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I couldn’t watch the video all the way through.  Didn’t even bother to click.  Call me uninformed.  I did however, get to hear the audio of it on my commute home; couldn’t make out much with all the “bleeps,” but you get the picture. A work of art, certainly not created by the greatest minds of our generation, for consumption by minds of even lessor capacities. But though I decided I have no need to view the fecal droppings of the dregs of society, I could still understand what was transpiring given the expletive-laden snippets percolating from my local AM commute companion.  Maybe it was the “F*** Donald Trump” or “F*** White people” that clued me in but I kind of figured this was a race based hate crime. Yup, managed to make that determination even through the horrific static buzzing from the cheesy dashboard speakers of the Volkswagen.

Oozing privilege... even  with the duct tape.

Oozing privilege… even with the duct tape.

Interesting to note that the conversation on the drive-time show quickly came to center on only one key point; that even though the four perpetrators were of one race with the lone victim of another, the authorities were struggling to come up with any information or evidence that would lead them to charge the wayward urban “yutes” with a hate crime. Apparently, the video was confusing the brain trust that runs Chicago. Why else would Police Commander Kevin Duffin try to downplay the racial implications by saying “kids make mistakes…” Superintendent Eddie Johnson offered no better, conceding that “if you looked at the video, it was just stupidity.” Others commenting on the video fared no better. Symone Sanders cautioned us to tread lightly here, saying “We cannot callously go about classifying things as a hate crime.” Okay I admit, that one made me giggle and I almost had to pee. Is this a thought we’ll ever hear her utter again? Doubtful, unless there is another video with exactly the same victim-perpetrator roles. Because everything else is an automatic qualifier. And of course, ol’ “tequila shots” Don Lemon pulled his head from his ass just long enough to embarrass himself, discounting how evil the act actually was and claiming “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” What the hell does that mean? Is that like blaming their actions on a video or maybe workplace violence? Pretty much sums up all you need to know about the left in this country. They can see it on video, they can protest and march on the streets when they feel it’s a “real” hate crime but if it doesn’t fit their world view, they’ll do their dammed best to back pedal away from it.  It’s racist, pure and simple. The left has always been, and will continue to be racist. They just get to hate those who don’t occupy the special protected groups; you know, the special protected groups that they defined themselves. Things like this video, so open, so obvious, so hard to explain away, threaten their status of perpetual victimhood and the accompanying race-baiting tactics they use to silence anyone who doesn’t quite see things their way. Even against those who may occupy one of the preferred protected groups.

So let’s take these points one at a time. Let’s start with a “hate crime.”  Sorry, I always thought of any crime as hateful; hateful to society, hateful to the victims. Not quite sure why we have to decide that the death of a black kid at the hands of a white gang banger is any worse than the death of a black kid at the hands of a black gang banger; well it is if you want to continue to inflame relations between black and white kids. In one instance, Jesse and Al will stop by the funeral and the local hood goes out for six or seven nights on a free anarchist shopping spree.  Let a black kid shoot another black kid and the victim’s mother weeps alone.  Black kids are a hell of a lot more likely to kill other black kids, but that crime isn’t considered as hateful as pointing out the statistic. “Hate crime” is just another ploy of the left to empower one group over another. Revenge. Same crime should be viewed the same way. Every time. Otherwise, aren’t you, truly, just hating those of one group who you deem to be so inferior?  That any crime against them is not startling, shameful, hateful even, and only crimes against the preferred group merit “elevated” or “special status?”  Seems divisive to me, almost, I don’t know… a little racist.

Maybe Don has a point.  Maybe it’s the home training. Odd, doesn’t it take a village? I don’t know Don; do you really want to attack parents from a protected group? Others have tried that route, you know, talking about the lack of fathers in the home, women having multiple children with multiple men, liberal policies that destroy the value of family bonds. Those who have touched this third rail are racists, Don. Just ask anyone of the folks who sit beside you on a nightly basis; let’s get their take if you can even get them to talk about it. Usually, they’re still too engrossed in the fiction of “hands up, don’t shoot” to engage in a conversation about any victim in Chicago who wasn’t shot by a cop. Anything else is just not hateful enough.

