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Barbie’s dream house. Yup, it used to annoy my brothers and me that Barbie had the dream house while GI Joe had to make due with a flimsy little camouflage pup tent which was so short that his army-issued plastic black boots protruded from the tent opening. One would think that the defender of Ms. Barbie might have had somewhat better accommodations but hey, at least he had the jeep and that wicked awesome “Kung Fu Grip,” which would probably be a micro-aggression of “cultural appropriation” by today’s standards. But Barbie was a trailblazer, able to do or be anything she wanted; Joe on the other hand, was a primitive, a Neanderthal fueled by nothing more than the rape-filled fantasies of young boys who couldn’t focus in class and had to be drugged out of any semblance of “snips and snails, and puppy dog tails,” lest they show any impulse for behavior that wasn’t quite “Sugar and Spice.”

For Sale; hardly used. Owner can no longer drive. Ask for Ken.

Yes, but in today’s world, Barbie is super progressive; She’s even willing to show her culturally acceptable submissiveness by wearing her fashion-forward Hijab. Yay Barbie! She gets to celebrate her independence by donning the symbol of women who are oppressed the world over. Oh my, but how racist of me. After all, the creator of the “Barjab” just wants little girls to be more accepting of Muslims; getting them acclimated to the concept that they too can choose to be both chattel and a surgeon; talk about having it all. Just Like Barbie! But, let’s not tell these malleable young ladies that in many parts of the world, Barbie would have her ass stoned if she left the dream house without her “Barjab,” let alone venturing outside without the permission and escort of good ‘ole Ken. Never mind taking a spin in Barbie’s iconic pink corvette; Muslim Barbie can’t drive. Does the “Barjab” come with plastic stones in case Barbie should remove her progressive, culturally approved headwear outside the dream house? Maybe make it a little more realist and include removable female genitalia; let’s get these young girls ready for the type of culture they are being taught to emulate and support over the horrific culture of the west. After all, wouldn’t the “Barjab” clash with the Pink Pussy hat of feminism? One would think so. What would Ken think of such a culture? It’d be hard to tell. Quite possibly, he’s too busy trying to decide which bathroom in the dream house he identifies with. Careful Ken, in many places around the world, you’d get tossed off the top of the dream house for that.

The dichotomy is astounding; alarming really. Women running around the freest nations of the world wearing pink, knit pussy hats, decrying the fact that someone doesn’t wish to pay for their abortions. One would think, given the lectures of how all-powerful their vagina’s are, that owners of the super, all-powerful western vaginas would be somewhat sympathetic to women trapped in cultures where wearing the very dashing pink pussy hats of sisterdom would lead to disciplines and punishments not seen here. You know, those places where the very last complaint a woman has is that some mean, old white guy refuses to pay for her abortion. In any case, one would think that the magical vagina would be able to spring for it’s own maintenance. One would be wrong.

Interesting really, how liberalism is succeeding to destroy the very culture that allows it to flourish. And it’s not just here. It’s seen in the rape capitals of Europe where women are strongly encouraged to dress modestly so as not to offend the sensibilities of those they invited into their midst. And beyond modesty, they’re touting the wonderful Hijab as a way to thwart the evils of Islamophobia, that state that exists in one’s mind when examples of Muslim atrocities makes one question the outcomes of liberal orthodoxy. Of course, if they can’t convince you with wonderful images and videos or Barbie sized Hijabs, they’ll always fall back on the “racist-bigot” shout down they’re so fond of. Fond of because for some strange reason, people are willing to be submissive and even victimized, as long as you don’t call them names. Go figure.

Liberalism seeks to define every culture as unique and “just fine and dandy” in it’s own way. Except Western culture. Western culture on the other hand, has much to answer for. And, Liberalism seeks to destroy it and replace it with romantic visions of third world-ers, coming to the west to bring wonderful attributes, experiences and enlightenment. Never mind asking why these people would leave their utopias to come to the hated west in the first place; that question is in itself racist and could get you banned from twitter and Facebook. Heck, it may even be a hate crime in many countries (looking at you Canada…) Of course, once they get here, they enter illegally, demand we acculturate to them, burn our flags, ask for handouts and call us racist.

Are all cultures really equal? Are some superior, some inferior? Oh my, there goes my twitter account. No, they are not equal. And no matter what you call me, no matter how loudly you yell and scream in my face, retreat to your safe zone or threaten me with hate speech laws, the fact remains that they are not equal. Hence, the influx to the west. And is western culture perfect? Of course not. But here, you can put a baker out of business because he didn’t want to put two grooms on your friggin’ cake; can sue the school system because you felt like showering with the girls today or; kill someone, then go to prison and get three squares, cable and a sex change operation. Yup, we really suck. Yet, they’re still dying to get here. And we’re dying once they make it.

