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Barbie’s dream house. Yup, it used to annoy my brothers and me that Barbie had the dream house while GI Joe had to make due with a flimsy little camouflage pup tent which was so short that his army-issued plastic black boots protruded from the tent opening. One would think that the defender of Ms. Barbie might have had somewhat better accommodations but hey, at least he had the jeep and that wicked awesome “Kung Fu Grip,” which would probably be a micro-aggression of “cultural appropriation” by today’s standards. But Barbie was a trailblazer, able to do or be anything she wanted; Joe on the other hand, was a primitive, a Neanderthal fueled by nothing more than the rape-filled fantasies of young boys who couldn’t focus in class and had to be drugged out of any semblance of “snips and snails, and puppy dog tails,” lest they show any impulse for behavior that wasn’t quite “Sugar and Spice.”

For Sale; hardly used. Owner can no longer drive. Ask for Ken.

Yes, but in today’s world, Barbie is super progressive; She’s even willing to show her culturally acceptable submissiveness by wearing her fashion-forward Hijab. Yay Barbie! She gets to celebrate her independence by donning the symbol of women who are oppressed the world over. Oh my, but how racist of me. After all, the creator of the “Barjab” just wants little girls to be more accepting of Muslims; getting them acclimated to the concept that they too can choose to be both chattel and a surgeon; talk about having it all. Just Like Barbie! But, let’s not tell these malleable young ladies that in many parts of the world, Barbie would have her ass stoned if she left the dream house without her “Barjab,” let alone venturing outside without the permission and escort of good ‘ole Ken. Never mind taking a spin in Barbie’s iconic pink corvette; Muslim Barbie can’t drive. Does the “Barjab” come with plastic stones in case Barbie should remove her progressive, culturally approved headwear outside the dream house? Maybe make it a little more realist and include removable female genitalia; let’s get these young girls ready for the type of culture they are being taught to emulate and support over the horrific culture of the west. After all, wouldn’t the “Barjab” clash with the Pink Pussy hat of feminism? One would think so. What would Ken think of such a culture? It’d be hard to tell. Quite possibly, he’s too busy trying to decide which bathroom in the dream house he identifies with. Careful Ken, in many places around the world, you’d get tossed off the top of the dream house for that.

The dichotomy is astounding; alarming really. Women running around the freest nations of the world wearing pink, knit pussy hats, decrying the fact that someone doesn’t wish to pay for their abortions. One would think, given the lectures of how all-powerful their vagina’s are, that owners of the super, all-powerful western vaginas would be somewhat sympathetic to women trapped in cultures where wearing the very dashing pink pussy hats of sisterdom would lead to disciplines and punishments not seen here. You know, those places where the very last complaint a woman has is that some mean, old white guy refuses to pay for her abortion. In any case, one would think that the magical vagina would be able to spring for it’s own maintenance. One would be wrong.

Interesting really, how liberalism is succeeding to destroy the very culture that allows it to flourish. And it’s not just here. It’s seen in the rape capitals of Europe where women are strongly encouraged to dress modestly so as not to offend the sensibilities of those they invited into their midst. And beyond modesty, they’re touting the wonderful Hijab as a way to thwart the evils of Islamophobia, that state that exists in one’s mind when examples of Muslim atrocities makes one question the outcomes of liberal orthodoxy. Of course, if they can’t convince you with wonderful images and videos or Barbie sized Hijabs, they’ll always fall back on the “racist-bigot” shout down they’re so fond of. Fond of because for some strange reason, people are willing to be submissive and even victimized, as long as you don’t call them names. Go figure.

Liberalism seeks to define every culture as unique and “just fine and dandy” in it’s own way. Except Western culture. Western culture on the other hand, has much to answer for. And, Liberalism seeks to destroy it and replace it with romantic visions of third world-ers, coming to the west to bring wonderful attributes, experiences and enlightenment. Never mind asking why these people would leave their utopias to come to the hated west in the first place; that question is in itself racist and could get you banned from twitter and Facebook. Heck, it may even be a hate crime in many countries (looking at you Canada…) Of course, once they get here, they enter illegally, demand we acculturate to them, burn our flags, ask for handouts and call us racist.