No Don, I think that these “kids of legal age” who decided to torture a white man with disabilities are showing great skills in the type of home training proscribed by liberal policies. Think about it; they have been brought up in an environment where they have been told repeatedly that they are entitled. They should get want they want because someone owes it to them; because someone else is the reason they don’t have it. That they should be violent, protest, burn and loot if they don’t get it. This applies to iphones, jobs, legal decisions, voting outcomes. Whatever. You want it? Go get it. You might have to take it, but hey, they owe it to you. And don’t worry; blacks can’t possibly be racist. Go ahead, hate others who aren’t black, all you like.  And never, ever accept any responsibility for your actions or their outcomes. Remember; it’s always someone else’s fault.

This is what they have been exposed to, what they have been brought up in; indoctrinated all their lives by people like you and Symone, who would have no power, no authority and quite possibly no means of support were it nor for the divisive hateful tactics and rhetoric that the left uses to gain and remain in power at the expense of the lives of those very same urban “yutes” who die daily at the hands of other members of the same protected group. No Don, they have learned their lessons well; from you and all the other parents in the “liberal village.”

Think I’m wrong here? Well let’s just consider one more point; not only did they show little or no remorse when they were picked up for this, they live streamed it for at least a half an hour.  So they picked him up, possibly held him for days, tortured him for six hours and put it out in a video stream for the whole world to see.  And we’re going to debate if they’re evil? Or we’re going to debate if they’re kids? Or whether or not what they did was hateful? Let it sink in for a moment that they weren’t concerned about repercussions, about getting caught; none of it. They were invincible, bulletproof, part of a protected group that has been told that they can’t be held responsible for their actions, be it lunging for an officer’s gun or carving the head of a mentally challenged white man on Facebook.

Better check your privilege.  Because soon, the liberal left will need another group more populous, more motivated, to march for them, vote for them, die for them.  How soon will it be before yet another generation of some other preferred group has been taught that’s it’s acceptable to hate you?


I’m boycotting the Oscars this year; well maybe, technically I’m boycotting them. Well, honestly, I’m not boycotting them per se, but I’m definitely not watching them, so there. I’m making a statement, you see. Speaking truth to vapidness as it were. Problem is, I’ve never watched the Oscars. Usually, I’ve had other, more exciting things pressing like watching mold grow on bread, getting a colonoscopy or counting the hairs on my forearm. You know, things that have value.

Not sure what color that Oscar is...

Not sure what color that Oscar is…

No matter how hard they try to convince me otherwise, the gaggle of self-absorbed, hypocritical narcissists called Hollywood have never held any special place in my life; certainly nowhere near the level they think they have, or think they’re entitled to. But forgive them; they spend most of their days working in the land of false realities; it must be hard to go home and realize that you’re no one’s frigging hero after you’ve pretended to be one at work for six weeks straight.

I’m sure Will Smith is a nice guy; probably. I actually don’t give a crap. I give him my money to read what others wrote. Not that he isn’t entitled to his own opinions mind you; but I have no reason to take his opinion and run with it like so many other bootlicking followers on the left. He’s spent most of his life being applauded and paid rather handsomely to memorize and regurgitate opinions and narratives of others who wish to do more than just tell a story; no, they’d rather propagandize, divide and belittle this nation and the values that have made it possible for empty vessels such as Mr. Smith and his wife to succeed.

So anther instance of pure racism rears its ugly head. Because Mr. Smith is black, and that obviously pisses off whites, he’s not going to get his gold. Got it. Obvious racism. Yeesh. Maybe blacks need their own Oscar show. No, I’m not joking here and I’m not off base. Did Dr. King march across the bridge at Selma so kids at Mizzou can segregate themselves? Is this what they are being taught, not at the colleges, but within the homes they are raised well before they get there? One would guess that Rosa Parks wasn’t protesting Jim Crow segregation on that Montgomery bus; hell no, she didn’t want to sit in the front, she wanted her own separate bus.

So the comedy continues. As soon as the familiar cries of racism dropped like carrion in the middle of a warm, country back road, those opportunist vultures of social justice swooped in to pick and pull apart the rotting carcass, oblivious to the fact that they were feeding on their own while they spewed their venom. One voting member of the Academy, Mark Reina, wondered if he too was being accused of racism, his homosexuality and melanin quotient notwithstanding. Do you really need to ask that Mark? You and your progressive friends have been assigning your interpretations to others motives for years as a way to silence opposition and intimidate those who hold a viewpoint which you find distasteful. You know the drill; come out and apologize for your transgressions, tell us where you’re going to therapy, hand one of the Reverends a little something under the table and maybe, just maybe you can put this all behind you. If you miss the sympathy in my tone, then maybe you’re smarter than I thought.