And it’s not the least bit disturbing to the left that the safety of the citizens of the west is in jeopardy; on the contrary, those crimes are mere inconveniences and to mention them or highlight them makes one suspect. How dare you victimize your aggressors? Often the stories will be downplayed or outright hidden if possible. I stumbled across the rape of a fourteen year-old in Maryland while perusing the London papers for crying out loud; it wasn’t until days later that it finally broke nationally. Well, you know, you have to break a few eggs… The shame here is that the eggs are usually defenseless citizens, standing in the crowd at a marathon, guarding the parliament building or walking the hallway of a high school in Maryland.

What can one expect from the left in this country anyway? They scream about rape culture, put on their pussy hats and disparage every man who crosses their path. But wait; the victim in Maryland may be no more believable than the stripper in the Duke Lacrosse case, according to the lawyer for the accused. No, this rape doesn’t quite work to their advantage. Of course, they’re now claiming it was consensual sex; a minor girl under the age of consent; with two boys; in the boys’ bathroom; and her screaming the whole time. I was quite sure that the ladies in the pink hats would have come out and said that it was rape pure and simple. I was mistaken; but you can understand my confusion. The left still supports a man who drugged a fourteen year-old girl so he could penetrate her anally. But that was okay, because that wasn’t rape-rape. Whatever transpired in that bathroom in a Maryland High School between two young men and a screaming fourteen year-old girl can’t be rape because it involved two people who occupy a cultural position more valuable to the left than “young western female.” They are of the vaunted “dreamer-undocumented-future-liberal-voting-demographic-victims of the west” culture. Of course, now that the story is out, the best weapon the left has is to threaten anyone who dares talk about the effect that this uncontrolled third world flood is having on the west. Maryland is still moving ahead with legislation to become a sanctuary state, while the superintendent of the high school where the rape occurred is calling anyone who may question the status of children in their schools “racist” and “xenophobic”; he is promising legal action. Someone will probably spend more time in jail for threatening to kick the asses of these two dreamers than the dreamers will spend for illegally crossing our borders and violently raping someone’s daughter against the sink in the bathroom stall of her own high school.

No country survives without its culture; no culture can survive without laws. When States and cities are willing to violate federal law, how can one expect individuals, especially from other countries and cultures, to obey them? Worse yet, when the left is willing to offer up the women and children of society at large to gain new voting blocks to support their failing ideology, the cultural collapse will come from within. The coming storm will be brutal and quite protracted. Not everyone is willing to be a stooge for the creeping Marxism the left is trying to impose; others on the left will come to realize that it’s hard to reconcile the concept of sanctuary cities and their own safety, especially given that some of their own leaders have exposed the “new normal” of the culturally diverse western city as terror enabled. Be prepared to die for your devotion to cultural diversity because those you are inviting in are certainly willing to kill for it; whether you’re wearing your “Barjab” or the super progressive pink pussy hat.

Boy, that Kung Fu grip is gonna come in handy….


They live in poverty. They die in poverty. Subject to third-world socialist policies and government suppression, they struggle to survive as their parents and grandparents have before them. Many are illiterate; their schools crumbling and as dangerous as the street corners they beg from. Those who govern over them use any monies marked for their basic needs as a way to bribe and con, looking to maintain their hold on the levers of power; levers that the poor have placed into their hands. Given for the simple promises that their best interests would be served. They die in that misplaced belief every day. The drug cartels recruit many; the cartels kill many more. Those who manage to avoid the gangs are left to fend for themselves, suffering under the regime that has been corrupted by power, disarmed by those who are supposed to protect them. Faced with no prospects other than a violent death, they risk everything they have, thoughts of fleeing their miserable existence their only hope.

Leaving Detroit?

Leaving Detroit?

They now hope that the President of the United States will help them; maybe he’ll send a plane to rescue them from their plight. Refugees, one and all, looking for a better life, or at least a life that has an expectancy beyond the teen years. Maybe they’ll end up in Idaho; Maybe in Cambridge Mass. How about some small town in North Carolina or in sunny California; somewhere outside Baltimore, or West Virginia? Chicago would take them wouldn’t they? Small town Maine maybe? It’s all about compassion; we are a compassionate people. But this child is not from a third world hell hole. He is from a first world hell hole.

