The Iowa Caucus is in the can and the New Hampshire primary is looking us square in the eye; yay… I guess we didn’t get enough of the white stuff Friday to keep the locust swarms at bay. Hey Jeb! Just a note; sending me three copies of the same mailer each time only tends to piss off the mailman and me. Dumbazz. Cruz comes out on top in Iowa, Trumps comes in second, Carson get hosed, Rand quits…and somehow, Rubio gets all the momentum and notoriety coming into Nude Hamster. And the GOP claims there is no real “establishment.” Hey, new summer pool game; get a gang of eight kids, put them in a backyard pool. They close their eyes and yell Marco! When they open their eyes, every kid from the surrounding three towns is now in the pool yelling Rubio. None of them ever have to leave, but Marco promises that we’ll be enforcing tighter curfews in the future.

Feeling the Bern since 1848....

Feeling the Bern since 1848….

I’m not sure about you, but I want the phone number of the guy in Iowa who tossed the coin on the democrat side; the guy has gotta pick my lotto numbers. After a tie in at least six precincts, the coin seemed to drop on the right side for Mrs. Clinton each of the six times. Of course, not only was the vote too close, it may have been questionable to begin with; but such is the luck of the Clintons. Sorry Bernie fans, close but no cigar. It doesn’t really matter anyway, the night went to Marx and he wasn’t even on the ballot. (Well, he was in spirit.) Pretty much a regular socialist election after all. Deny it all you want, but the majority of the democrat party can’t define socialism and neither can Bernie’s die hard millennial troopers. Free stuff though; that they understand.

I blame my parents generation. And maybe even parents who are my age with voting age children. We’re the ones who have given these mindless young adults the idea that anything they want but don’t have will be given to them. That if anyone is more successful they are, then those people are evil and greedy and should be forced to give their “fair share.” I had a typical conversation with one of the Bernie clan; he reprimanded me by saying he’s supporting Bernie because he’s sick of people dying in the streets since they don’t have health care. And there you have it; emotional blocking, I hate people and want them to die in the streets, all because this ignoramus hasn’t done any research into “democratic socialism.” Google Venezuela please. Oh by the way; the fact that government health care is funding the deaths of hundreds of children everyday does not bother him the least. Not in the streets however; in the offices of the publicly funded private organization that progressives cling to at all costs. Bitter clingers.

Fair share; hmmm. Bernie uses that term quite a bit. All progressives do. Hillary did recently when she announced her “out Bernie-Bernie” maneuver, offering to raise taxes on those earning over five million dollars. Their fair share. Of course, it’s not a tax; it’s a surcharge. Yay! Fairness. And she’s not going to raise taxes to do it.

For those wandering around with your “feel the Bern” t-shirt on, take a second and think about the free stuff you’re expecting. Free health care means that eventually, someone has to give up something for you to have it for free. Yes, I know that’s a hard concept for some, especially the same generation who will eventually have to pay back everything that’s “free.” But that’s socialism, Bernsters; the collective gets to decide the value of your labor. The most basic human right of all, the right to the fruits of your own labor, belongs to everyone but the individual. Maybe it’s the nurse who works sixteen-hour shifts. She should work for free. Free college tuition? Hey great. No one needs to get paid to teach. Two things; first, if everyone gets a degree, they essentially become meaningless. Everyone has a belly button. Same thing here; not unique and you get one just for going through the process. I realize that this argument probably doesn’t have any impact on the “participation-trophy” generation, but it won’t be “fair” that some will pass and get a degree while some won’t; socialism demands equal outcomes. Everyone’s going to get a degree; and probably a belly button just in case, since they’re free.

Secondly, Bernie appeals to this generation because he’s as pure as the driven snow in Siberia; he can’t be bought by PACs and special interest groups. Washington is too cozy with big money, votes being cast in favor of firms and industries willing to fund the activities of both parties. Bernie could never be bought like this. His supporters however, are more than willing to trade their votes for this or that free program, essentially acting the part of the whore they see in everyone else. Sadly, these useful idiots can’t or won’t admit that they’ll eventually have to pay for it anyway. Ah, but it feels so good to vote for someone like Bernie; he won’t take money from a super PAC for his vote.

For your vote however, he’s wiling to give you things that don’t belong to him. Democratic socialism rocks, dude…..