So now the jockeying is on; some will boycott, some will not. Some were going to but changed their minds. Those pointing out the hypocrisy of the boycott are being boycotted for standing up against the boycott. Stacey Dash points out that the BET awards are based solely on skin color, again segregationist, and she’s the one with the problem. Stephen Verona, another voting member outraged at being called a racist, points out that the Oscars are to honor talent. Of course, he’s a white guy so what does he know. He also points out that you can’t watch an NBA game without noticing the disparity between blacks and whites; but hey, Spike Lee, who is more than likely sitting on the sidelines at one of them, is okay with that racial outcome. Get ready Stephen; retribution for opposing the orthodoxy is usually swift. I expect to see your twitter apology anytime now.

If an old, red-neck white guy sitting in some dingy, single-wide was commenting that he couldn’t get a job because of “them blacks” you’d call it what it is. Like it or not, if the guy is a millionaire black man sitting in some multi-million dollar mansion complaining that he couldn’t get his participation trophy because of “them whites,” then it’s absolutely the exact same thing; I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, Stan Lee, Bruce Lee or Robert E. Lee. So, deal with it Will; you’re a fucking racist. You’re in good company however; just check the boycott list.

So, I’m not a big fan of the Oscars. Too much pomp and silliness. If this keeps up though, we’ll end up having a few more categories; “token ethnic in a musical;” “Leading transsexual in a comedy goes to…” And even though I never watch the Oscars, I always puzzled at the winners and losers in the past. Maybe it’s just my tastes in movies. But I’m sure that the new Oscars will be nothing more than a statue given to those who bitched and whined the most. Or maybe it will be nothing more than a participation trophy given to any victimized minority who happens to show up; no experience necessary. You know, just to make up for past sins.

Well shit, then let’s just call it the Nobel Peace Prize….



Another young African-American lost his life to police on Wednesday. You may have heard about it. I caught the news across several stations on my evening commute; it was the lead on CNN when I got home. It didn’t take long before protesters showed up to display their displeasure at the police. And, apparently, displaying their displeasure at the cars that they set on fire and the businesses they burglarized as well.

Jamyla- books down, don't shoot....

Jamyla- books down, don’t shoot….

Executing a search warrant earlier in the day, police saw two men run from the back of the home police were searching. Officers ordered the men to stop and drop their weapons. In the current climate, who the hell listens to a policeman when you’ve got the reverends and a politicized Department of Justice on your side? Instead of dropping his gun, Mansur Ball-Bey decided it was his prerogative to point his weapon at the officers, who decided it was their prerogative to drop him where he stood.

From there, it all escalated as planned. Protesters blocked interstate 70. They proceeded to hurl bricks and bottles at officers and set fire to cars. Black lives matter you know. Maybe not so much in this North St. Louis neighborhood where crime is at very high levels, but hey, black lives matter anyway. Keep repeating that phrase until it washes away your white privilege or white guilt or whatever helps you sleep at night. Because it actually does nothing for black lives at all. Except maybe shield many from the horrible truth that the epidemic of deaths that consume so many young black men is largely the fault of, well, of many other young black men.

Not far away from North St. Louis is Ferguson, where black lives surely matter. They matter so much that people gathered to remember their martyr, Mike the “gentle giant” Brown. And during the gathering, shots were fired into the crowd sending one victim to the local hospital, prompting the victim’s sister to scream in dismay at the crowd that “they killed my brother, they shot my brother.” Later on that Sunday, the esteemed Cornel West planned to go to jail over an act of civil disobedience. “Our criminal justice system is an abysmal failure,” West said. “Black faces in high places don’t always translate it into justice for poor people.” He never mentioned who may be committing the crimes; just that trying to stop them, arresting and prosecuting those who commit them is an abysmal failure. Indeed. No failure on the part of the community that makes excuses or looks the other way when these crimes are committed. Against themselves. By their own young men whose lives, we are told, matter greatly. Never mind that police are greatly outnumbered by the population of citizens residing in Ferguson. Or that when police are called by the citizens in Ferguson, it’s to protect those same victim-citizens of color from those same young black men whose lives surely matter.