Somewhere tonight, a young child in Detroit goes to bed, his mind filled with distortions supplied by the socialists running his state, his stomach filled only with the pangs of hunger. And yet, we focus on ways to justify bringing in far more severely impoverished people to be placed ahead of our fellow countrymen because we fear the politics of hate and derision that will be heaped upon us if we say “no more.” We are now a refugee country, open to anyone who feels they have a claim to the fruits of our labor.

This is what liberal policies have wrought; equality for all; equality of misery and subjugation. Serving those who sit in their air-conditioned palaces, peering through tinted windows at the groveling masses who are far too inferior to fend for themselves. People that have continually voted to sustain the powerful who have kept them unarmed, uneducated, un-assimilated and filled with misplaced vengeance. For the policy of liberalism has always been one of division, envy and vengeance. They are persuaded to hate others under the guise of social justice. They must hate others because, they are told, others hate them. They are taught to hate their country, that it’s a place, not of opportunity and possibilities, but a place of oppression and bigotry. They have been taught that others who will not or cannot give all that you request are hate-filled, evil purveyors of greed. They have been taught that they have a right to the possessions of others; those who refuse are the truly evil in the world. Disarmed, they have no mechanism to force anyone to give up what they rightfully possess; it is at the barrel of the government gun that they must steal under the mantle of social justice from those who toiled and sweat, sacrificed and risked in order to achieve their own American dream. They are taught that those who have succeeded, those who have more, must be dealt with, punished and torn down so none has more than the poorest. Equality of poverty and misery is the only truly possible equitable outcome of socialism. But even that equity must be enforced not by the good will of men, but by the armed intervention of a corrupt ideology.

The children of Detroit need not dream of escaping to another barrio; they and their parents have served their purpose on the slow march to socialism. They have been the useful idiots, voting again and again for a utopia that they were convinced could only appear if they punished others, learned the proper hate and muted their own dreams, responsibility and self-worth, voting in lockstep with their over-lord betters. They have no further value other than fodder for the misleading headlines that support the propaganda of a failed state. Soon they’ll be joined by a new, more preferred cohort of voters who have been told the same things, promises once reserved for those of Detroit. Now they’ll be able to step into the ever-growing bread-lines, elbowed to the rear by those from another country, those who can contribute far more substantial new votes than the poor of this country. But at least they can compete for those higher minimum wage burger jobs, limited though the number will be. It was promised. If the child of Detroit escapes, it’ll be to the barrios of the new democrat voting bloc, new barrios of those who now truly matter, and those who are slightly more equal than the children of Detroit are. The dying children of Honduras are of more concern than those of inner-city anywhere USA.

Somewhere in Detroit, a young mother asks over and over why her children have been abandoned by those she supported without question. And her child will dream of standing in a dirty, crumbling airport in Honduras, hoping that president Obama will step off the plane and whisk this child of the US back to Ohio or Chicago or Maine. Back home to a new life of poverty to replace the one he currently languishes in. The promises are the same, the lies are still sweet and once again, the poor and unfortunate fall prey to the siren songs of the left.

Where will the refugees of the inner cities of the United States turn to? Who will send a plane for them?


Long ago it seems, immigration used to have this semi-romantic aura about it; the poor and downtrodden, seeking opportunity to build a better life, looked to the United States as a place of endless possibilities to start anew. Families would come, with no more than the clothes on their backs and pennies in their pockets, seeking to become part of the great social melting pot that once was the United States. They brought their skills and determination; they went through the medical exams, learned our history, learned English; many were sponsored by citizens in order not to be a burden on a society they hoped they could help build. The country prospered as did they, their inexhaustible determination to succeed surpassed only by their pride to become American. Not hyphenated Americans. Americans. They were full of desire to produce more than they consumed, building a country they could be proud to stand and defend. A country they could pass on to their children who would become American born citizens. My family was one such group.


Don’t forget to visit Harvard. In-state tuition and all….