Are all cultures really equal? Are some superior, some inferior? Oh my, there goes my twitter account. No, they are not equal. And no matter what you call me, no matter how loudly you yell and scream in my face, retreat to your safe zone or threaten me with hate speech laws, the fact remains that they are not equal. Hence, the influx to the west. And is western culture perfect? Of course not. But here, you can put a baker out of business because he didn’t want to put two grooms on your friggin’ cake; can sue the school system because you felt like showering with the girls today or; kill someone, then go to prison and get three squares, cable and a sex change operation. Yup, we really suck. Yet, they’re still dying to get here. And we’re dying once they make it.

And it’s not the least bit disturbing to the left that the safety of the citizens of the west is in jeopardy; on the contrary, those crimes are mere inconveniences and to mention them or highlight them makes one suspect. How dare you victimize your aggressors? Often the stories will be downplayed or outright hidden if possible. I stumbled across the rape of a fourteen year-old in Maryland while perusing the London papers for crying out loud; it wasn’t until days later that it finally broke nationally. Well, you know, you have to break a few eggs… The shame here is that the eggs are usually defenseless citizens, standing in the crowd at a marathon, guarding the parliament building or walking the hallway of a high school in Maryland.

What can one expect from the left in this country anyway? They scream about rape culture, put on their pussy hats and disparage every man who crosses their path. But wait; the victim in Maryland may be no more believable than the stripper in the Duke Lacrosse case, according to the lawyer for the accused. No, this rape doesn’t quite work to their advantage. Of course, they’re now claiming it was consensual sex; a minor girl under the age of consent; with two boys; in the boys’ bathroom; and her screaming the whole time. I was quite sure that the ladies in the pink hats would have come out and said that it was rape pure and simple. I was mistaken; but you can understand my confusion. The left still supports a man who drugged a fourteen year-old girl so he could penetrate her anally. But that was okay, because that wasn’t rape-rape. Whatever transpired in that bathroom in a Maryland High School between two young men and a screaming fourteen year-old girl can’t be rape because it involved two people who occupy a cultural position more valuable to the left than “young western female.” They are of the vaunted “dreamer-undocumented-future-liberal-voting-demographic-victims of the west” culture. Of course, now that the story is out, the best weapon the left has is to threaten anyone who dares talk about the effect that this uncontrolled third world flood is having on the west. Maryland is still moving ahead with legislation to become a sanctuary state, while the superintendent of the high school where the rape occurred is calling anyone who may question the status of children in their schools “racist” and “xenophobic”; he is promising legal action. Someone will probably spend more time in jail for threatening to kick the asses of these two dreamers than the dreamers will spend for illegally crossing our borders and violently raping someone’s daughter against the sink in the bathroom stall of her own high school.

No country survives without its culture; no culture can survive without laws. When States and cities are willing to violate federal law, how can one expect individuals, especially from other countries and cultures, to obey them? Worse yet, when the left is willing to offer up the women and children of society at large to gain new voting blocks to support their failing ideology, the cultural collapse will come from within. The coming storm will be brutal and quite protracted. Not everyone is willing to be a stooge for the creeping Marxism the left is trying to impose; others on the left will come to realize that it’s hard to reconcile the concept of sanctuary cities and their own safety, especially given that some of their own leaders have exposed the “new normal” of the culturally diverse western city as terror enabled. Be prepared to die for your devotion to cultural diversity because those you are inviting in are certainly willing to kill for it; whether you’re wearing your “Barjab” or the super progressive pink pussy hat.

Boy, that Kung Fu grip is gonna come in handy….

So is the IPhone the cell phone of choice for terrorists? Could be. Is it also the phone of choice for those who want freedom and protection from an ever encroaching government? Yes, very likely. It’s also the phone of choice for kids who like to take their own images and splash them all over social media, the choice for those who don’t even remotely think about their privacy and the choice for many companies like mine who assign them to you without asking you your preference. Am I a Luddite because I only wanted a phone that was just a dammed phone? Jeez, I’m lucky if I can even see the numbers on the screen, let alone text or read exhilarating Facebook posts about someone’s totally unique and personally defining “dark chocolate melted truffle mocha espresso with chocolate sprinkles” from the Starbucks they just visited five minutes ago. Yay, look at me; I can spend four dollars and fifteen cents on a cup of coffee. I don’t want the government to find out though; just my followers on twitter.

Tool of a terrorist or found on a victim?

Tool of a terrorist or found on a victim?

I’m quite sure that Apple has done this before. And I’m quite sure that despite their marketing appeal they already have a way to crack Syed Farook’s phone. I trust Apple no farther than I trust this over reaching government. Sorry Tim ol’ boy, you ain’t my hero. Just keep pumping out these overpriced toys made with off shore slave labor so that the narcissistic selfie crowd can have a safe place to keep pictures of their Anthony Weiner.

