Boy, if Trump has done anything positive, it’s that he has peeled back the mud-covered façade of the Great Obsolete Party. Playing by party rules hasn’t really seemed to help their constituents; they’ve held their noses so long to vote for the party that they’re in need of rhinoplasty. Never mind who you like, vote for who we offer. Trust us. Yup, that worked out well in the minds of the voters. Of course, the party establishment treats their constituents like petulant children and are horrified when those same constituents behave like, well, petulant children.

Throwing one hell of a new party....

Throwing one hell of a new party….

What did the party learn from David Brat? Only that you have to destroy the populist candidate quickly, holding that kitten under water as soon as it emerges. They didn’t see Brat coming and lost Eric Cantor and with him went Mr. Rubio’s comprehensive Immigration reform bill, affectionately known as the “gang of eight.” A bill which Rubio has yet to repudiate clearly; well except to continue to support it on radio Telemundo or some such place. So now the long knives are out for Dave Brat; from the GOP of course.

Just vote for good ole’ John McCain. Go ahead, hold your nose and eat that spinach. Fail. Hey here’s Mitt; he’s kind of like spinach, maybe more like Brussel sprouts. Mmm, Mmm, good. Shut up and vote. Except Mitt didn’t want to win at all; his debate style was to get black eyes from Candy Crowley for heaven’s sake. He never laid a hand on the imperial leader. Now, Mitt is back with words of wisdom on how and why voters should dump-the-Trump. Duck for cover Mitt, you’re about to stain your magic undies.

Fearing that a populist just might end their tenuous grip on power, the party establishment went through great pains to enforce a pledge on all of its candidates; even Jeb! the great, who was supposed to have this thing handed to him anyway, signed the pledge that stated in part, “I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is. I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.” Yup, put that kitten in the bucket as quick as you can, they thought. Of course, like Brat had done to Cantor, Trump rolled Jeb and is in the process of sending Marco back to the sunshine state where he’ll hopefully join the other millions of retirees.

Mind you, the pledge never said anything about destroying the front runner well before the party nominee is chosen. As always, there’s wiggle room in any deal the establishment of either party makes; especially when it relates to the concerns of those who may just want to choose who they vote for. (Don’t giggle if you’re a democrat; Bernie wasn’t going to win no matter how many states he took from Hilarious; super-duper delegates you know…)

So after years of making empty promises and pushing the “most electable candidate” (read as that candidate most likely to support the status quo), the GOP leadership is now being taken to task by the petulant children they were supposed to represent. And they hate it. And they are willing to destroy the party at any cost to maintain their grip on the connections of power and influence that binds them to big donors, big business and the chamber of commerce who all see the US taxpayer as nothing more than a deep pocket, there for the emptying.

If you vote for Trump, you’re a Nazi. But that’s not the democrat party leading that charge. If you vote for “The Donald,” you’re an idiot. Again, GOP leadership. This from the group that can’t quite figure out what the hell they stand for other than their own self interests. A lot of them are saying that Mr. Trump is clearly not conservative enough. Well Cruz is, and the party has just about destroyed his campaign. You see, someone willing to go to Washington and vote the way his electorate expects him to, is going to cause problems for everyone else. Imagine if everyone was expected to represent their constituents, or at least vote the way the promised they would. (Yeah, I’m thinking of you, Mrs. Ayotte). Then again, I’m not sure that McCain or Mitt were ever that conservative either; both of them were pushed down the throats of conservative voters who were then blamed for their losses because “conservatives and evangelicals stayed home.” Well, if they can’t have Jeb!, they’ll settle for giving us Marco; except Marco can’t win a dammed thing and an awful lot of the rank and file republican voters have seen right through him. And they ain’t eating that spinach this time.

Which brings us back to Trump. What do we do with Trump? Simple, we’ll work to destroy him personally and when we get to the convention, we select the nominee we want the electorate to swallow again. Simple plan, no? And it boils down to math. You may hear them talk about how if candidate x and y drop out, then those votes would end up with Marco and we’d have enough delegates split so that Trump never gets to 1,237; yay, brokered convention where we get to appoint Marco. They never seem to admit that a large number of those voters may very well end up with Trump. Whistling past the graveyard. Of course, they’re quickly realizing that Marco may not even win his home state of Florida; and there’s no way they’d appoint Cruz. Better to keep the non-performers in the race as long as possible so Trump doesn’t have a margin so large at the convention that it causes riots in the streets when they give it away to someone else. And of course, if he’s not the nominee, then they won’t have to stand by the pledge that they bludgeoned him over the head with. It was never meant to apply to them; none of their promises ever do.

And there’s the rub. They’re trying to figure out the appeal of their front runner who for years, and for all intents and purposes, seemed to be pretty darned liberal. It must be something wrong with those dammed voters; idiots, Nazis, misogynists. This is how they are referring to the very same people who they, time and time again, lied to and disappointed. Give us the house and we’ll fix things. Fail. Well, we can’t do it without the senate. Omnibus bill. You can call your voters every name in the book, they’re not coming back. This party is toast. I left years ago. And the rest of the Great Obsolete Party voters don’t really give a dammed if you threaten or insult them or tell them that a vote for Trump is like voting for Hillary. Hell, a vote for McCain was a vote for Obama. And so was a vote for Mitt. This time, they fully intend to vote for whoever they dammed well please. And many of you will eventually pay the price downstream as well. I head that argument today on talk radio; that a Trump presidency will cause losses farther down the local tickets.

Nice argument that one, but that won’t fly either. Voters closer to their legislatures already know who they are and what they stand for. It’s those idiots in the house and the senate who are currently threatening to leave the GOP if the voters choose Trump or Cruz that will need a new home. Ask yourself this; what loss would that be to the Trump supporters? You have consistently voted against the wishes of your constituents, you’re now demeaning them personally for their choice and you somehow expect to curry their favor in the future? You need to make that graceful exit to the Democrat party as soon as possible because even if Trump does not win, a great majority of you will not be re-elected without the help of some very friendly support from the Democrat party and the liberal media.

Kiss this party good-bye. It no longer has any support from its base or middle; that was gone years ago. They are just now starting to flex their muscles and whether they coalescence into a large enough block to topple Hilarious remains to be seen. But whether at their own hands, or whether the party elites blow it up from inside, which is the more likely scenario, this party is forever changed. And if you think that the revolution that we’re seeing in the GOP isn’t happening on the Democrat side, you’re nuts. Ask any Bernie supporter. The media may want to hide it or downplay it. But it’s there. And once democrat voters see that GOP voters have broken their shackles, it won’t be long before they will wake up and realize that they’d like to vote their consciences too.

It all boils down to one simple realization; is it any more risky to vote for someone new, someone strange and different who just might end up disappointing you, or should you continue to vote for those who have consistently shown their willingness to do so?