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It would appear that Mr. Cosby will finally face justice. I say appear, because I’m quite sure that the appeal process will be long, slow and tedious. Given his poor health, it’s also entirely possible that he’ll spend his remaining days either free or at least under house arrest with an ankle monitor. The judge also ordered that Cosby undergo a “sexually violent predators assessment.” Odd; wasn’t he found guilty of sexual assault? What wasn’t violent about drugging his victim to unconsciousness and penetrating her without her consent? No consent and no consciousness for cripes sake. I kind of believe the jury already told you he was violent; what other nuance in the law do you need to qualify the horrific attack on Ms. Constand in any other way? And what the hell difference does it make? He committed an egregious act against another human being and if he had done so gently, however in the hell that would occur, he would have committed the same act that would have impacted her life in the same way. Criminal rights, you see. Maybe, just maybe, he should get some relief because we deemed his act to be non-violent. That’s beyond disgusting.

Come sit on the lap of America’s dad…

I keep hearing the term “America’s dad” thrown around quite a bit. Really? I don’t think I caught his show more than twice. Sorry, wasn’t for me. And I wasn’t quite into his comedy albums, preferring to mortify my parents with Cheech and Chong or Richard Pryor. Maybe he skewed to a different demographic than the one I had occupied; I only recognized him as famous for “I Spy” or “Fat Albert”, two shows I would only watch as background distraction. I was more of a “Looney Tunes” kind of guy.

I’ll never understand how anyone can treat others with such utter disregard; what mental depravity must one have to perpetrate this crime, or any crime for that matter, on any other human being? What was the ultimate motive here? Did a man who had enormous wealth see this as something else he was entitled to do? I’m sure it’s all about conquest in some way; but what are the spoils when your “conquest” is a lifeless, unconscious, defenseless young female? How in the hell could that not make you leap from the balcony after looking at yourself in the mirror?

What I’ve always wondered about these types of crimes is how they could continue to go on for so long quite unimpeded; no, actually progressing and becoming more frequent and daring? Especially around men of such notoriety that they can hardly step outside without people shooting pictures with telephoto lenses while paparazzi scribes hound them for answers about this or that issue of great import. It’s very simple and equally disgusting; they had help.

Whether it’s America’s Dad, Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski, there are a great number of hanger-ons and wannabees feeding off of these men like Pilot fish around sharks, hoping to catch any morsel of fame or importance for themselves that might slip from the jagged teeth of the powerful predator. These are people of such limited self-esteem and dignity that they are willing to dive into a crowd of fans to pick out the one attractive young target that their hero had asked them to acquire. From the agent who arranges the “audition” in the hotel suite, the “personal assistant” who arranges the transportation for the target, the drug-dealer physician supplying the “extra” meds or the secret service agent who is willing to sneak her through the back door, it’s quite implausible that not one of these types of people in the orbit of these so called-icons were aware of this in any fashion, large or small.

Okay, hold your fire; I’m not saying that these folks are complicit. Well, hell yeah, I actually am and if that makes you uncomfortable, pound sand. It isn’t intended to lessen the responsibility or guilt of the criminal either. And I’m not saying that we should be responsible or held accountable for the actions of others. But what about our own actions here? You may not have carried the unconscious female up to the hotel suite of your hero, but you were willing to continue to arrange those venues and types of meetings, all the time convincing yourself that the rumors and complaints, however frequent and increasing, were the work of some disgruntled starlet or spurned lover. You never questioned the patterns or the huge number of disgruntled starlets and spurned lovers because you wanted desperately to believe in the greatness of the man or worse, you were willing to give him a pass because that’s what “men of his stature do.”

You may be thinking about how hard it would have been to speak up, put your job, your livelihood and career aspirations on the line. Sorry, my sympathies lie elsewhere; with the young ladies who woke to find their panties at their ankles with no recollection of the evening, fighting for years after that to be heard or suffering in fear from the power of the shark and the parasites that feed from his cast-offs; your desire to suck up quite likely made it all possible.

We’re far too willing to put too many people on pedestals and we’re greatly astonished and disappointed when they fall from grace; not because they disappointed us really, but because we disappointed ourselves. It becomes quite depressing when we claim that we never threw the stones, although we carried them by the bucketful. Until we stop fantasizing about the greatness of others for things like their fame or their wealth, we’ll continue to be plagued by men such as Bill or Harvey, people whose narcissism is nourished by those unwilling or unable to do the right thing always, no matter the cost.