It could very well end up that data in Farook’s phone is pointing to some greater threat, an armed cell operating somewhere near San Bernardino, or Washington, or heaven forbid, some Starbucks location loaded with, hey, multiple victims clutching their very own protected IPhone, using Apple-pay to purchase the very self-affirming Latte Macchiato that they need to show to the world. Isn’t that the definition of irony, or is it a poor marketing program? Hey, let’s make it easier for some of our customers to blow some of our other customers to pieces. I think they called that “planned obsolescence.” Maybe. One would assume that either of these two market segments would have a low repeat-purchase-likelihood.

Not quite the only ironies here. If you can’t wrap your head around that one, try these; the very same people who transmit their latest “duck-lipped” image or selfies of their oddly misshaped, silicon plumped naughty bits are screaming about privacy rights? Here’s a concept. Privacy starts with you keeping things private. Please. Those who wish for “big government” are pretty incensed that the Justice Department feels it can force a private company to produce a product or service against its wishes. How’s that? If you support the government deciding what light bulb I have to buy, what health care program I must sign up for, what abortion I need to fund or even stipulate that I have to have a friggin’ Al Gore low-flow crapper in the house, well you’re just being a little disingenuous. Or stupid, take your pick. This is the next logical extension of the power of the big brother utopia that you’ve been clamoring for. Shut up and give us your password.

Of course, it’s no different on the other side. You can’t say that you’re for a limited government, and then state that that “limited government” has the power to coerce a company to give away the privacy of its customers. Sorry, incongruous.

I’m pretty certain that Apple can open this phone if it hasn’t already figured out how. From this point on, it’s all marketing optics. I’m also pretty darn certain that the government already has transcripts of all the calls made with this device. Chances are, they obtained this data illegally anyway and are looking for some way to make said data acceptable in court via Apple. Can’t very well walk into court and say “hey, we were illegally wiretapping this phone, no warrant, no suspicions but thought we’d enter this into evidence anyway. Whaddya say judge?”

I fall squarely on the side of the American people here. The government can go take a flying leap. I’d like to toast every terrorist cell in the country, but I’m not willing to trade my rights, your rights or any one else’s rights to do so. And I’m no fan of Apple here; don’t let them fool you. It’s not like they are protecting anything but their bottom line. Pretty much as they should be. Tim Cook may think the high road is going to go a long way for goodwill here, but I think there’s a pretty good chance that they’re screwed either way. Some will see them as supporting radical terrorists; some will see them battling a tyrannical government.

And some like me, will look at both the government and Apple and realize that they are two sides of the same coin; if you think that neither one of them doesn’t have pictures of your baby mama’s pumpkin sized butt, you’re sadly mistaken.

Gotta hang up now; time to finish my pumpkin spiced latte. You can see it on Facebook.


Call ended…

I refuse to watch the video. I usually like to see things for myself, although one needs to be careful in today’s world of digitally altered propaganda. However, the ISIS video of the immolation of their captured Jordanian pilot should probably be viewed by every person on the planet. If one can get beyond the horrific suffering of Moaz al-Kasasbeh, you can hear the expressions of glee and triumph in the voices of the soldiers of Allah in the background. Of course, they aren’t doing this in the name of Islam. Unless that is, you ask them their motivation. It doesn’t really matter to ISIS how you refer to them. Labels and the fear of offending someone (or being offended) are concerns that only paralyze the west. Those who follow a religion that celebrates death and martyrdom over the sanctity of life are looking for greater rewards than an apology for being photographed naked at Gitmo. While we tie our hands over the strategy we should pursue to defend civilization, they tie the hands of women and children before forcibly removing their heads from their bodies. Shooting these barbarians from a distance gets one labeled a “coward.” Such is the complicity of the progressive left of the world.


The greatest victory of the progressive left in its war on western values to date is probably best remembered in the image of the last chopper taking off from the rooftops in Saigon. A stark statement to be sure, but no less true. The war was lost at home, lost in the classrooms of major centers of “learning,” where young minds were taught the moral relativism that elevates the left’s romantic affection for communism and socialism as a more enlightened concept than the individual freedoms espoused by western society. Once Saigon fell, the wonders of communism gave us the killing fields of Cambodia where the communist regime murdered almost two million of its own people. Back then, we were racist as well, seeking only to conquer and kill “the yellow man,” according to Springsteen.

