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I refuse to watch the video. I usually like to see things for myself, although one needs to be careful in today’s world of digitally altered propaganda. However, the ISIS video of the immolation of their captured Jordanian pilot should probably be viewed by every person on the planet. If one can get beyond the horrific suffering of Moaz al-Kasasbeh, you can hear the expressions of glee and triumph in the voices of the soldiers of Allah in the background. Of course, they aren’t doing this in the name of Islam. Unless that is, you ask them their motivation. It doesn’t really matter to ISIS how you refer to them. Labels and the fear of offending someone (or being offended) are concerns that only paralyze the west. Those who follow a religion that celebrates death and martyrdom over the sanctity of life are looking for greater rewards than an apology for being photographed naked at Gitmo. While we tie our hands over the strategy we should pursue to defend civilization, they tie the hands of women and children before forcibly removing their heads from their bodies. Shooting these barbarians from a distance gets one labeled a “coward.” Such is the complicity of the progressive left of the world.


The greatest victory of the progressive left in its war on western values to date is probably best remembered in the image of the last chopper taking off from the rooftops in Saigon. A stark statement to be sure, but no less true. The war was lost at home, lost in the classrooms of major centers of “learning,” where young minds were taught the moral relativism that elevates the left’s romantic affection for communism and socialism as a more enlightened concept than the individual freedoms espoused by western society. Once Saigon fell, the wonders of communism gave us the killing fields of Cambodia where the communist regime murdered almost two million of its own people. Back then, we were racist as well, seeking only to conquer and kill “the yellow man,” according to Springsteen.

Fast forward to 2015 and the left is still on its march to destroy the foundations of the western world in the name of “equality,” “justice,” “diversity,” whatever. The battle still rages on campuses everywhere, teaching our best and brightest future leaders of the world that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” The cultural elites of the left will hashtag their asses off to show solidarity for one day, exclaiming “Je suis Charlie,” then protesting against Israel the next, chanting “Allahu Akbar” in the faces of Jewish students and decorating their frat houses with swastikas. In a macabre twist of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the left does its best to make sure that we do not identify the political ideology posing as a religion, lest we insult the “moderate majority” of Muslims. Interesting phrase that; moderate Muslim. Of course, we are told that we can’t paint the whole Muslim world with the actions of a few. How many is a few? What is the definition of a moderate Muslim? If there are close to two billion Muslims in the world and the radical extreme makes up only a tiny portion of that number, one would have to logically assume that radical Islam would not be an issue at all. Maybe we can’t paint them all with a broad brush, but the circle of people who surrounded the gay man executed by ISIS this week seemed extreme. Or were they moderate? Are there really that many people who would come out to the town square to throw moderate stones at a man just because he was gay? Maybe if their moderate beliefs told them to. Someone supports the radicals in their midst; funds them, feeds them, occupies the rug next to them, hides them. Not sure but from where I stand, it looks like radical Muslims will kill you in an effort to impose their beliefs on the world. Moderates will stand back to watch as radicals kill you to impose their beliefs on the world. Same goal, different tactic?

Once this plague has been released into the wild, does the left hope to contain it? Either they are too stupid to realize the danger, or they too are using the twisted ideology for their own end game. Who visited the State Department recently? It wasn’t Netanyahu. No, the white house is actively trying to destroy his re-election bid in Israel. It wasn’t Egypt’s al-Sisi, the man who was in the forefront of battling the Muslim Brotherhood on the streets of his own country. No, it was the very same Muslim Brotherhood that the State Department cozied up to, then lying about the meeting to the press. The administration is working with the Brotherhood to oppose al-Sisi. Make of that what you will.

No one wants war. Clarification; no one who values life wants war. Those who were bred into an ideology that celebrates suicide and the death of anyone who does not follow that same orthodoxy love war. They are instructed to do so. They hide their weapons in hospitals, mosques and school yards, watching as the west flails about, tearing our hair out over collateral damage. They bring their warfare into the heart of their own cities, killing anyone, Muslim and non-Muslim who doesn’t further the end cause, their world caliphate. This will not end with drones. You can’t target them from miles away with smart bombs. Like the cockroaches they are, they scurry back into the population of moderates, people who won’t stop feeding them, people who won’t stop funding them, people who won’t point them out, people who won’t kill them in their midst. What’s worse is they are using the same tactics in the west, beheading people in Oklahoma, bombing delis in Paris. And all we have are leaders who caution us not to defame the religion. Leaders who for some reason cannot bring themselves to utter Islam and terrorist in the same sentence. The same collectivist mindset and tactics that brought us the fall of Saigon and all the other massacres associated with socialism and communism in the twentieth century are now being employed to destroy the west in the twenty-first.

