I’m not a doctor or a psychologist. I’m not a superior court judge either. I don’t think one needs an advanced degree however, to assume that forcible anal rape on a toddler might just inflict some level of physical or emotional pain and permanent scarring on such an innocent, helpless victim. You might however, if you leaned that way, be inclined to be concerned for the welfare of the hideous creature who could hold his hand over the mouth of his tiny victim while he removed her panties to penetrate her. If in fact you were so inclined to lean that way, and you were in fact a superior court judge, you’d be Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly; Superior Court Judge for how long remains to be seen.

Pervert with a gavel?

Pervert with a gavel?

Pity poor Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto; he was minding his own business, playing video games in his garage when the sexually attractive toddler, a relative of his, wandered in. Unable to thwart the power of her overwhelming sexuality, ol’ KJ became instantly aroused. According to Judge Kelly, “Mr. Rojano did not seek out or stalk (the victim). He was playing video games and she wandered into the garage.  He inexplicably became sexually aroused but did not appear to consciously intend to harm (the victim) when he sexually assaulted her.”  Thank goodness for the judge, realizing the helpless situation the twenty year-old Rojano found himself in. Sounds like she was asking for it. Who could resist the power of the three-year old Lolita? Rojano just had to have her, had to clamp his hand down over her mouth when her mother appeared outside the locked garage door looking for her. Kelly assures us that “There was no violence or callous disregard for (the victim’s) well-being.”

Idiot. Rojano’s “callous disregard for the victims’ well-being” is every bit as obvious as the judge’s callous disregard for common decency, let alone common sense or basic humanity. The minimum sentence for such a crime is twenty-five years to life. Sensing that the punishment was too severe, obviously more “cruel and unusual” than the sodomy committed on a three year-old, Kelly reduced the sentence to only ten years. Kelly justified his actions saying, “In looking at the facts of Mr. Rojano’s case, the manner in which this offense was committed is not typical of a predatory, violent brutal sodomy of a child case.”  Hmm, sounds like the “it’s not really rape-rape” defense. You know, it’s not really sodomy, even though the child was probably whimpering in pain underneath the hand clamped down on her mouth as she suffered tissue injuries to her anus. Yup, not a typical violent, brutal sodomy of a child. As if that would make a damned bit of difference, you robed bastard.

Should this idiot continue to be on the bench? He’s every bit as dangerous to society as those who can’t control their urges around a three year-old relative. Think this might just be a one-time mistake, a poor use of judge’s discretion? Think again. In 2010, Kelly reduced the one-to-four year sentence of a man convicted of trying to solicit sex from multiple underage girls to only probation. Stephen Deck attempted to have sex with a thirteen year-old girl after he learned her parents were away for the evening. Deck targeted other thirteen-year-old girls online, even asking one for sex with her and her ten year-old sister. He wanted them to get naked in the kitchen so they could eat food off of each other’s bodies. He texted another underage girl, telling her he wanted to “eat her beautiful young c***” and “wanted to stuff daddy’s cock in his lil’ gurls pussy.” For this, Kelly sentenced Dreck to five years of probation, sexual addiction classes and a $200 fine. I’m surprised he included the friggin’ fine.

A man who can doubt that forcible anal rape of a toddler is anything but violent and is a “callous disregard for the victim’s well-being” has no place on the bench, let alone in any decent society anywhere in the world. Or above ground if you ask me. How this menace continued past 2010 is anyone’s guess. The outrage over his latest pedophilic support is beginning to swell; he may not survive this time, if people of any decency and common sense have anything to do with it. Members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors are calling for Kelly to step down and have indicated they would support a recall effort if he refuses. There is also a petition on change.org calling for him to step down.

Why would anyone expect this man, of all men, to do the right thing when he’s already shown he’s grossly incapable of such an act? This will need to go beyond asking and petitions. Get off your asses in California and recall this bastard before he sets another freak free among you. He has shown you what his inclinations are and they’re not in your best interest.

I’d say he has a callous disregard for the welfare of the citizens of Orange County.