I’m boycotting the Oscars this year; well maybe, technically I’m boycotting them. Well, honestly, I’m not boycotting them per se, but I’m definitely not watching them, so there. I’m making a statement, you see. Speaking truth to vapidness as it were. Problem is, I’ve never watched the Oscars. Usually, I’ve had other, more exciting things pressing like watching mold grow on bread, getting a colonoscopy or counting the hairs on my forearm. You know, things that have value.

Not sure what color that Oscar is...

Not sure what color that Oscar is…

No matter how hard they try to convince me otherwise, the gaggle of self-absorbed, hypocritical narcissists called Hollywood have never held any special place in my life; certainly nowhere near the level they think they have, or think they’re entitled to. But forgive them; they spend most of their days working in the land of false realities; it must be hard to go home and realize that you’re no one’s frigging hero after you’ve pretended to be one at work for six weeks straight.

I’m sure Will Smith is a nice guy; probably. I actually don’t give a crap. I give him my money to read what others wrote. Not that he isn’t entitled to his own opinions mind you; but I have no reason to take his opinion and run with it like so many other bootlicking followers on the left. He’s spent most of his life being applauded and paid rather handsomely to memorize and regurgitate opinions and narratives of others who wish to do more than just tell a story; no, they’d rather propagandize, divide and belittle this nation and the values that have made it possible for empty vessels such as Mr. Smith and his wife to succeed.

So anther instance of pure racism rears its ugly head. Because Mr. Smith is black, and that obviously pisses off whites, he’s not going to get his gold. Got it. Obvious racism. Yeesh. Maybe blacks need their own Oscar show. No, I’m not joking here and I’m not off base. Did Dr. King march across the bridge at Selma so kids at Mizzou can segregate themselves? Is this what they are being taught, not at the colleges, but within the homes they are raised well before they get there? One would guess that Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting Jim Crow segregation on that Montgomery bus; hell no, she didn’t want to sit in the front, she wanted her own separate bus.

So the comedy continues. As soon as the familiar cries of racism dropped like carrion in the middle of a warm, country back road, those opportunist vultures of social justice swooped in to pick and pull apart the rotting carcass, oblivious to the fact that they were feeding on their own while they spewed their venom. One voting member of the Academy, Mark Reina, wondered if he too was being accused of racism, his homosexuality and melanin quotient notwithstanding. Do you really need to ask that Mark? You and your progressive friends have been assigning your interpretations to others motives for years as a way to silence opposition and intimidate those who hold a viewpoint which you find distasteful. You know the drill; come out and apologize for your transgressions, tell us where you’re going to therapy, hand one of the Reverends a little something under the table and maybe, just maybe you can put this all behind you. If you miss the sympathy in my tone, then maybe you’re smarter than I thought.

So now the jockeying is on; some will boycott, some will not. Some were going to but changed their minds. Those pointing out the hypocrisy of the boycott are being boycotted for standing up against the boycott. Stacey Dash points out that the BET awards are based solely on skin color, again segregationist, and she’s the one with the problem. Stephen Verona, another voting member outraged at being called a racist, points out that the Oscars are to honor talent. Of course, he’s a white guy so what does he know. He also points out that you can’t watch an NBA game without noticing the disparity between blacks and whites; but hey, Spike Lee, who is more than likely sitting on the sidelines at one of them, is okay with that racial outcome. Get ready Stephen; retribution for opposing the orthodoxy is usually swift. I expect to see your twitter apology anytime now.

If an old, red-neck white guy sitting in some dingy, single-wide was commenting that he couldn’t get a job because of “them blacks” you’d call it what it is. Like it or not, if the guy is a millionaire black man sitting in some multi-million dollar mansion complaining that he couldn’t get his participation trophy because of “them whites,” then it’s absolutely the exact same thing; I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, Stan Lee, Bruce Lee or Robert E. Lee. So, deal with it Will; you’re a fucking racist. You’re in good company however; just check the boycott list.

So, I’m not a big fan of the Oscars. Too much pomp and silliness. If this keeps up though, we’ll end up having a few more categories; “token ethnic in a musical;” “Leading transsexual in a comedy goes to…” And even though I never watch the Oscars, I always puzzled at the winners and losers in the past. Maybe it’s just my tastes in movies. But I’m sure that the new Oscars will be nothing more than a statue given to those who bitched and whined the most. Or maybe it will be nothing more than a participation trophy given to any victimized minority who happens to show up; no experience necessary. You know, just to make up for past sins.

Well shit, then let’s just call it the Nobel Peace Prize….