After they covered the smoldering remains of pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, once the last stone struck the gay man in Syria, one could imagine the evening call to prayer where the faithful, moderates and otherwise, came to give thanks to Allah, having struck another blow in their quest for worldwide domination.

Get used to that sound. It’s a sound you can hear all over the United States. It is the sound of the coming storm. It is, after all, “ of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”


No blood for oil.  Bush lied, people died.  Bush, Cheney, war criminals.  Impeach Bush now.  All the slogans, all the chanting and beating of drums, all the painted signs and spittle-producing, breathless screaming from the left, now washed away, distant memories for a once agitated, still biased press currently busy shielding their eyes from the horrible image of their anointed hero bombing yet another Middle Eastern country.

Okay Joe, put your money where you smirking mouth is...

Okay Joe, put your money where your smirking mouth is…

As president Bush sought congressional approval for military action in October of 2002 and later on Iraq, the left-leaning press excoriated him for his assumption of the presence of WMD’s in Saddam’s control, swinging wildly from allegations that the president was lying to the American people, to whispers and suggestions that we knew Saddam had these weapons because republican administrations gave them to him.  The bile and hate directed towards Bush was telling, even as he managed to sign the law with the support of liberal senators including Clinton and Biden, who would later join the chorus of Bush Lied, people died.

Interesting to note, Saddam’s second in command of the Iraqi Air force claimed in a 2006 interview with the New York Sun that they moved large amounts of WMD’s into Syria by loading them into civilian aircraft that had the passenger seats removed.   In fact, General Sada claimed that there were 56 trips by two Iraqi Boeings headed to Syria once Saddam realized the Americans were coming.  Not convinced are you? Even James Clapper, currently the Director of National Intelligence believed in 2003 that there were convoys of trucks moving weapons to Syria, citing satellite imagery.

Now the murkiness of war has permeated the Obama white house and hangs over the ever subservient press.  What to do, now that the world assumes Bashar Al-Assad has gassed his own people, possibly a second time, as it’s still unclear whether the Al-Qaida-backed rebels we’re supporting now were the ones to do so earlier this year.  Don’t cross this red line, Syria was warned.  Well, don’t cross it again, really, okay?

In a nation tired of misadventures overseas, spilling American blood to protect sand that’s not ours, one would think that a president who stood loudly and sharply in criticism of the “reckless cowboy” that governed before him might just think this one through, maybe let the American people know what’s at stake for the US, given his horrid attempt in Libya and betting on the wrong horse in Egypt.  At least let our congressmen vote to authorize the use of force per our constitution.

No such luck.  The president of the premature Nobel Prize is determined to drag us further into the cesspool that is the Middle East, side stepping the constitution much as he has on other issues throughout his presidency.  And the press?  Astonishingly subdued, even supportive of the possibility of the ever-expanding quagmire of this administration’s feeble foreign policy, if one can actually discern what the hell it is.  NBC Chief Correspondent Chuck Todd is quite sure that the original war power authorization passed after September 11th, 2001 “Loosely authorizes the president to attack Syria over their use of chemical weapons.”  Besides, Todd believes that seeking congressional approval would be counterproductive, if it even passes.  MSNBC host Ari Melber is sure that action in Syria will come without congressional approval; he even goes on to note that Obama has acted “militarily abroad without specific congressional authorization on multiple occasions during his first term.”  Folks, this is the same press that couldn’t wait for the engines to quiet on the jets bringing home dead servicemen during the Bush Presidency before they rushed the gates with their cameras, salivating to show the carnage Bush’s wars had wrought.  Now, they are quite content to make up reasons why Obama shouldn’t have to and probably ought not to follow the constitution and seek approval of congress, the supposed voice of the American people.

