Life is tough in Baltimore; getting tougher every day. One would think that since the residents of Baltimore threw off their last oppressive republican mayor in 1967, all of their problems would have just faded away into the liberal utopia they continued voting for. They now have a democrat mayor, and all fifteen members of their city council are democrats. It would appear that they have the racial make-up they have been clamoring for; Mayor Rawlings-Blake is black, as is Police Commissioner Batts. Three of the six police indicted in the death of Freddie Gray were black; not sure if they’re democrats. But the black state attorney who indicted them is. All this political correctness in the ninety-plus square miles that make up the city of Baltimore and since Freddie Gray’s death in April, Baltimore has seen forty-three of its residents murdered; its highest homicide rate in forty years. And summer hasn’t even started.

There...fixed it for ya...

There…fixed it for ya…

It’s heartbreaking to see the nightly news segments, the residents of Baltimore dazed and fearful. Many are afraid to even step outside of their homes, afraid to sit near windows. People are suggesting that the police are no longer policing; although when the cops do show up, these same fearful residents will gather around the crime scene ten to twenty deep, IPhone in hand, to make sure the cops don’t terrorize the perp or suspect or victims. According to commissioner Batts, his officers are not holding back. “Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time,” Batts said. Whatever. It’s the way it will be from now on. Get used to it. It’s what the residents of Baltimore wanted. Yes, same to you.

Whatever long-standing belief you have about race, or cops, or white privilege, or victimization, the unfortunate people of Baltimore have determined their own destiny. They are nothing but expendable organisms in the grand social experiments that liberals have been subjecting black people to for my entire life, and well before that. Consider it just “breaking a few eggs” to get to that perfect utopian omelet.

I’m not sure how we convince people that “black lives matter” when they don’t seem to matter much at all to blacks; somehow when seven-year old Kester Anthony Browne gets shot in the back of the head, the issue becomes “not enough police” or not enough attention. Not a word from Al, or Loretta or Obama. And of all the people in this country who should be asking why, the residents of Baltimore aren’t the ones asking. It’s white guys like me, guys who aren’t allowed to ask the obvious questions because we have white privilege, or white racism or some other decidedly un-PC attribute of the day that makes us poison; only allowed to somehow, through some twisted liberal logic, ultimately take the blame for inner city residents shooting their own children in the back of the head as they vilify the police force.

We now have the perfect storm; one that’s been building for years. We have a department of justice and an agitator in the White House who seek nothing more than to federalize the police forces of this country at the expense of those policed. Think your police are removed from your control now? Even though the citizens of Baltimore are the ones who voted in the officials that run their city? Just imagine how sweet policing will be once it’s done at the federal level. How accountable will your local cop be then? Fat chance of electing your local Chief of Police, or local legislators who enact the ordinances they follow. As with the police in Cincinnati, they’ll be too busy with sensitivity training to have the time, let alone the inclination to make any arrests. Policing by quota. Not matter what the crime, the color, gender, or nationality of the victim, it’ll be the color, gender, nationality or some other little magical check box that determines when a crime has actually occurred and who, if anyone, gets arrested. Think I’m being foolish? Tell me how many people, many with their faces pointed towards a surveillance camera have been arrested for the looting in Baltimore? Last count was about 200, with half of them being released without being charged. The rest? We’ll have to wait and see what charges will stick; after all they were apprehended in the area designated by the mayor as “space to destroy.”

It’s been a pretty rousing success, the liberal indoctrination of generations of blacks. Black leaders will champion those who died at the hands of police while remaining indifferent to the daily deaths of the average young black man, or as in the case of Kester, a black child. If Obama had a son, for some strange reason he obviously wouldn’t look like Kester. Will the president remark that the mayor acted stupidly when she gave a clear signal to riot? Or for that matter when State Attorney Marilyn Mosby made it clear that she heard the mob’s cry for justice? “To the people of Baltimore and demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No peace,’” she said. “Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.” Prosecution by mob rule? No issue there for sure.

And what about the “Reverends?” Where the hell are they now? Why aren’t they stepping into the streets of Baltimore to calm the strife, now that the oppressive occupying force of racist police is gone? Are the forty-three lives lost since Freddie’s passing of any less value? Is it because black lives really don’t matter unless there is a clear profit to be made from them? Maybe reverend Al is too busy hiding from the IRS or sitting in the back of the courtroom as his daughter tries to sue the City of New York for her inability to navigate the sidewalks of the city without falling on her ass. Racist concrete, now doubt.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s finally getting uncomfortable for the race baiters to face the reality and answer these questions. Why are blacks killing blacks at such an alarming rate? And why are the liberals who elbowed each other for room at the memorial podiums of the unfortunates who died at the hands of the police, now so silent? Which black lives really matter and why? How would Mayor Deblasio now counsel his son about the dangers of other young black men, not cops, who are currently killing other young black men rampantly across this country? Or are these thoughts and questions taboo because they do not support the long-taught orthodoxy of victimization that truly paralyzes the black community? Is it because if they aren’t victims anymore, they will be forced to accept that their circumstances are largely a direct result of their choices? Well, we can’t have that can we?

Black lives matter; I don’t know which ones, and I’m not quite sure under what conditions they matter. But all sorts of really neat, special people, from Hollywood air-heads to slimy politicians continue to post this sentiment while the blood runs freely in the streets of Baltimore; the stunned liberal ruling elites quite sure that somehow the evil white man and his oppressive police apparatus are at fault. We’re going to need a real hash tag we can all understand. One that we can get behind, one that really nails it.