Thanks a bunch Reince; your little performance at the start of Thursday night’s debate surely must have healed the divisions and strife among the faithful of the party; those millions of GOPer’s sitting at home watching, probably hoping for another WWF battle royale. Your equivocation was likely lost on the vast majority too. Still, I seriously doubt that anyone outside of yourself and those handfuls of kingmakers in the party leadership believe a word of what you tried so earnestly to persuade them to swallow. You implored them all to believe that the party will rally around the nominee, whomever that would eventually be. You did fail to mention however, that you’re working like an insidious flesh eating bacteria, trying desperately to damage anyone the party elites do not prefer; so as long as your candidate gets the nomination, you’ll be one hundred percent supportive. Maybe you haven’t heard; you’re done. So is your party. It’s now about open rebellion; are you willing to drive this totally over the cliff, or are you going to listen to the will of the people and accept their final choice? Given the past failures of the party; thumbing their voters in the eye at every turn, it’s lack of leadership and willingness to dismiss the concerns and desires of its own constituents, voters are now willing to go it alone, to stand outside the well-defined, constricting definition of a party to finally claim the power that they have always owned, guaranteed to them by a constitution which the GOP no longer wishes to defend. You, Reince, have created a third party. It will swallow the GOP first; and the democrat party is next.

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.."

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to..”

While voters were coming out in record numbers this year, a real demonstration of the power vested in them by their constitution, GOP leaders were busily trying to find a path to make sure that the party leadership would still ultimately decide who that nominee would be. Will of the people, constitution be dammed. But hey, that’s okay too. It is after all, their party. They can pretty much do what they want. And I assume that being as myopic and narcissistic as they appear, they’ll slit their own throats this year and then turn around and blame the great unwashed for the blood on their own hands. The meeting at Park City Utah wasn’t a strategy session on how to take down the democrat challengers. And with all due respect to the Trump supporters, it wasn’t solely focused on him either. It was an admission by the party elites that they no longer have a brand that is supported by a majority of its members; a desperate attempt to formulate a strategy to regain control over the great unwashed. So if you’re a republican, you need to vote for party loyalty; good for the party. And it’s pretty handy too if they don’t tell you who to vote for but limit your choices. Same result. Makes you want run right out and send in that donation.

Well, at least they have principles that define the party, don’t they. Well, maybe. I haven’t seen them fight for any principles in years, but that’s what they tell us every cycle. The threat is always that “the other party” doesn’t stand for this or that, bedrock principles of the GOP that drive voters to the polls, only to have those principles tossed overboard as soon as the party elites are comfortably ensconced in the warm embrace of superpacs and wall street lobbyists. How obvious can you get? How many true conservatives were at the World Forum on Sea Island Georgia? Think Tim Cook is going to promote republican values? Gee, maybe Arthur Sulzberger was there to fill out a GOP application form. And for goodness sake, could someone please shove that little white board up Karl Rove’s ass?

The most amusing aspect of all this is the reaction from the other side. I have some seriously political friends on the opposite end of the spectrum and they’re poking me daily about how the “repuglicans” are blowing up, a party filled with hate, Nazi’s everyone one of us. All while they support a woman who should have been indicted long ago and a proud socialists who talks about the evils of Washington selling votes for favors even as he promises to rob Peter to pay for the vote of Paul. Go figure. Of course, the difference between a closet communist and a proud socialist is pretty narrow anyway. I think the proper phase is “what difference does it make.”

What the RNC is doing in broad daylight, the DNC has already accomplished; it’s just that the party faithful are either too complacent or too ignorant to notice. And the press, that siren call for all good propagandized democrats, is all too happy to ensure that the DNC party line is adhered to with quite a vengeance, simply by not pointing it out in the first place. Let’s just take a peek at little old Cow Hampshire. Eight of New Hampshire’s 32 delegates are super delegates. Governor Maggie and Senator Jeanne Shaheen are two of those super delegates. After the dust settled in the democrat primary, Bernie Sanders had managed to promise enough free stuff to voters to entice 60 percent of them to vote his way. A landslide for all intents and purposes. The DNC however, doesn’t quite see it that way. Both “Hilarious” and “feel the Bern of government theft” walked away with an equal number of delegates to date, at that time 15 each. Of course, being good little soldiers in the “party of the people,” Maggie and Jeanne are already pledged to Hilarious; their votes cancel out about 9,000 of the primary votes cast for the aging socialist from the far left-wing Sha’ar Ha’amakim kibbutz. Nice, neat, clean, simple. No messy brokered convention to worry about here. Same result; it doesn’t matter who you pick, they don’t really give a shit. After the contentious 1968 democrat convention, the DNC realized that it couldn’t allow its voters to choose the party nominee; this from the party which claims that republicans are trying to keep people from voting. What started with Humphrey in 1968 led to McGovern in 1972 and on to Carter in 1980. In 1982, your totally democratic democrat party settled on the super delegate system and since then the number of these delegates, free to vote however they see fit, has increased steadily from 1984 on.

It would appear then, that Messrs. Trump and Sanders have a real shot at transforming the political landscape albeit not so much for their policies, whether or not you consider them misguided if not outright dangerous. No, they have a chance to shake a complacent electorate out of its infantile stupor, possibly forcing voters to recognize that devotion to a party over country, a handout over your principles, is the quickest route to tyranny and a country that is bankrupt, financially and morally. It’s time to grow up America; this experiment in self-governance rests with you.

Are you finally willing to take responsibly for your own actions instead of voting for who you’re told to vote for, only to whine about the limited, miserable choices you were offered afterwards?

We overthrew one king; why would we allow others to choose our next? Oh yeah; for the good of the party.