I would’ve asked them why they didn’t march right through one of these “no-go” zones. You wish to take back your county; you can’t do it from a distance. You can’t do it with the politically correct mentality that these seventh-century zealots use to their advantage. You’ll need to march through the streets of France with the spirit and determination of Charles the Hammer. Is there a new Martel anywhere in Europe?

You have been invaded. It’s time to act like it.