Bear in mind that it will never cost you as much as it has already cost women like Andrea Constand.


I couldn’t watch the video all the way through.  Didn’t even bother to click.  Call me uninformed.  I did however, get to hear the audio of it on my commute home; couldn’t make out much with all the “bleeps,” but you get the picture. A work of art, certainly not created by the greatest minds of our generation, for consumption by minds of even lessor capacities. But though I decided I have no need to view the fecal droppings of the dregs of society, I could still understand what was transpiring given the expletive-laden snippets percolating from my local AM commute companion.  Maybe it was the “F*** Donald Trump” or “F*** White people” that clued me in but I kind of figured this was a race based hate crime. Yup, managed to make that determination even through the horrific static buzzing from the cheesy dashboard speakers of the Volkswagen.

Oozing privilege... even  with the duct tape.

Oozing privilege… even with the duct tape.

Interesting to note that the conversation on the drive-time show quickly came to center on only one key point; that even though the four perpetrators were of one race with the lone victim of another, the authorities were struggling to come up with any information or evidence that would lead them to charge the wayward urban “yutes” with a hate crime. Apparently, the video was confusing the brain trust that runs Chicago. Why else would Police Commander Kevin Duffin try to downplay the racial implications by saying “kids make mistakes…” Superintendent Eddie Johnson offered no better, conceding that “if you looked at the video, it was just stupidity.” Others commenting on the video fared no better. Symone Sanders cautioned us to tread lightly here, saying “We cannot callously go about classifying things as a hate crime.” Okay I admit, that one made me giggle and I almost had to pee. Is this a thought we’ll ever hear her utter again? Doubtful, unless there is another video with exactly the same victim-perpetrator roles. Because everything else is an automatic qualifier. And of course, ol’ “tequila shots” Don Lemon pulled his head from his ass just long enough to embarrass himself, discounting how evil the act actually was and claiming “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” What the hell does that mean? Is that like blaming their actions on a video or maybe workplace violence? Pretty much sums up all you need to know about the left in this country. They can see it on video, they can protest and march on the streets when they feel it’s a “real” hate crime but if it doesn’t fit their world view, they’ll do their dammed best to back pedal away from it.  It’s racist, pure and simple. The left has always been, and will continue to be racist. They just get to hate those who don’t occupy the special protected groups; you know, the special protected groups that they defined themselves. Things like this video, so open, so obvious, so hard to explain away, threaten their status of perpetual victimhood and the accompanying race-baiting tactics they use to silence anyone who doesn’t quite see things their way. Even against those who may occupy one of the preferred protected groups.

So let’s take these points one at a time. Let’s start with a “hate crime.”  Sorry, I always thought of any crime as hateful; hateful to society, hateful to the victims. Not quite sure why we have to decide that the death of a black kid at the hands of a white gang banger is any worse than the death of a black kid at the hands of a black gang banger; well it is if you want to continue to inflame relations between black and white kids. In one instance, Jesse and Al will stop by the funeral and the local hood goes out for six or seven nights on a free anarchist shopping spree.  Let a black kid shoot another black kid and the victim’s mother weeps alone.  Black kids are a hell of a lot more likely to kill other black kids, but that crime isn’t considered as hateful as pointing out the statistic. “Hate crime” is just another ploy of the left to empower one group over another. Revenge. Same crime should be viewed the same way. Every time. Otherwise, aren’t you, truly, just hating those of one group who you deem to be so inferior?  That any crime against them is not startling, shameful, hateful even, and only crimes against the preferred group merit “elevated” or “special status?”  Seems divisive to me, almost, I don’t know… a little racist.

Maybe Don has a point.  Maybe it’s the home training. Odd, doesn’t it take a village? I don’t know Don; do you really want to attack parents from a protected group? Others have tried that route, you know, talking about the lack of fathers in the home, women having multiple children with multiple men, liberal policies that destroy the value of family bonds. Those who have touched this third rail are racists, Don. Just ask anyone of the folks who sit beside you on a nightly basis; let’s get their take if you can even get them to talk about it. Usually, they’re still too engrossed in the fiction of “hands up, don’t shoot” to engage in a conversation about any victim in Chicago who wasn’t shot by a cop. Anything else is just not hateful enough.