Fast forward to 2015 and the left is still on its march to destroy the foundations of the western world in the name of “equality,” “justice,” “diversity,” whatever. The battle still rages on campuses everywhere, teaching our best and brightest future leaders of the world that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” The cultural elites of the left will hashtag their asses off to show solidarity for one day, exclaiming “Je suis Charlie,” then protesting against Israel the next, chanting “Allahu Akbar” in the faces of Jewish students and decorating their frat houses with swastikas. In a macabre twist of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the left does its best to make sure that we do not identify the political ideology posing as a religion, lest we insult the “moderate majority” of Muslims. Interesting phrase that; moderate Muslim. Of course, we are told that we can’t paint the whole Muslim world with the actions of a few. How many is a few? What is the definition of a moderate Muslim? If there are close to two billion Muslims in the world and the radical extreme makes up only a tiny portion of that number, one would have to logically assume that radical Islam would not be an issue at all. Maybe we can’t paint them all with a broad brush, but the circle of people who surrounded the gay man executed by ISIS this week seemed extreme. Or were they moderate? Are there really that many people who would come out to the town square to throw moderate stones at a man just because he was gay? Maybe if their moderate beliefs told them to. Someone supports the radicals in their midst; funds them, feeds them, occupies the rug next to them, hides them. Not sure but from where I stand, it looks like radical Muslims will kill you in an effort to impose their beliefs on the world. Moderates will stand back to watch as radicals kill you to impose their beliefs on the world. Same goal, different tactic?

Once this plague has been released into the wild, does the left hope to contain it? Either they are too stupid to realize the danger, or they too are using the twisted ideology for their own end game. Who visited the State Department recently? It wasn’t Netanyahu. No, the white house is actively trying to destroy his re-election bid in Israel. It wasn’t Egypt’s al-Sisi, the man who was in the forefront of battling the Muslim Brotherhood on the streets of his own country. No, it was the very same Muslim Brotherhood that the State Department cozied up to, then lying about the meeting to the press. The administration is working with the Brotherhood to oppose al-Sisi. Make of that what you will.

No one wants war. Clarification; no one who values life wants war. Those who were bred into an ideology that celebrates suicide and the death of anyone who does not follow that same orthodoxy love war. They are instructed to do so. They hide their weapons in hospitals, mosques and school yards, watching as the west flails about, tearing our hair out over collateral damage. They bring their warfare into the heart of their own cities, killing anyone, Muslim and non-Muslim who doesn’t further the end cause, their world caliphate. This will not end with drones. You can’t target them from miles away with smart bombs. Like the cockroaches they are, they scurry back into the population of moderates, people who won’t stop feeding them, people who won’t stop funding them, people who won’t point them out, people who won’t kill them in their midst. What’s worse is they are using the same tactics in the west, beheading people in Oklahoma, bombing delis in Paris. And all we have are leaders who caution us not to defame the religion. Leaders who for some reason cannot bring themselves to utter Islam and terrorist in the same sentence. The same collectivist mindset and tactics that brought us the fall of Saigon and all the other massacres associated with socialism and communism in the twentieth century are now being employed to destroy the west in the twenty-first.

After they covered the smoldering remains of pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, once the last stone struck the gay man in Syria, one could imagine the evening call to prayer where the faithful, moderates and otherwise, came to give thanks to Allah, having struck another blow in their quest for worldwide domination.

Get used to that sound. It’s a sound you can hear all over the United States. It is the sound of the coming storm. It is, after all, “ of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Josh Earnest had a hard time being eloquent last week. He tried his best to make sure that he closely followed the administration’s six year old script, avoiding the word Islam except where he could refer to it as a religion of peace. In fact, he had a hard time at first describing it as an act of terrorism, exclaiming that we should certainly wait for all the facts before labeling it as such. Maybe facts such as the nut-jobs screaming Allahu Akbar as they sprayed the innocents with bullets didn’t quite make it to his desk. Who knows. But he assured us that Islam is a religion of peace. At least three times. Remember, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  It just may however, belong to those who slaughter in the name of the prophet of Islam. Just don’t mention the “I” word.

Not wielding a 5 iron...