Not far away in Ferguson, and only days after celebrating the life and accomplishments of Mike Brown, yet another black victim falls to the senseless violence. I’m not so sure her life matters though; I never heard mention on CNN, or CBS or on the drive-time radio on the way home. Did a quick google search on her name and not many results came up from the main stream media. Thanks goodness for the foreign press. I’m trying to figure out why her life didn’t matter. Who is marching for Jamyla Bolden? When do the protests start? Jamyla was lying on her mother’s bed doing her assignment for school. Someone stood outside the window of the young girl’s home and sprayed at least five bullets into the house. Jamyla was mortally wounded while her mother was struck in the leg. Jamyla was only nine years old. She wasn’t strong-arming a convenience store clerk; she wasn’t trying to forcibly disarm a police officer; she wasn’t standing in a back alley pointing a gun at police officers after being told to drop the weapon. She was lying on her mother’s bed, engrossed in her homework on the path to bettering herself and quite probably her family and community. Her grandmother pleaded with her to keep breathing as her life slowly ebbed away. And despite the best efforts of two of Fergusons’ most hated civil servants to keep her alive, she died from her wounds, probably delivered at the hands of another young black man whose life surely matters.

When you start marching for the Jamylas of the world, you’ll truly convince me that black lives matter. When you look deeply into the heart of your communities to really search for the answers, then black lives will truly matter. But if Jamyla doesn’t matter to you, if the heroes and the inspirations of your marches and protests are the gentle giants of the world, then it won’t matter what I believe. You will continue to take your own lives for reasons that will never be solved by any political slogan.

Who marches for Jamyla?

So, what emotion should we reserve for Rachel Dolezal? Disgust? Pity? Bewildered amusement? I would guess that depends on what your agenda is. Normally, the social justice meted out for appearing in black-face is excommunication from society, a shaming and loathing that requires months of introspection and countless twitter apologies if one hopes to ever be forgiven. Some are forgiven. Most aren’t. Go figure.



We talk the talk about race, but we never budge from the hard realities of it. The realities that segmentation of race artificially imposed by government policy is far more destructive than beneficial, used for nothing more than scoring points on an electoral map, never seeking to achieve whatever lofty goals they may have once had. Everyone is so equal, so special that we must all achieve the same results or someone is to blame; or some event from history, or past transgression. Some people are so damaged by what their ancestors lived through hundreds of years ago that they just have to have special loan programs at the bank, need special allowances made for them at college admissions offices or are allowed exemptions from curriculum or discipline. Those who champion diversity only see diversity if they enforce it upon us, as if left to their own choices and outcomes, people wouldn’t be diverse enough. Or maybe they’d be too diverse and wouldn’t need to be part of a social construct of a specific “racial segment,” which is actually nothing but a perpetually aggrieved voting block.

What Rachel can teach us will be lost in a few months, the oddity of it will wane and we’ll be on to some new issue that divides us, which of course the government will inflame in order to swoop in with some new mandate or policy to once again fix a problem of their making. And we’ll all look at each other with suspicion and fear or hate, quite content to blame others for whatever little number of check boxes didn’t get filled in the grand quota of life that government tells us we need before we can all get along. More programs, more taxes, more hate and distrust for us along with more power and influence for those who peddle the divisiveness they call diversity and equality.

What does it actually mean to be black? I cannot answer this question, since I’m as white as cottage cheese and am not allowed to have a comment or opinion in any way shape or form. Only people like me can be racist. Against that backdrop, we’ve had leaders tell us we are cowards about discussing race. However, discussion usually means two sides; but not when it comes to discussing race. White people are racist for even wanting to discuss race. Wasn’t I always told that white people could never understand what it means to be black? Ever?

But from afar, observing it from a distance, one wonders what the hell is going on with the black community in this country? Rachel Dolezal was whiter than I am for heaven’s sake; but once she donned the black-face and got a new do, she only needed to become hostile to white people, her own heritage, and bingo, she’s in. No claim of misappropriation of black culture for Rachel? What was the selling point? Was it the false claims she made about being harassed as a black woman? If they had known she already sued Howard University for discrimination as a white woman, would she still have been considered sensitive to the black experience, would she still have been teaching African-American culture at Eastern Washington University? New old saying; if you can’t beat em’, get a tan.

Melissa Harris-Perry feels that Dolezal may in fact be black. Cis-black or trans-black. Absolutely marvelous. “I wonder can it be that one would be cis-black and trans-black, that there is actually a different category of blackness, about the achievement of blackness, despite one’s parentage?” Yes folks she’s serious. Fifty shades of black as it were. And if you’re wondering what’s wrong with her question, you’re just as daft as she is. What the hell is the “achievement of blackness?” Is it something that Russell Wilson failed to achieve? Or maybe even Stacy Dash? Mia Love? For what it’s worth, Morgan Freeman doesn’t feel President Obama is quite black enough.