No Don, I think that these “kids of legal age” who decided to torture a white man with disabilities are showing great skills in the type of home training proscribed by liberal policies. Think about it; they have been brought up in an environment where they have been told repeatedly that they are entitled. They should get want they want because someone owes it to them; because someone else is the reason they don’t have it. That they should be violent, protest, burn and loot if they don’t get it. This applies to iphones, jobs, legal decisions, voting outcomes. Whatever. You want it? Go get it. You might have to take it, but hey, they owe it to you. And don’t worry; blacks can’t possibly be racist. Go ahead, hate others who aren’t black, all you like.  And never, ever accept any responsibility for your actions or their outcomes. Remember; it’s always someone else’s fault.

This is what they have been exposed to, what they have been brought up in; indoctrinated all their lives by people like you and Symone, who would have no power, no authority and quite possibly no means of support were it nor for the divisive hateful tactics and rhetoric that the left uses to gain and remain in power at the expense of the lives of those very same urban “yutes” who die daily at the hands of other members of the same protected group. No Don, they have learned their lessons well; from you and all the other parents in the “liberal village.”

Think I’m wrong here? Well let’s just consider one more point; not only did they show little or no remorse when they were picked up for this, they live streamed it for at least a half an hour.  So they picked him up, possibly held him for days, tortured him for six hours and put it out in a video stream for the whole world to see.  And we’re going to debate if they’re evil? Or we’re going to debate if they’re kids? Or whether or not what they did was hateful? Let it sink in for a moment that they weren’t concerned about repercussions, about getting caught; none of it. They were invincible, bulletproof, part of a protected group that has been told that they can’t be held responsible for their actions, be it lunging for an officer’s gun or carving the head of a mentally challenged white man on Facebook.

Better check your privilege.  Because soon, the liberal left will need another group more populous, more motivated, to march for them, vote for them, die for them.  How soon will it be before yet another generation of some other preferred group has been taught that’s it’s acceptable to hate you?

Leftist policies towards women are always a puzzle. What I find the most amazing about them is how poorly they workout for women in the long run and how eager many women, especially those on the left, are to blindly support them. Support them I might add, with a fervor that borders on…well, let’s just say it’s almost misogynistic.


So am I intolerant for taking him at face value?

Like Angela Merkel. She convinced the women of Germany just how ducky it would be to import millions of folks who happen to support an ideology that oppresses women, but hey, it’s just one voting block competing with another right? Moral relativism and all that. So now, Merkel is trying to convince German women that the 600 attacks in Cologne on New Year’s eve were just…just what exactly Angela? Surprising? Maybe to the left. Unexpected? Not so much. You fought to import millions of new voters who have absolutely no desire to assimilate into the western world which they are infiltrating, bringing with them a religion or political ideology that subjugates women and you’re surprised? Caught off guard? Yes Angela, you and a couple of hundred women out enjoying the freedom of the western world in Cologne were quite surprised. The ladies who now cast glances over their shoulders while navigating the terminals in Cologne had better avoid Islamophobia. Or any other rational act it would seem. Why, that would just be progressively intolerant of them.

Of course, the press did its best to keep this quiet for as long as possible. Or maybe they too, couldn’t bring themselves to admit that the political point of view they have been marinating in for so long is destructive to the rights we in the west have come to take for granted. After all, a little socialism only means a little tyranny, right? Import enough of these innocent, oppressed “victims of the west” and you too can enjoy a whipping for being out without your male escort or seeing the city skyline as they toss your ass off the roof for being a male escort. Islam discriminates equally. When they come to your country, be welcoming. Be somewhat less provocative in your dress. Get used to it. Once they reach critical mass in your country, you won’t be able to decide for yourself what that means anyway.

As soon as these miscreants get a foothold into polite society, they whine about being oppressed as minorities. That’s why you end up with pockets of sharia law and no-go zones all over Europe. (You know, places the left insists don’t really exist but won’t step foot into?) And of course, once they become a majority, you can kiss your minority rights good-by. Put on your burka and sit your ass down.