The great social experiment promoted by Kennedy and his party have put an end to all of that. There is no more “great melting pot”; we are like a spoiled fondue, congealing into barrios and little “Italys”, “China-towns”, “Japan-town’s; you name it, we’re balkanized by it. Be it a religion or a nationality, people are now encouraged to be different from one another, to take great pride, not in where they are and what they can become, but pride in where they’ve come from and how superior their abandoned culture is (or was). Now, the first thing many of them do is break the law to get here, shaking the dust of their lawless former countries from their shoes to find the nearest office of subsistence. They leave behind the hardship of countries in turmoil, not willing to stay and build their own better state. Unfortunately, they no longer come to build this one. (Yes, broad brush; before you get the vapors, not all…) And yet, they still desire to be segregated in enclaves, separate from the culture that once defined Americans; common language, common beliefs, fervent patriotism. Once here, they tell us how horrible we are, how racist, how uncaring. Of course, still not willing to give up all of their tribulations here for the homeland they still hyphenate with. And of course, after all the foreign aid we spend on these donor countries, we get to continue to support them further once here; ignoring the children of Americans who go hungry in Detroit, need medical care in New York or sleep under the overpasses in the south. Because, we are told by liberals, we are not compassionate. We are greedy and hateful; hateful because we want to defend our borders; racist because we want our laws enforced. Greedy because we would like to feed our own children first.

I wondered just how compassionate a mother could be who is willing to pay a smuggler to toss her ten year-old child over the border in El Paso. How compassionate is the country of Mexico, with stricter immigration laws than ours, allowing these children to pass through their country unfettered, only to allow them to overwhelm the abilities of the border-states to care for them. How indeed, do we become the pariahs in the press just because we can no longer be the country that gives endlessly, hiding the fact that we are near bankruptcy ourselves? Shame, my racism, some type of “phobia”, or just plane hate is showing.

What to do with these children? It matters not what we want to do with them. The administration, the Democrats and their PR wing in the media have pretty much determined that these kids are here to stay. And in a few years, their parents, aunts, uncles, step-sisters, god-parents, brothers-in-laws, nannies, goldfish, pet rocks, all will be welcomed to the great socialist country of America, where “those who have” are required by law or public shame to give to “those who have not.” Endlessly. Without complaint. This has always been the vision of the progressive wing of the Democrat party. Hope and change, ya know.

Someone once told me that my stance was ridiculous; it would be too costly to send them back. As if I was looking to get them all on JetBlu or United. Question; how the hell did they get here? If there was no hope of the free handout, if they were required to work for their government cheese, would they stay? Or would they find their way back, as simply as they found their way here? Why do I have to fund their exit when I didn’t fund their entry?

Simple really. For every illegal that crosses the Mexican border, Mexico pays the U.S. a stipend. Let’s say, a cool hundred thousand or so. Maybe Mexico would keep them from walking through the country and turn them back at their own southern border. How about a little common sense; the least this administration could do is to stop giving foreign aid to countries who won’t control their borders. Gee, how racist. I’m told that would only make it worse. Wanna bet? Let them live off the fruits of their own labor and they’ll squeal pretty loudly. Besides, all that money is having no impact on curbing the flow of illegals so it ain’t buying us much. Money that we could spend here at home on, oh I dunno, maybe getting a friggin’ veteran a much needed cat scan or at least an appointment with a doctor. Maybe fixing some of the schools in Chicago.

If you wonder why all of the unfortunate souls break our laws to begin with, leave aside the freebies and Democrat vote getting welfare program for a minute. Liberals see no problem with this at all. No borders, no problem. Borders are racist, elitist. This country needed to be fundamentally transformed anyway. Sometimes, they’ll even slip up and let you know how they feel. Poor Governor Patrick, he never saw it coming and plane loads of these illegals were shipped to his state of Massachusetts. Of course, he could have seen this coming if he wanted to, or if he honestly felt it was a problem. He only needed to ask Martha Coakley, his own states Attorney General about illegal immigration. She would have told him how it’s not “technically illegal to be illegal” in Massachusetts. Yes folks, that’s the highest legal officer in the state. And these folks keep getting elected and elected. Or at least he could have popped into any coffee shop in good old Cambridge. I’m quite sure that the good citizens of Cambridge would have filled him in on the fact that they have declared themselves to be a “sanctuary” city. Problem solved Deval; just bus them from Logan straight to Cambridge’s open arms and bottomless purse. For all the wondering why they come, no one is willing to admit that we send them the message to get their butts here any way they can, no harm no foul. If our government flagrantly ignores our borders and the laws written to defend them, come they will. En masse.

That’s okay though. The border-states just need to contract with Greyhound and send them to the following sanctuary cites around the country. Places like:


  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Hartford and New Haven Ct.
  • Chicago
  • Cambridge and North Hampton Mass.
  • Portland ME.
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul
  • Camden, Newark and Trenton NJ.
  • Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham NC.
  • Portland OR.
  • Providence RI.
  • Austin and Dallas TX.
  • Alexandria and Virginia Beach VA.
  • Seattle
  • Madison WI.
  • Washington DC.