There are those who support Dolezal. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar feels, “Dolezal has proven herself a fierce and unrelenting champion for African-Americans politically and culturally.” Apparently, he feels she was “outed” by her vindictive parents over a legal dispute that they have with her. I wonder if the legal dispute has anything to do with her claiming not to be their daughter, claiming her adopted brother as her own son or maybe her false accusation that they punished her with “baboon whips.”

How about we take this at face value, let’s discard the emotion, the political advantage, the recriminations; we have a young woman who is suffering something psychological. Of course, episodes psychological seem to be celebrated today, but hey, humor me anyway. It would appear that we have an individual who was looking for attention, maybe an identity, a persona. Sorry, but she was conditioned early on that white equal bad, black equal good. And whether you want to admit it or not, there is as much black privilege as you claim there is white privilege. In fact, there are all sorts of minority privileges out there, and it’s supported and fostered by the political classes who seek to do no more than keep us at each other’s throats, convinced that it’s the other guy who has the leg up.

Had she become the pasty-white freckled ginger adult she was destined to become without an obvious tanning addiction, would she have been as effective a leader in the NAACP as she became? Probably. But who knows. Like Elizabeth Warren, checking off the right boxes and identifying yourself as something other than the hated white man seems to open a lot of doors. And please, don’t give me all that crap about how wonderful it is to be a white male in today’s society. Liberal society has done nothing but foster hate for all things white for my entire life, making many middle-aged white men like myself far more cynical about race relations, as we’re held responsible for everyone’s failures. We’re pretty damned tired of being told we have advantages that never materialize while we get squeezed out of opportunities we’re suited for because our little boxes weren’t the right ones checked.

Anyway, if this doesn’t start changing the conversation about race and/or blackness within the black community, nothing will. Does this not shatter some of the conventions that we’ve all had to accept or be cast as the villain, asking the right questions but excoriated for the having the temerity to ask them? Are some blacks more black than others? What about non-African-Americans who happen to be black? Where do they fit in? Or blacks who have shed the yoke of victim-hood, are they black even if they aren’t down with the cause? And what do we do with the Oreos and Uncle Toms? What does it mean to be black and what happens if I wake up one day and just happen to feel Trans-Black? Do I have to change my political views to be black or does ancestry play any part at all?

At least she’s got us talking. Or for what it’s worth, she’s probably got the majority of Americans shaking their heads in disbelief, regardless of their color. Or maybe, just maybe, a large majority of blacks in America may now finally see how viewing the world first through the prism of one’s own skin color only separates us all from one another in this society. Are there those who are white and will hate others just because they are black? Yes, of course and there always will be. Just as there are blacks who will hate anyone or anything considered too white, even hating people who actually have the lineage Rachel tried so hard to affect. Hated, just based on their political point of view.

It’s not enough to complain about racism, scream it at the top of your lungs, and use it as an excuse or a weapon. One needs to be committed to living without the consequences of those tiny little check boxes or the power we bestow upon them. Racism will never die out completely, but it will never diminish until we decide to start ignoring race altogether.

It’s what we all say we want. But like Ms. Dolezal, we’re too addicted to the power of those tiny little boxes.

Life is tough in Baltimore; getting tougher every day. One would think that since the residents of Baltimore threw off their last oppressive republican mayor in 1967, all of their problems would have just faded away into the liberal utopia they continued voting for. They now have a democrat mayor, and all fifteen members of their city council are democrats. It would appear that they have the racial make-up they have been clamoring for; Mayor Rawlings-Blake is black, as is Police Commissioner Batts. Three of the six police indicted in the death of Freddie Gray were black; not sure if they’re democrats. But the black state attorney who indicted them is. All this political correctness in the ninety-plus square miles that make up the city of Baltimore and since Freddie Gray’s death in April, Baltimore has seen forty-three of its residents murdered; its highest homicide rate in forty years. And summer hasn’t even started.

There...fixed it for ya...

There…fixed it for ya…

It’s heartbreaking to see the nightly news segments, the residents of Baltimore dazed and fearful. Many are afraid to even step outside of their homes, afraid to sit near windows. People are suggesting that the police are no longer policing; although when the cops do show up, these same fearful residents will gather around the crime scene ten to twenty deep, IPhone in hand, to make sure the cops don’t terrorize the perp or suspect or victims. According to commissioner Batts, his officers are not holding back. “Our officers tell me that when officers pull up, they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any time,” Batts said. Whatever. It’s the way it will be from now on. Get used to it. It’s what the residents of Baltimore wanted. Yes, same to you.