Charles: Not wielding a 5 iron…

The press did their best to seem outraged as well by the attack on freedom of expression. In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, they made it a point to print grammatically correct descriptions of cartoons that Charlie had published in the past. How courageous. You need to understand, one would guess, that the liberal editors in the mainstream press determined that there was certainly no need to inflame Muslim passions around the globe while defending one of the cornerstones of western civilization. Hell, it’s not like Abhu Graib, where they were falling all over themselves to publish horrific images that would support their agenda of informing the world of just how evil the west and the United States really are. Ah, those were the days. Quite sure that they were hoping that French authorities would capture one of the oppressed freedom fighters. They would have done their level best to make sure that no one got water boarded, that’s for sure.

Over a million people marched in Paris on Sunday; possibly double that number marched around France to show solidarity for Charlie, the French people and freedom of expression. It’s probably fitting that president Obama was a no-show. After all, the United States used to be thought of as the leader of the free world, warts and all. The current administration of course has always focused on the warts, unabashedly ashamed of the US and her legacy. But this is on the surface, quite telling; an insult to the French people and an embarrassment to the United States. Remember, the first world leader to visit the United States after 911 was French President Jacques Chirac. The boy king could find no solidarity with the French people, or any of the other fifty-plus world leaders who marched in Paris? I’m sure he could have found at least one person to bow to, at least one aggrieved group he could have apologized to for the evils the US had visited upon them. Maybe he had a great tee-time. Or maybe as he has said in the past, “if the political winds turn ugly I will stand with the Muslims.” Go ahead, claim that I’ve taken this out of context if you’d like. I know when he said it and why. But no one has even suggested that we inter American Muslims; and yet the political winds are blowing ugly and they’re blowing from mecca. They blew straight into the office of Charlie Hebdo and a Parisian Jewish Deli.

If our Muslim educated president is concerned that Muslim Americans might suffer the same fate that Japanese Americans had, he need look no farther than the suburbs of Paris. Or Dearborn Michigan. Or Minnesota. Or Lewiston Maine for goodness sakes. When the Muslim populations reach density, they start isolating themselves, declaring their neighborhoods “Muslim” and off limits to others. Self-interment one could call it. A silent invasion to be accurate. If there were over seven hundred white enclaves in Paris where people of color were not welcome, Eric “the not-so-great” Holder would have found time while in Paris to visit with any aggrieved person denied access to the restricted blocks, likely inviting Al Sharpton in to perform his ritual cleansing through extortion.

Maybe our next president will take this threat more seriously. Maybe not. We seem to ordain men of little courage let alone character. The main stream press does it’s best to ensure that those principles that don’t support a march toward socialism are the only things labeled “terroristic.” Everything else is “workplace violence.” And what of the financially strapped Hillary? If she was president, she’d make sure that anyone who produces a video that inflames passions around the world would be the guilty party of the violence that ensues. The pen is mightier than the sword; but it must be a politically correct ink. Of course, the press doesn’t feel the need to explain to her that she too seeks to crush freedom of the press, a freedom that they should be the most sensitive to. But here we find a press possibly complicit with, but most certainly sympathetic to an ideology that seeks to destroy the very institutions and over-all fabric of the United States. An ideology that is deeply rooted in most of the socialist governments of Western Europe. That any government should allow “no-go” zones with separate laws within their sovereign borders is only less frightening than a press that would willingly ignore it to help these governments remain in power, with no questions or concerns about the freedoms they are slowly allowing to die in the name of what they all believe to be the “greater good.” Jake Tapper’s feigned embarrassment is the best they could muster.

Had I the financial means, I too would have walked with the free Frenchmen in Paris. I would’ve asked them why they didn’t march right through one of these “no-go” zones. You wish to take back your county; you can’t do it from a distance. You can’t do it with the politically correct mentality that these seventh-century zealots use to their advantage. You’ll need to march through the streets of France with the spirit and determination of Charles the Hammer. Is there a new Martel anywhere in Europe?

You have been invaded. It’s time to act like it.