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to hang out in Seattle or Washington DC on the public dole. North Hampton Massachusetts is a lovely place. How many of these wonderful undocumented-alien magnets have offered to take these wanderers? Anyone stepping up to the plate here? Hello? Bueller? Let’s let those who express the desire to care for the downtrodden masses do so at their own expense. I really want to see their principles in action. Maybe instead of our money, they’ll put their own money where their mouths are. But I doubt it.

With Liberals, it’s never about how much they are willing to spend. It’s how much they are willing to make you spend. Even if you don’t have it anymore. The price of their compassion is always borne by those who can least afford it.

We are, or were at one time, a nation of laws. Laws we hoped would be applied equally to all citizens of this country. Justice is blind; well, she used to be. Now she’s as partisan as hell. Her scales of justice tilt wildly in the breeze, blown by whatever popular whim or politically correct trend is currently in fashion. Or by whatever voting bloc, no matter how truly representative of the greater population, happens to be the protected flavor of the week. Odd, we once imagined rights that we were endowed with; certain unalienable rights. We declared these rights to be so. Of course we declared to have been endowed with them by a creator; and seeing as that term in and of itself is now deemed to be so oppressive, obviously we must let other men decide what our rights are. And we let them create the laws to govern us. And we let them exclude themselves from those very same laws, apply them with prejudice or ignore them at their will. It would appear that we fought to over throw ol’ George III so we could create our own king some 240 years later.

I didn't know I was elected until I heard about it in the press...

I didn’t know I was elected until I heard about it in the press…

We can all be political at times. I however, and I’ll pat myself on the back here, have no interest in shredding our founding documents or destroying the fabric of this country to win an ideological point. I expect that when someone holds their hand up in a solemn oath to uphold the laws of this country, they damn well better. The shame is, we have passed that point years ago. And we passed it whistling by the graveyard the whole time, afraid to cause a “constitutional’” or other kind of crisis, either because we are not paying attention to those we empower to govern us, or because we are too fractured a population to even care anymore. So we’re stupid or complicit, take your pick, in the destruction of the greatest country ever to grace this planet. Oops, my politically incorrect patriotism is showing…Shoot, I gotta watch that, lest I offend those hyphenated Americans who came here looking for the American welfare dream, unable to call themselves Americans because they have a sweet spot in their hearts for the very place they escaped from in the first place.

As I write this, thousands of non-citizens (can’t say illegals, can’t say foreigners, etc.) are flooding the southern states after being led to believe that the current administration’s policies will welcome them in; once they land they can stay. We’ll just ship them from there to places like Boston, or Virginia and no harm no foul. Hey it’s the dream act; someone dreamed up being able to force the rest of the country to pay for these folks from this point on. And pay we will. Additional unskilled labor means wages will drop, even given the wonderful largess of the Democrat’s pushing a higher minimum wage. Of course, once minimum wages increase, available jobs will disappear. Be ready for that. Fewer jobs mean fewer people paying for these democrats-to-be, forcing whoever might be left working to pay higher taxes to fund their “in state” tuitions, Obamacare costs, SNAP, Obamaphones; you name it, we’ll fund it. And we’ll be called racist or some type of “phobe” for daring to complain about it. Think the Democrats are alone here? Think again. The Republican Party can’t seem to provide the US Chamber of commerce with enough cheap labor to keep their members happy and their marble bathrooms clean.

When do we as a nation decide when we have had enough? What will it take for us to realize that we are not as divided as those who wish to rule us would like us to be? For as long as we are distracted, looking with great disdain at one another, they will continue to walk up behind us to whisper in our ears how “the other guy” is the problem and they are the solution, if only we continue to keep them in power and wealth.

The only oath these people have ever taken is to themselves. They look us straight in the face and swear to uphold the law of the land, to be our servants, looking out for our best interests, after which they proceed to sell us into poverty and plunder our rights, wealth and freedoms. Whether we like it or not, we have immigration laws. The government would rather sue the states that try to enforce the very same federal laws they ignore themselves. Why federal tax dollars should be allowed to flow into “sanctuary” cities that skirt federal law is beyond me, although explainable. Who would prosecute the mayors of these cities? Obama? Holder? It is their job to do so, but they will not and neither we, nor the press will demand that they do so. Someone might call us a name.  Remember, this is what your current democratically elected Tyrant promised:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And yet, laws that he passes, he enforces only when it suits him. Others he ignores; many he skirts. And his supporters make excuses for his behavior, quite sure that anyone who speaks of his failures is full of hate. Until someone from another party comes in to try the same thing, then they squeal like an endangered species of pig suffering the effects of global warming. And in the meantime, countless citizens are being harmed by the very government they elected to serve them.