Will it be any different here? Not a chance in hell. The left continues to force these non-assimilating refugees down our throats, not even telling the governors of the various recipient states where they are headed. Betcha it ain’t the beltway. Which rights are the women of the United States willing to give up? Come on ladies, at least half of you have “white privilege guilt” to expunge, don’t you? Take the step back and let someone else ahead of you in line for a change. Pretty soon you won’t have to worry about driving; you won’t be allowed. Won’t have to worry about the job either. You’ll only have to worry about whether or not you have too much ankle showing or whether you’re keeping your eighty-three year-old appointed husband happy. Oh maybe not next week, silly. But soon ladies, soon. You think they’re importing them in just to do the jobs us lazy, old, unemployed white men won’t do? (Or can’t do ‘cause we can’t quite find those jobs we hear about?) No Ladies, this is all to replace you. You’ve run your course. The left isn’t concerned one bit about you, your struggles; they’ve moved on. They’re just not that into you. Hell, they can make new women anytime they want. A couple of silicon bags, a fancy floral print and you’re good to go.

Surely the progressive female champions will be there for you, won’t they? Well, with the exception of the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker who feels that if you just tried a little harder not to upset your new minority overlords, everyone would get along just fine. Simply ignore that little fact that under Sharia, it’s okay to rape infidels. Adopt Reker’s “code of conduct” and make your visitors feel welcome. You’ll still be an infidel, but hey, Islam means submit and so does progressivism. Or maybe we can look to the progressive champion for women in this country who told us that “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” (Some restrictions may apply. Coverage does not apply to interns or bimbos. See your presidential candidate for absolutely no clarification.) That is if she’s not too busy giggling over getting the rapist of a twelve year-old girl released. Of course, we have to keep this in perspective regarding the left’s support of all things woman; after all, if you drag a hundred Deutsche Mark through the Cologne airport, you never know what you’ll find. The left is perfectly willing to make and keep you in victimhood as long as it’s profitable. Other than that, you’re on your own.

If you’ve spent most of your life believing that the west and the United States in particular are such horrible places that we need a little more “diversity” to fundamentally change for the better, I invite you to spend next New Year’s eve partying with your replacement victims du-jour in Europe. Just don’t bring your yoga pants.

Another young African-American lost his life to police on Wednesday. You may have heard about it. I caught the news across several stations on my evening commute; it was the lead on CNN when I got home. It didn’t take long before protesters showed up to display their displeasure at the police. And, apparently, displaying their displeasure at the cars that they set on fire and the businesses they burglarized as well.

Jamyla- books down, don't shoot....

Jamyla- books down, don’t shoot….

Executing a search warrant earlier in the day, police saw two men run from the back of the home police were searching. Officers ordered the men to stop and drop their weapons. In the current climate, who the hell listens to a policeman when you’ve got the reverends and a politicized Department of Justice on your side? Instead of dropping his gun, Mansur Ball-Bey decided it was his prerogative to point his weapon at the officers, who decided it was their prerogative to drop him where he stood.

From there, it all escalated as planned. Protesters blocked interstate 70. They proceeded to hurl bricks and bottles at officers and set fire to cars. Black lives matter you know. Maybe not so much in this North St. Louis neighborhood where crime is at very high levels, but hey, black lives matter anyway. Keep repeating that phrase until it washes away your white privilege or white guilt or whatever helps you sleep at night. Because it actually does nothing for black lives at all. Except maybe shield many from the horrible truth that the epidemic of deaths that consume so many young black men is largely the fault of, well, of many other young black men.

Not far away from North St. Louis is Ferguson, where black lives surely matter. They matter so much that people gathered to remember their martyr, Mike the “gentle giant” Brown. And during the gathering, shots were fired into the crowd sending one victim to the local hospital, prompting the victim’s sister to scream in dismay at the crowd that “they killed my brother, they shot my brother.” Later on that Sunday, the esteemed Cornel West planned to go to jail over an act of civil disobedience. “Our criminal justice system is an abysmal failure,” West said. “Black faces in high places don’t always translate it into justice for poor people.” He never mentioned who may be committing the crimes; just that trying to stop them, arresting and prosecuting those who commit them is an abysmal failure. Indeed. No failure on the part of the community that makes excuses or looks the other way when these crimes are committed. Against themselves. By their own young men whose lives, we are told, matter greatly. Never mind that police are greatly outnumbered by the population of citizens residing in Ferguson. Or that when police are called by the citizens in Ferguson, it’s to protect those same victim-citizens of color from those same young black men whose lives surely matter.