If this president goes it alone, what do we as a people do?  Will our elected officials (never call them our leaders) stand up to the king and his sycophantic court jesters of the press?  Will all those who cried “No blood for oil” now take to the streets, or spend the rest of his term sheepishly navel-gazing, now that they realize they have been taken for fools?  Or will they agree with Vice President Biden who was quite clear where the authority to wage war lies, stating in 2007 that;

“I teach separation of powers and constitutional law. This is something I know. So I got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to write a piece that I’m going to deliver to the whole United State Senate pointing out the President has no constitutional authority…to take this nation to war against a county of 70 million people unless we’re attacked or unless there is proof we are about to be attacked. And if he does, if he does, I would move to impeach him.”

We are days away.  If we the people don’t assert our authority over the imperial president, we will be ultimately responsible for the long-lived consequences of what will surely be our own terrorist act of aggression.

Okay, time for a mini rant.  I’m usually not one of those “boycott them out of business” kind of people, but I can’t let this one go. Chef and restauranteur Russell Ireland needs to hear from as many former customers as possible.  The operative word being former.

Drop into face book, but drive by this dump.

Drop into the Facebook page, but drive by this dump.

When veteran James Glaser stopped by to have breakfast at the “Big I” diner in Oxford Massachusetts, he was accompanied by his loving service dog Jack.  If you’ve ever witnessed the love one of these animals provide to their disabled owners,  you’ve truly witnessed the love of angels. Disclaimer, I’m an animal lover and have a sweet spot for dogs.  I also come from a military family and cannot stand those who disrespect our vets.  So Mr. Ireland has managed to piss me off in two directions. Sweet.

Apparently, Mr. Ireland felt that James and Jack were a little to close to the kitchen so he asked him to leave.  Actually, he commanded James to “Get that f%&#ing  fake service dog out of here.” When James presented Ireland with Jack’s certification papers, Ireland balked and out the door Jack and James went.  Not to another booth, not away from the kitchen, out.  Bye-bye.

James suffers from PTSD.  That thought is not lost on Mr. Ireland, though.  He doesn’t want either James or Jack in his restaurant.  “This is a post-traumatic stress dog to give him emotional support. How much emotional support do you need when you’re eating breakfast?” asked Ireland. You’re kidding me, right?

Ireland wants us to accept his apology to “any veterans I might have offended.”  Excluding of course, James who spent 21 years in the service and did two tours in Iraq. Even though James and Jack are living with that stress, Mr. Ireland wants to elicit sympathy for his own stress issues, claiming he was “stressed out” and “snapped in part, because he was having a bad day.” A bad day? What, was the toaster firing rounds at you across the kitchen?  Got wounded opening one of those silly little plastic jam packets on the table? If this wasn’t meant to be a crude swipe at James and PTSD in general, and I have to believe it was, then Ireland is one of the dumbest punks we’ve ever encountered.  let’s make sure he gets treated that way.

if you have a chance, let ’em know how much you’d like them to go out of business.

Big I Diner Oxford, MA 01540 (508) 987-2224



Many victims of 9/11 were never recovered; their bodies to forever mingle with the ash and dust of what was once one of the greatest symbols of the economic prowess of the United States.  Brave responders, innocent office workers, trapped airline passengers, obliterated beyond any hope of recognition, identification or recovery by their loved ones.  No one gently bathed their fractured bodies, wrapped them with care in fresh linen and saw to it that their remains were spoken over in accordance with the traditions of their faith.  Why we would honor in this way the man who killed them and denied them these simple dignities is troubling me deeply.

never forget what occured here..

Once again, we find we are not barbarians; that we rise above the petty and recognize that at the least, we are all human, all deeply flawed and we revere life when we return the dead to the hands of the maker.  It gives me no great solace to say, “I am better than those animals.  I am civilized.” This man deserved no respect in death; we showed great weakness in offering it to him.  It gained us nothing.  There are Muslim clerics already condemning the burial at sea, claiming it goes against Islamic tradition and will provoke the Muslim street.  How novel, something we have done that provokes those who practice the religion of peace.

In one of my previous posts, I had commented about how I normally take no joy in the death of another human being, with the rare exception that can cause me to break into a satisfied grin.  The demise of Bin Laden is one of those exceptions.  Just the thought that he could soon be traversing the alimentary canal of some bottom-feeding crustacean gives me a guilty pleasure.