The last time an administration used the power of the federal government illegally against its citizens, the press led the charge for impeachment. Remember the left hated Nixon with a great fervor; Ask Hillary, although she was fired from the house judiciary committee, but that’s another story. Yes, old Dick decided to use the IRS against his foes; this is from Article two of the Articles of Impeachment:

acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposes not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.

The end result wasn’t that Dick got run out of town. No, the republicans met with him face to face and told him to get the hell out. And somehow, for the good of the county, and seeing as it was the only right thing to do, he boarded Marine one and thank goodness, we were finished with him.

Where is that type of leadership in the house today? Where are those watchdogs of the press now? Where any good watchdog should be one would guess; asleep at the foot of their master’s bed, protecting him from harm. Woof. They eagerly wag their tails as Lois Lerner gets paid her handsome pension to laugh in the face of the very Americans she used her agency to intimidate, her empty hard drives of no concern to a press that once hemmed and hawed over an 18 minute gap created by a hapless secretary of a hated president. Try telling the IRS you don’t have the last seven years of your tax returns; your hard drive crash will net you five-to-ten at the Graybar Inn and Suites, with an entrance fee that garnishes your wages for life and takes your home. Lois thanks you personally for funding her retirement.

You can spin this any way you’d like; Blame Bush, blame global warming, call it a war on women, say it’s racist, blame it on a friggin’ video if you want. But this administration is lawless, is abusing its power in order to radically and fundamentally change this country, as it promised it would. Is this the change you intended? Is this how you believe your government should behave? Whatever excuse you use, whatever blame shifting technique you’d like to employ, one thing is for certain; the pendulum always swings back. You may have a hard time gaining sympathy from those of us who are working three jobs to make ends meet, if we are lucky enough to be working in the first place.

Long live the king….

I’ve decided to evade my taxes this year.  I hope the IRS won’t be too upset with me.  I figure I can ignore them for the next 20 years or so, save up a little retirement money, form a special interest group and have myself declared an “out of status” taxpayer.  I’m sure representative John Conyers would agree, seeing as how he allows others to break the laws of this country and twists the language, accompanied by his admonition to us to “not refer to them as illegal.”  On second thought, his devotion to taxing the hell out of the citizens of this country would probably trump that support.  Some laws do matter after all.

what other laws does he not like?

Vargas-what other laws does he not like?

I also have a little information for his law-breaking friend, Jose Antonio Vargas; I don’t really care what brought you here, when or how.  Whether you like the designation or not, you are an “illegal alien.”   Sympathy aside, the very first act you participated in after setting foot in this country was to break our laws.  Now you have the audacity to stand up in front of those who are sworn to uphold those very laws and claim that we “dehumanize” you because we expect you to follow the same laws that every other immigrant does.  All while these same elected officials give you cover in the very capital of this country, ignoring the oath they swore to defend its laws and borders.  Your actions have dehumanized those who have worked hard and suffered years to attain their citizenship, not having it granted to them by coercion and political blackmail.  You sir, owe an apology to them and the millions who have marched proudly before them into citizenship.  Explain to them what makes you more valuable then they.  More human.  More deserving.  Oh and just a hint; becoming a journalist to validate your presence here only endears you to those who would use your story for political posturing and see you as nothing more than a voting block to be exploited.  Your actions and yours alone are an insult to your family.

With respect to Mr. Conyers and those like him who decide that some laws are to be ignored, be my guest sir.  Obfuscate all you want, tell us that no one is “illegal.”  The new phrase du jour, “undocumented migrant” fools no one and falls quite short.  Isn’t a migrant someone who comes and leaves?  Not someone who crosses the border illegally, stays for the freebies then accuses their hosts of being ungracious and bigoted.

I’ll trade you.  You’re no longer an illegal immigrant, illegal alien, undocumented ingrate or whatever term you find offensive.  You are what you are; a criminal.  Simple, direct, emotionless.  Right to the point.  The same thing they’ll call me when I evade my taxes. Of course, Mr. Conyers will see to it that I’m prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, one that’s near and dear to his heart.

Will he find a non-offensive label for me? Unregistered democratic voter seems to be taken…

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