Was treated to the “usual” chorus of garbage last night concerning the war crimes that occurred in Paris yesterday. Didn’t even have to hunt for the idiocy to find it; it was on many channels and all over the web blogs. By garbage, I mean the verbal spew by people of various religions and affiliations trying to make arguments of moral equivalencies with the practice of Islam displayed yesterday in Paris. While a majority of people were arguing back and forth over what to do about “radical” Islam, there were many posters commenting on how evil the west is; how Christians have hands just as bloody, how the Bible is filled with the same exhortations to kill the non-believers as is the Koran. Believe it or not, many were repeating the same lines (paid on-line posers?) about how Timothy McVeigh and James Holmes, the Colorado Theater gunman, were Christian extremists, no worse than the three suspected French radicalized gunmen in Paris. I kid you not. Then of course, I stumbled upon good old Howard Dean, extolling the virtues of Islam, insisting that the three gunmen involved can’t be considered Muslim, their cries of “Allahu Akbar” notwithstanding. Of course, on all things Islamic, I always refer to Mr. Dean.

practicing the faith...

practicing the faith…

Sorry Howard, but I’d rather take my cues from someone who doesn’t have his head firmly encased in his lower colon. Like Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Maybe many of you have never heard of him; as chief of the Egyptian military, he played a key role in overthrowing Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt. Maybe it’s because our own administration, in the same physical contortion as Howard Dean, so fully supported Morsi and the Brotherhood that you might not have heard his speech on New Year’s Day. Speaking before the ministry, Sisi was very clear on what is causing the radicalization of Islam. You really need to read his speech. Howard, please take note:

I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move… because this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.”

Placing the blame squarely where it lies may be a new concept to many people today. So Sisi may be a man ahead or behind his time; you decide. But he’s calling out the clerics who inspire this type of radicalization all over the world. And while we debate how many people James Holmes killed in the name of Christianity (none), Sisi makes it clear that Islam cannot surely believe that the 1.6 billion Muslims of the world want or need to kill the other seven billion inhabitants of the planet just so they can survive. In fact, in 2013, twelve people in the west died from terrorist attacks; however, twenty-two thousand people in non-western countries died from Muslim terror. Did any of these die because of a cheesy satirical cartoon or obscure internet video? Islam is far more dangerous to its adherents than it is to the rest of us.

The greatest export from any of these Muslim countries is the immigrant, much touted and revered under the scheme of diversity and tolerance. And they bring not only their Muslim faith with them; they bring their radical Imams as well. Sorry to paint with the broad brush, as many of you who follow me know I hate to do; but what turns a moderate Muslim radical? Is it the largess of the host country? The freedoms they come to experience? Or is it the constant droning by these Imams five times a day of how evil the west is, how they need to bring the infidels to their knees, subjugate their women and impose their version of Sharia on the new host country? If they fully succeed in bringing the new Caliphate they so desire, do they realize it is they who would then be the infidels, dying in greater numbers at the hands of other Muslims at the behest of these same Imams?

And what of the west and western civilization as we know it? Are we too weak in the knees and in our convictions of what civilization and humanity look like to defend it? For some strange reason, Europe has already ceded large swaths of their sovereignty to this twisted ideology. Why should there be sections of Paris that even the local police fear to go, blocks allowed to be ruled separately by Muslim authority? Probably the same rainbows-and-unicorns-everything-is-equal type of thinking that allows radical Imam Anjem Choudary of London to remind us all that the good folks of Charlie Hebdo knew what the consequence would be for their freedom of expression. Howard, you may want to pay attention to this guy too;

“Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them. The strict punishment if found guilty of this crime under sharia (Islamic law) is capital punishment implementable by an Islamic State. This is because the Messenger Muhammad said, “Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.”

In a nutshell, here’s a leader of the cult of Islam telling the free world that Muslims, yes, even those wonderful moderate Muslims we hear about so much, have the divine right to kill anyone they feel demeans their prophet, whether the offender is a Muslim or not, whether the act occurs in a Muslim theocratic state or a western country. Nice that. And in most of Europe and in parts of the United States, this opinion is considered valid. We must be tolerant of others’ beliefs that they have a divine right to kill us anytime we piss them off. Because all religions are equal you know. (Except in certain parts of Dearborn and Paris.)

Not sure why this is so hard to understand; when someone punches you in the face, you’re in a fight. Whether you like it or not. And when someone declares war on you, you don’t get to say “nu-uh.” Islam has declared war on the west. In fact, it has declared war on civilization. You can deny it; you can wish it away. You can continue to appease, welcoming the enemy into your homes under the inspired liberal doctrines of diversity and multiculturalism, even going so far as to cordon off whole sections off your house you’re no longer able to inhabit unless you submit. But the religion of peace will always be a totalitarian theocratic political system bent on world-wide subjugation and implementation of a seventh century belief system that’s utterly incompatible with modern civilization. Once you figure that out, losing your right to publish a sarcastic, spiteful, silly cartoon in a mediocre publication should be the least of your concerns.

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