I cannot let this note pass without some recognition of the Navy Seal team who executed this.  As an aged military brat, I am always moved to tears at the death of servicemen, and to find that we lost no personnel taking out the most wanted man on the planet catches in my throat and wells my eyes.  You make me proud.  We are in your debt as we lay in our beds at night, not knowing the hardships you and your families endure for our protection.  Godspeed.

When we decide as a nation to change the way we live and abandon those rights defined in our constitution out of fear of offending someone, we have succumbed to terrorism.  Pure and simple.  The reason they terrorize to begin with isn’t because we angered them, we said something wrong, and golly gee we just need to understand them better.  They use terror in their goal to enforce their theology and eventually gain control over us as they have done to others for centuries before we existed as a nation.  Is that concept really so hard to understand?

It appears that Senator Graham certainly doesn’t understand.  As repugnant as pastor Jones is, I have no words to describe a US senator who is willing to restrict one of our most basic freedoms.  You know, the basic freedoms that the terrorists hate us for in the first place?  I’m not sure what’s in his heart; I can only respond to his words.  But what he said on Sunday is a far cry from the words he spoke when he took his oath as a senator, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

this is all our fault.....

I have a lot of respect for our military, having been raised in a military family.  But I find myself wincing at the remarks of General Petraeus as well.  Sorry General, the PC concept of war is why we are bogged down in most of the conflicts we find ourselves in.  Go in, knock everything down, shoot everything that moves, get the hell out.  Sounds startling to many, I know, but war is supposed to be like that.  That’s why we should avoid it at all costs.  In my heart I believe the General is truly concerned for the welfare of his troops.  But his job isn’t to make nice, it’s to kill as effectively as he can.  Want to protect your troops?  Loosen up the rules of engagement.  Let them defend themselves.  I’m sure they’ll do fine.  Oh and by the way, I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why we focus on pastor Ignoramus burning the Koran when the United States government burned Bibles just a few short years ago. Offending Christians is not an issue I’m told.  Because we’re not at war with Christians I’m told. Exactly.

As sickening as Pastor Jones may be, what crime do you want to charge him with? Nope, he’s not responsible for the deaths in Afghanistan.  Sorry, that burden lies with the other wild-eyed zealots who proclaim to be practicing their religion of peace.  To come to the conclusion that we should excuse or rationalize beheadings merely because “we really pissed them off this time” displays real ignorance of what we are fighting for and whom we’re fighting against.  Let’s stop excusing their irrational responses to a world that has progressed far beyond them.

the only thing frightening about him is that some people follow him...

We cannot and should not expect to reason with Islam.  Islam does not want to reason with the rest of the world, no matter how they explain it away. They behead UN workers because some twit in Florida has serious inadequacy issues and burns their holy book.  How many beheadings did Buddhists commit when the Taliban destroyed the Buddha’s of Bamiyan?

October 2005, four Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia were attacked on their way to class by six Jihadists with machetes.  Three were beheaded while the fourth managed to flee.  While their bodies lay by the roadside, still clad in their school uniforms, their heads were delivered and left out side the local church.  No Koran burnings were noted that day in Florida.  In fact, the killers thought it would be a great way to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan.  Sweet.

Do we need to talk about the infamous Muhammad cartoons or Rushdies’ Satanic Verses?  Maybe we do.  But we can’t talk about them objectively or openly, lest we offend someone who might strap on a bomb and wade into a local schoolyard.  In fact, when the venerable  New York Times did a follow up piece on the cartoons and other “offending works of art,” the only accompanying picture of artwork shown was that of the Virgin Mary painting fashioned with elephant dung. No beheadings were reported at NYT’s headquarters and no mobs of machete-wielding, habit-wearing nuns were seen roaming the area.

We need to realize very quickly that we can no longer continue to blame ourselves or allow others to blame us for those in this world who hate us for who we are or what we stand for.  I don’t know if our heads are in the sand or up our collective butts, but we’d better grow up immediately and realize that not everyone is going to like us, period.

Maybe if we faced that reality, some of our choices become clearer.  Do we really want to be in Afghanistan? Why are we wasting precious American blood and treasure? Do we think they are ever going to see us as anything other than an occupying force?  Do we think we’re going to win their hearts and minds? Two months.  Let’s pack every American in the area up and bring them all home.  Probably take two months.  We could do it.

And while we’re at it, we can find Senator Graham a new line of work.

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