Not far away in Ferguson, and only days after celebrating the life and accomplishments of Mike Brown, yet another black victim falls to the senseless violence. I’m not so sure her life matters though; I never heard mention on CNN, or CBS or on the drive-time radio on the way home. Did a quick google search on her name and not many results came up from the main stream media. Thanks goodness for the foreign press. I’m trying to figure out why her life didn’t matter. Who is marching for Jamyla Bolden? When do the protests start? Jamyla was lying on her mother’s bed doing her assignment for school. Someone stood outside the window of the young girl’s home and sprayed at least five bullets into the house. Jamyla was mortally wounded while her mother was struck in the leg. Jamyla was only nine years old. She wasn’t strong-arming a convenience store clerk; she wasn’t trying to forcibly disarm a police officer; she wasn’t standing in a back alley pointing a gun at police officers after being told to drop the weapon. She was lying on her mother’s bed, engrossed in her homework on the path to bettering herself and quite probably her family and community. Her grandmother pleaded with her to keep breathing as her life slowly ebbed away. And despite the best efforts of two of Fergusons’ most hated civil servants to keep her alive, she died from her wounds, probably delivered at the hands of another young black man whose life surely matters.

When you start marching for the Jamylas of the world, you’ll truly convince me that black lives matter. When you look deeply into the heart of your communities to really search for the answers, then black lives will truly matter. But if Jamyla doesn’t matter to you, if the heroes and the inspirations of your marches and protests are the gentle giants of the world, then it won’t matter what I believe. You will continue to take your own lives for reasons that will never be solved by any political slogan.

Who marches for Jamyla?

No one knows when he died. No one knows how he died. Well, obviously someone does. Whoever wrapped his little body in a black plastic trash bag sealed with duct tape certainly knows. Aside from that, if not for a routine traffic stop, the only person who would have known that Quincy Davis was dead would have been the person who stashed him in the truck of her car ten years ago; his loving mother.

Who loved Quincy?

Who loved Quincy?

No funeral, no memorial, no grieving for Quincy. Apparently, his mother Tonya Slayton felt no remorse at all; well, she might have been a little annoyed at the inconvenience of him taking up valuable cargo space in her car, but other than that, she went on with her life pretty much as if nothing had ever happened. Or, quite possibly, it got a little better as she was no longer burdened with the very child she brought into this world.

Sorry, but children are, bluntly, inconveniences to many people. I see it all the time. Parents pushing their children into the arms of strangers, if not outright abandoning them to the streets. Keeping them busy in one activity or another so they don’t have to spend any face time with them. “I need a little me time, time with adults,” I’ve heard often. Take it for what it’s worth. I take it at face value. You can’t stand to be with your own children. Then again there are those for whom a child is nothing more than a conversation piece, a trinket, a possession, something they can put on display. Ask them just who their kid’s friends are, what their child’s favorite color is. Yeah, good luck.

No mention of the father in any story I have found to date; fathers are pretty damned inconvenient in society today too. What about siblings? No aunts, grampy or grandma? No favorite uncles, snot-nosed cousins, rambunctious best friends? No neighbors, parents of BFF’s, coaches, teachers, pastors, local friggin’ barbers? No one on this great green planet noticed the hole created by Quincy’s absence? Did no one ever hug this child, kiss his forehead, feel for him in their hearts? For God’s sake, what kind of miserable existence must this child have had before someone ended his life and he became a permanent fixture in the rear of his mother’s mustang? How could anyone, let alone a child, live day-to-day knowing that he was of such little value to anyone that he could vanish forever and no one would notice. Or care. And don’t think this wasn’t Quincy’s life. You know damned well it was. Just another expendable little life, brought into this world by another selfish cretin with a personality disorder so advanced that the stench of her own son rotting in the truck of her car had no effect.

Yes, it tears my eyes to read this. Catches in my throat. His death was probably quite violent, the final culmination of a life that was deemed absolutely worthless from the beginning. It was his mother who determined he was of no value to anyone in this world. As a result, there is no one to mourn him now.

Well, I mourn you Quincy. You deserve your special place in heaven. Rest well little man.

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