Leftist policies towards women are always a puzzle. What I find the most amazing about them is how poorly they workout for women in the long run and how eager many women, especially those on the left, are to blindly support them. Support them I might add, with a fervor that borders on…well, let’s just say it’s almost misogynistic.


So am I intolerant for taking him at face value?

Like Angela Merkel. She convinced the women of Germany just how ducky it would be to import millions of folks who happen to support an ideology that oppresses women, but hey, it’s just one voting block competing with another right? Moral relativism and all that. So now, Merkel is trying to convince German women that the 600 attacks in Cologne on New Year’s eve were just…just what exactly Angela? Surprising? Maybe to the left. Unexpected? Not so much. You fought to import millions of new voters who have absolutely no desire to assimilate into the western world which they are infiltrating, bringing with them a religion or political ideology that subjugates women and you’re surprised? Caught off guard? Yes Angela, you and a couple of hundred women out enjoying the freedom of the western world in Cologne were quite surprised. The ladies who now cast glances over their shoulders while navigating the terminals in Cologne had better avoid Islamophobia. Or any other rational act it would seem. Why, that would just be progressively intolerant of them.

Of course, the press did its best to keep this quiet for as long as possible. Or maybe they too, couldn’t bring themselves to admit that the political point of view they have been marinating in for so long is destructive to the rights we in the west have come to take for granted. After all, a little socialism only means a little tyranny, right? Import enough of these innocent, oppressed “victims of the west” and you too can enjoy a whipping for being out without your male escort or seeing the city skyline as they toss your ass off the roof for being a male escort. Islam discriminates equally. When they come to your country, be welcoming. Be somewhat less provocative in your dress. Get used to it. Once they reach critical mass in your country, you won’t be able to decide for yourself what that means anyway.

As soon as these miscreants get a foothold into polite society, they whine about being oppressed as minorities. That’s why you end up with pockets of sharia law and no-go zones all over Europe. (You know, places the left insists don’t really exist but won’t step foot into?) And of course, once they become a majority, you can kiss your minority rights good-by. Put on your burka and sit your ass down.

Will it be any different here? Not a chance in hell. The left continues to force these non-assimilating refugees down our throats, not even telling the governors of the various recipient states where they are headed. Betcha it ain’t the beltway. Which rights are the women of the United States willing to give up? Come on ladies, at least half of you have “white privilege guilt” to expunge, don’t you? Take the step back and let someone else ahead of you in line for a change. Pretty soon you won’t have to worry about driving; you won’t be allowed. Won’t have to worry about the job either. You’ll only have to worry about whether or not you have too much ankle showing or whether you’re keeping your eighty-three year-old appointed husband happy. Oh maybe not next week, silly. But soon ladies, soon. You think they’re importing them in just to do the jobs us lazy, old, unemployed white men won’t do? (Or can’t do ‘cause we can’t quite find those jobs we hear about?) No Ladies, this is all to replace you. You’ve run your course. The left isn’t concerned one bit about you, your struggles; they’ve moved on. They’re just not that into you. Hell, they can make new women anytime they want. A couple of silicon bags, a fancy floral print and you’re good to go.

Surely the progressive female champions will be there for you, won’t they? Well, with the exception of the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker who feels that if you just tried a little harder not to upset your new minority overlords, everyone would get along just fine. Simply ignore that little fact that under Sharia, it’s okay to rape infidels. Adopt Reker’s “code of conduct” and make your visitors feel welcome. You’ll still be an infidel, but hey, Islam means submit and so does progressivism. Or maybe we can look to the progressive champion for women in this country who told us that “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” (Some restrictions may apply. Coverage does not apply to interns or bimbos. See your presidential candidate for absolutely no clarification.) That is if she’s not too busy giggling over getting the rapist of a twelve year-old girl released. Of course, we have to keep this in perspective regarding the left’s support of all things woman; after all, if you drag a hundred Deutsche Mark through the Cologne airport, you never know what you’ll find. The left is perfectly willing to make and keep you in victimhood as long as it’s profitable. Other than that, you’re on your own.

If you’ve spent most of your life believing that the west and the United States in particular are such horrible places that we need a little more “diversity” to fundamentally change for the better, I invite you to spend next New Year’s eve partying with your replacement victims du-jour in Europe. Just don’t bring your yoga pants.