Whatever long-standing belief you have about race, or cops, or white privilege, or victimization, the unfortunate people of Baltimore have determined their own destiny. They are nothing but expendable organisms in the grand social experiments that liberals have been subjecting black people to for my entire life, and well before that. Consider it just “breaking a few eggs” to get to that perfect utopian omelet.

I’m not sure how we convince people that “black lives matter” when they don’t seem to matter much at all to blacks; somehow when seven-year old Kester Anthony Browne gets shot in the back of the head, the issue becomes “not enough police” or not enough attention. Not a word from Al, or Loretta or Obama. And of all the people in this country who should be asking why, the residents of Baltimore aren’t the ones asking. It’s white guys like me, guys who aren’t allowed to ask the obvious questions because we have white privilege, or white racism or some other decidedly un-PC attribute of the day that makes us poison; only allowed to somehow, through some twisted liberal logic, ultimately take the blame for inner city residents shooting their own children in the back of the head as they vilify the police force.

We now have the perfect storm; one that’s been building for years. We have a department of justice and an agitator in the White House who seek nothing more than to federalize the police forces of this country at the expense of those policed. Think your police are removed from your control now? Even though the citizens of Baltimore are the ones who voted in the officials that run their city? Just imagine how sweet policing will be once it’s done at the federal level. How accountable will your local cop be then? Fat chance of electing your local Chief of Police, or local legislators who enact the ordinances they follow. As with the police in Cincinnati, they’ll be too busy with sensitivity training to have the time, let alone the inclination to make any arrests. Policing by quota. Not matter what the crime, the color, gender, or nationality of the victim, it’ll be the color, gender, nationality or some other little magical check box that determines when a crime has actually occurred and who, if anyone, gets arrested. Think I’m being foolish? Tell me how many people, many with their faces pointed towards a surveillance camera have been arrested for the looting in Baltimore? Last count was about 200, with half of them being released without being charged. The rest? We’ll have to wait and see what charges will stick; after all they were apprehended in the area designated by the mayor as “space to destroy.”

It’s been a pretty rousing success, the liberal indoctrination of generations of blacks. Black leaders will champion those who died at the hands of police while remaining indifferent to the daily deaths of the average young black man, or as in the case of Kester, a black child. If Obama had a son, for some strange reason he obviously wouldn’t look like Kester. Will the president remark that the mayor acted stupidly when she gave a clear signal to riot? Or for that matter when State Attorney Marilyn Mosby made it clear that she heard the mob’s cry for justice? “To the people of Baltimore and demonstrators across America, I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No peace,’” she said. “Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.” Prosecution by mob rule? No issue there for sure.

And what about the “Reverends?” Where the hell are they now? Why aren’t they stepping into the streets of Baltimore to calm the strife, now that the oppressive occupying force of racist police is gone? Are the forty-three lives lost since Freddie’s passing of any less value? Is it because black lives really don’t matter unless there is a clear profit to be made from them? Maybe reverend Al is too busy hiding from the IRS or sitting in the back of the courtroom as his daughter tries to sue the City of New York for her inability to navigate the sidewalks of the city without falling on her ass. Racist concrete, now doubt.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s finally getting uncomfortable for the race baiters to face the reality and answer these questions. Why are blacks killing blacks at such an alarming rate? And why are the liberals who elbowed each other for room at the memorial podiums of the unfortunates who died at the hands of the police, now so silent? Which black lives really matter and why? How would Mayor Deblasio now counsel his son about the dangers of other young black men, not cops, who are currently killing other young black men rampantly across this country? Or are these thoughts and questions taboo because they do not support the long-taught orthodoxy of victimization that truly paralyzes the black community? Is it because if they aren’t victims anymore, they will be forced to accept that their circumstances are largely a direct result of their choices? Well, we can’t have that can we?

Black lives matter; I don’t know which ones, and I’m not quite sure under what conditions they matter. But all sorts of really neat, special people, from Hollywood air-heads to slimy politicians continue to post this sentiment while the blood runs freely in the streets of Baltimore; the stunned liberal ruling elites quite sure that somehow the evil white man and his oppressive police apparatus are at fault. We’re going to need a real hash tag we can all understand. One that we can get behind, one that really nails it.


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